Twitter has gone down. Thousands of people around the globe are disappointed when social media apps go down.

  • Down Detector says that the problems started around 13:13 BST 
  • The effects seem to have an impact on Twitter users all over the globe
  • Although the cause of outage is still unknown, more than 4,100 reports were logged

Twitter is the most popular social media platform for many people all over the globe, however it seems that Twitter crashed today. 

Down Detector states that these issues began around 13:13 BST. They are now affecting all users. 

MailOnline reached out via Twitter to provide comment.  

It's the go-to social media app for millions of people around the world, but it appears that Twitter has crashed this afternoon

Twitter, the social media site of choice for millions across the globe is now in decline.

While the reason for the outage remains unclear, more than 4,100 reports have been logged on Down Detector

The cause for the outage has not been determined, but more than 4100 down detection reports have been logged.

The cause for the outage has not been determined, but more than 4100 down Detector reports have been filed. 

From those who had reported problems, 56% said that they were experiencing issues with the website. 37% stated they are having trouble with the app. 7% complained about their feed. 

MailOnline attempted access to the Twitter website but was blocked by the famous “spinning wheels of doom”.

MailOnline tried to access the Twitter website, and was met with the notorious 'spinning wheel of doom'

MailOnline tried accessing the Twitter website but was blocked by the famous’spinning wheels of doom’

Many frustrated users managed to log onto Twitter and voice their dismay at the interruption. 

One person wrote “Why is Twitter not working on my smartphone but on my computer?” Anyone else?’

Another user commented: “How does Twitter not work on my broadband but my mobile data works flawlessly with it, while my broadband is working fine with all other sites and services?”

One joked, “Twitter just crashed and I have no complaints about Twitter’s downfall.” 

Several frustrated users have managed to get onto Twitter to voice their annoyance at the outage

Some frustrated users were able to use Twitter to vent their frustration at the outage.


Twitter stated in November 2017 that they would ban all accounts belonging to hate groups.

In March, former English Defence League leader Tommy Robinson was banned for violating hate speech rules

Tommy Robinson, an ex-leader of the English Defence League, was suspended in March after he violated hate speech regulations

After years of user criticism, the news was announced following the release by Google that allowed white supremacists and neo Nazis to distribute abusive messages on their site.

Twitter banned several members of Britain First’s far-right group in December 2017, for violating its hate speech rules.

In March 2018, former English Defence League leader Tommy Robinson was banned for violating rules governing ‘hateful conduct’.

In May, the site stated that it was going to take stronger steps against online trolling.

Although the site is banned, it has been criticised for not taking enough steps to eliminate abusive users.

Actor Seth Rogan lashed at Jack Dorsey, Twitter CEO, for not stopping verifying accounts belonging to white supremacists in July 2018.

He tweeted: ‘I’ve been DMing with @Jack about his bizarre need to verify white supremacists on his platform for the last 8 months or so, and after all the exchanges, I’ve reached a conclusion: the dude simply does not seem to give a f**k.’