Trump, the former president of the United States, relaunched his attack on Mike Pence on Friday. He called Mike Pence a “human conveyor belt” for refusing to accept fraudulent votes in 2020.

This came after a week in which more evidence was revealed about the tactics used by Pence and his associates to try and persuade him to reverse the outcome.  

On January 6, the House committee received testimony from a White House official claiming that Trump called Pence an “wimp”.

Trump used the hearings for a “show trial” in his longest sustained attack on this committee since the beginning of its investigation into the attack upon the U.S. Capitol. 

“I have no idea who these people are.” He said that he had never called Mike Pence “a wimp”, but he was speaking to a group of religious conservatives in Nashville.

He was not a wimp. Mike Pence was destined to become a great man.

“He was given the chance to make history.

“But like Bill Barr, Mike and all the others weak people, Mike (and I say this sadly because it was my favorite of them) but Mike never had the courage to do the right thing.

He claimed Democrats are in favor of the killing baby, and boasted about the fact that his Jan 6 speech had a bigger audience than Martin Luther King’s speech ‘I Have a Dream’.

Former President Donald Trump renewed his attack on his Vice President Mike Pence and the January 6 committee in a speech to religious conservatives on Friday at the Faith and Freedom Coalition's 'Road to the Majority' gathering in Nashville, Tennessee

In a Friday speech to religious conservatives at the Faith and Freedom Coalition’s “Road to the Majority” gathering in Nashville Tennessee, Donald Trump reaffirmed his attacks on Vice President Mike Pence and the Jan 6 committee.

Pence defended his actions in an interview with the Wall Street Journal published on Friday. 'Ultimately, I believe that most Americans understand that we did our duty that day under the Constitution and the laws of this country,' he said

Pence spoke out in an interview that he gave to the Wall Street Journal on Friday. He said, “Ultimately I believe most Americans know that we did what was right under the Constitution, the laws, and this country’s laws.”

The bulk of his firewood was set aside for Pence’s January 6 Investigation and Pence. 

At the hearings held by the committee, it was revealed how Trump’s aides and top officials said that Trump lost the election. Trump claimed fraud but this would not alter the results.

However, some advisers came up with a plan that focused on urging Pence to refuse electoral college votes from the disputed states.

Pence refused and Trump supporters overran Capitol building on January 6th, some could be heard screaming: “Hang Mike Pence!” 

Trump made a scathing attack on his vice president during his speech to the Faith and Freedom Coalition’s annual ‘Road to the Majority’ gathering. Trump said that his path to the presidency will be through the Christian right.

He also repeated the false claim that Joe Biden’s defeat was due to widespread fraud. 

Trump said that Mike was afraid about everything.

“But you also heard that Mike Pence, a year and half ago had no other choice than to serve as a human conveyor …. even when the votes were fraudulent. 

“They told him he needed to vote… could not do anything.”

Trump claimed this week that his desire for equal airtime to the January 6 hearings of the committee was not met. He made use of the receptive crowd to his advantage

Pence spoke out in an interview that he gave to the Wall Street Journal on Friday.

He stated, “Ultimately, I think that most Americans realize that we performed our duty that day pursuant to the Constitution and laws of the country,” 

'Mike Pence had absolutely no choice but to be a human conveyor belt .... even if the votes were fraudulent,' said Trump in his speech

Trump said that Mike Pence could not have chosen to become a human conveyor train …. regardless of fraudulent votes.

Sen. Marsha Blackburn also spoke at the Faith and Freedom Coalition event in Nashville

The Faith and Freedom Coalition Nashville event featured Marsha Blackburn, Senator.

Trump described the violence that occurred that morning as a protest and boasted about how large the crowd was that saw him give a speech that morning.

He stated, “It wasn’t a complicated protest,” 

“It got too out of control and I will admit one thing, they never talk about the size of their crowd. 

“It was, I believe, the greatest number of people that I have ever met.” 

Trump was also a strong voice in education.

He said that his children had been made slaves by Marxist educators. They are pushing on their children inappropriate sexual and racial material from an early age.

“They don’t seem old enough to be thinking.” 

The current educational system is so broken that schools are forbidden from praying. Drag shows, however, are allowed.

“You cannot teach the Bible to children, but you can show them that women get pregnant and that they can choose their gender.”

His religious audience liked the way he said it. 

He teased about a 2024 run and received the most applause. This is something that he had done repeatedly but has not yet announced.

“Would you like to see me run for President?” He asked the crowd, getting them up and clapping.

Also, he painted two Americas. One is where leftist mobs can threaten conservative Supreme Court justices with impunity; the other shows conservative protestors at the U.S. Capitol being harassed.

“The sick person showed up at Justice Kavanaugh’s house with a knife and a gun, as well as a crowbar and zip ties. Joe Biden had not condemned them,” he stated.  

He also said that he will consider pardoning those who were arrested as a result of the Jan 6th attack. 

“To exist as one people within one country, America needs one set of laws. One system of justice. Two systems are better than one. The radical left and the conservatives do not have to be above the law’, he declared.

“The targeted and brutal repression of Republicans and Conservatives now is unheard of in American History.”

He ran through his political record, including his work on the border wall and the nomination of conservative justices to be the Supreme Court.

He said, “I called Congress to ban late-term abortions and not Democrats who permit babies to be executed following birth… Executed after birth,”

The baby is born. After birth, they decide that the baby is not for them. Take a look at Virginia’s former governor right after giving birth. That one is still with us.

“The Republican Party believes that all life is sacred and a gift from God.

Conservatives tried to argue that Ralph Northam, the former Democratic Governor of Virginia was pro-infanticide because of his remarks about third-trimester abortions when severe developmental abnormalities were involved.

As the House continues to investigate Trump, the speech comes at the conclusion of a challenging week. 

Many Trump allies, including Ivanka Trump and William Barr (ex-Attorney General), have stated to the committee that Trump made false claims about their election. 

Trump used his speech against the committee to rebuke it.  Trump then used his speech to draw comparisons between the January 6 crowd and the Jan. 6 crowd that heard Martin Luther King Jr.’s famous ‘I’ve got a dream’ speech.  

He said, “They claimed it was a million people. One million people.” Then he spoke up and stated, “They showed me the same thing they had shown.”

It’s difficult to believe that it was so many years later. But, the architecture is identical. The pools are identical. Everything was exactly the same. 

“His people said that there were one million people. My pictures looked exactly the same, but people were slightly closer.

He claimed he was surrounded by more people but media reported that the crowd consisted of only 25.000.