Transform 26 days of annual vacation into 62 holiday days in 2022. How workers can maximize time off. Pick your dates carefully and take advantage of Queen’s Platinum Jubilee bank holiday.

  • In 2022, employees can convert 26 days of annual vacation into 62 holiday days.
  • This is accomplished by putting your annual leave on weekends or bank holidays. 
  • This allows workers to take a 16-day break and only eight days of annual leave.
  • This applies only to people working Monday-Friday in England and Wales 

Everyone loves a life hack, whether it’s using plastic bottles or separating eggs whites.

How about one that maximizes your annual vacation?

The English and Welsh employees are smart enough to figure out how 26 days worth of annual leave can be turned into 62 holiday days by 2022.

Employees who work Monday through Friday have the option of taking annual leave on weekends or bank holidays. This allows them to extend their vacation time.

You can also bank a 16-day break to take eight days off each year. 

And workers have an extra advantage in the coming year as it is the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, which will give the nation an extra bank holiday. 

MailOnline shows how you can maximize the time that you have in 2022. 


This one is a bit on the late side, but those who are able to book from January 4 through January 7 will be eligible for nine days off and four days annually. 

New Year’s Day is on Saturday, so next Monday is a bank holiday.

For four consecutive days, you have Saturday 1- Sunday 9 off


Book eight consecutive days for April and you could get 16 off the work week for those who work Monday-Friday.

You can book four days of vacation on either Easter Monday or Good Friday.

You have four 8-day annual leaves, from Saturday 11 to Sunday 26 avril.

Savvy employees have figured out a way to effectively get 62 days of 'holiday' in 2022

Employees who are smart have found a way for 2022 to get 62 consecutive days off “holiday”

In 2022, bank holidays in England and Wales 

January 3 – Monday – New Year’s Day (substitute day)

April 15, Friday, Good Friday

April 18-Monday – Easter Monday

Bank holiday in May 2nd – Monday, Early May

May 2nd – Thursday, Spring Bank Holiday

June 3rd – Friday – Platinum Jubilee bank holiday

August 29, Monday – Bank holiday in the summer

Dec 26 – Monday, Boxing Day

December 27 – Tuesday – Christmas Day (substitute day)


Book four consecutive days after May 2, the May Day bank holiday, and get nine days of savings.

For four consecutive days, you have Saturday April 30 through Sunday May 8.


This year is the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, marking 70 years of Queen Elizabeth II’s reign. This will allow the country to enjoy an extra bank holiday.

While February 6 will mark her 70 years on the throne, Britain won’t celebrate until June, when a four-day weekend is planned for festivities.

In order to make this work, Friday’s May Bank Holiday weekend will move to Thursday, June 2, and Friday will turn into a Bank Holiday.

With June’s Platinum Jubilee weekend, if you book off May 30 to June 1, you get nine days off for just three of annual leave.

For three days, you have Saturday May 28 through June 5, which is your annual leave.


You can take Tuesday through Friday off after the Monday August 29th Bank Holiday to get another chance for only four days.

You have four days of annual leave, from Saturday August 27, to Sunday September 4,

By carefully placing your annual leave around weekends and bank holidays, employees who work Monday to Friday can stretch out their time off. This includes banking a 16 day break for just eight days annual leave

Employees who work Monday through Friday will be able to extend their annual leave by carefully scheduling it around bank holidays and weekends. You can also bank 16 days of annual leave for only eight days.


Christmas Day will now fall on a weekend in 2021. This gives room for creative thinking.

Boxing Day is December 25, which falls on Sunday. This makes Tuesday, December 27, a bank holiday.

New Years Day 2023 is also on a weekend. January 2nd 2024, therefore, falls on a bank holiday.

Book December 28th-30th and get an additional 10 days of savings.

For just three days, you have December 24-January 2 annual leave.