Project Veritas caught an engineer working with Twitter who admitted to an undercover reporter the company had a strong Left-wing bias. Conservatives are regularly censored.

Siru Murugesan, a Veritas employee, was recorded saying that Twitter’s company culture is extreme left and his fellow employees ‘hate’ Elon Musk’s proposed takeover.

“Twitter doesn’t believe in freedom of speech,” he stated, noting that Musk’s bid for control at $44 billion was a hateful one among his colleagues. 

He stated, “They hate them.” 

“Oh, my God. At least I am okay with it. However, some of my colleagues seem to be super-left, left and left.

Murugesan responded by saying that his colleagues were shocked at Musk’s purchase.

Murugesan stated that Twitter’s office politics were left-leaning and shaped Murugesan’s opinions, which he then changed.

He stated, “Like Twitter started to work and I became left.”

“It’s like being in a commie environment.

Murugesan stated that right-wingers are openly censored.

Siru Murugesan, described by Project Veritas as a senior engineer at Twitter, has been caught on camera by an undercover operative admitting the company has a left-wing bias, does not believe in free speech, and that staffers 'hate' Elon Musk

Project Veritas describes Siru Murugesan at Twitter as a Senior Engineer. A cover operative captured Siru’s confession on camera that the company is biased towards leftists, doesn’t believe in free speech and staff ‘hate Elon Musk.

Elon Musk said his purchase of Twitter on Friday was 'temporarily on hold'. He has accused the company of a left-wing bias

Elon Musk claimed that Friday’s purchase of Twitter was temporarily suspended. Musk has accused Twitter of having a left-wing bias.

According to him, ideologically it doesn’t make sense because we are actually censoring only the right, not the left.

“So everyone from the right will say, “bro, you can stay. You just have to tolerate it.” 

The left will respond by saying, “No, that’s unacceptable.” It must be censored, or I won’t go on the platform.

It does this on the right. It’s true. It is possible to have bias. It is what it is today,’ said Murugesan.

Musk has complained often about the left-wing bias of Twitter. He noted that while right-wing figures such as Donald Trump or Steve Bannon are prohibited, extremists from the other side can remain on Twitter.

Murugesan claimed that “a lot” has changed since Musk started the takeover process April 25. 

His companies are different from Twitter’s “socialist” workplaces, he said. 

He stated, “You are aware that our jobs are at stake.” 

“He is a capitalist, but we were not really operating as capitalists. We felt more socialist. Like we’re all commie as f***.’

Murugesan said that Twitter's work culture was 'socialist' and 'commie as f***' - in contrast to Musk's strong capitalist instinct

Murugesan said that Twitter’s work culture was ‘socialist’ and ‘commie as f***’ – in contrast to Musk’s strong capitalist instinct

The engineer told the undercover reporter that many of his colleagues were up in arms at Musk's proposed takeover

According to the engineer, many of his coworkers were upset by Musk’s proposal for a takeover.

Murugesan stated that the company’s operational procedures were very lax. 

“Essentially, everyone has the right to do what they like. No one cares much about how it looks.” [operating expenses]”Capitalists like themselves are concerned about efficiency and numbers,” he stated. 

“But Twitter says that mental health is everything. You can even take some days off of it if you don’t feel it.” 

“People are taking months off. They will return.” 

“But you should always try to be kind, polite and do your best in every situation. That’s our culture, and we will run it as best as possible. 

“But, at the same, you know that the profits weren’t much.

Murugesan stated that staff had tried openly to stop the takeover. He was particularly concerned about Musk’s promises to restore people like Trump. It will be a platform that sees a rise in hate speech, but critics warn it. Supporters say it’s a good move for freedom of speech.

‘We did all we could, to like revolt against it,’ said Murugesan. 

“Several employees protested it. 

“But, at the conclusion of the day. [the]The board of directors has the right to make decisions, but they chose not to be sued and acted in their best interest.

The day that Musk’s takeover was announced – April 25 – Twitter employees warned of a ‘mass exodus’ of staff, with one participant at an ‘All Hands’ meeting describing the world’s richest man as ‘a person with questionable ethics’.

Videolink hosted by Bret Taylor and CEO Parag Ahawal, both invited the staff. 

Leslie Berland, chief marketing officer was able to read through the questions that were submitted during the meeting of 45 minutes.

One question asked, in another recording obtained by Project Veritas, was: ‘How does the board and Mr Musk plan on dealing with a mass exodus considering the acquisition is by a person with questionable ethics?’

Taylor said that “continuity” is one of the key themes for today.

Parag said that the question of attrition is: “As Parag explained, continuity is one of the main themes today. Ensure that Parag, this leadership team continue to operate the business effectively on behalf our customers. That has clearly been a major topic of discussion on the board. 

“And, as I mentioned above, Elon Musk is also very interested in this area because of Twitter’s importance as a service.

Leslie Berland, the chief marketing officer, read out questions submitted by Twitter staff

Leslie Berland is the chief market officer and reads questions from Twitter employees

Musk, the world's richest man, was described by one future employee of his as 'a person with questionable ethics'

Musk was once described as the “person with questionable ethics” by a future employee.

Twitter's San Francisco headquarters is pictured on April 25. During the meeting, many staff asked whether they would still be allowed to work from home

The April 25, 2015 photo of Twitter’s San Francisco headquarters. Staff asked during the meeting whether it would be possible to still work at home.

Agrawal stated that he has received many inquiries about the process and share plans, as well as about future working conditions. Many things were still unclear, he said.

Musk would be interested in a staff forum, and he stated that he would continue to serve as the CEO of the company, until the deal is completed.

Musk said that Agrawal wanted Twitter to become a positive, powerful force throughout the globe, much like everyone else. 

“He thinks Twitter is important.”

He urged employees to ‘operate Twitter as we always have,’ adding that ‘how we run the company, the decisions we make and the positive changes we drive — that will be on us, and under our control.’

Twitter employees are sharing their concerns in internal chatrooms, messages seen by the New York Post show. 

“We are all going through five stages of grief in cycles, and everybody’s nerves have become frazzled,” a senior software engineer wrote to the company’s Slack channel.

The staffer called Musk an ‘a**hole,’ and tried to console his colleagues.

“We are all just spinning our wheels and coming up for the worst possible scenarios” (Trump returns). Moderation is dead!).

“The truth is that [Musk]He hasn’t spoken about his plans in detail, except for broad statements that can be seen as showboating hyperbolic.

One site reliability engineer wrote that it was ‘physically cringy watching Elon talk about free speech.’

An experienced video engineer on staff announced that he was quitting, saying, “Not the place for it possibly, but after the takeover, I will no longer work at this company.”

After Musk’s success, employee discontent began. 

One staffer stated that she felt as though she was about to pass out. According to Talmon, Smith of the New York Times, one employee said they didn’t want to work at a company owned by Elon Musk.

Smith was told by his source that the chat room conversations were ‘absolutely crazy’.

Another Twitter employee reportedly complained: ‘I don’t rly know what I’m supposed to do…oh my god, my phone’s been blowing up…We have a meeting about it at 5pm…the CEO is going to address everyone about it’ (it=elon).

“I hate him. Why does he want it?”

The Tesla magnate, 50, agreed to pay shareholders $54.20 in cash for each share of common stock before the bombshell deal was struck

Tesla’s 50-year-old founder agreed to $54.20 cash payment for every share of its common stock prior to the historic deal.

Musk promised to defend free speech via Twitter and to ‘defeat spambots’. He also pledged that he would ‘authenticate all human beings’ during his welcome address.

He revealed that he would ‘enhance product with new features and open source algorithms to increase trust.

There was chaos inside the company at the announcement.

‘I feel like he’s this petulant little boy and that he’s doing this to troll…he doesn’t know anything about our policies and what we do…his statement about our algo was f****** insane… 

‘Were just gonna let everyone run amok?…nobody knows,’ the employee said, according to the New York Times.

One observer pointed out that Twitter staff had been ‘openly rebelling against Musk’. The screen shot was taken from Twitter’s Github site. Then, they posted a public reply entitled “The Algorithm” – with no code.