Collaboration between President Joe Biden and the Jonas brothers, TikTok, is failing.

They posted an ’embarrassing” video promoting the COVID-19 vaccine booster. Twitter users condemned it, insisting that “nobody is laughing.”   

Biden (79) acts as a cameraman for his gig with the star brothers. He lip-syncs to a viral Sidetalk clip – an Instagram video where hosts interview New Yorkers – where Biden’s name is wrongly pronounced Byron and the Jonas Brothers ask him what he has for dinner. 

The president isn’t the only one to use Gen-Z social media to promote vaccinations and push for liberal policies. 

He posted an earlier video featuring Pentatonix, an acapella band, and received negative feedback. 

Benito Skinner is also a TikTok comedian, who makes fun of Gen Z by playing the role of an ‘intern.’ He brought Gen Z singer Olivia Rodrigo into the White House earlier in this year. 

The Jonas Brothers (L-R: Kevin, Joe, and Nick) are the latest Gen-Z influencers to pair up with Joe Biden for a hilarious TikTok promoting vaccines.

Joe Biden’s latest Gen-Z influencers, the Jonas Brothers (L to R: Joe, Nick and Kevin), have teamed up with The Jonas Brothers for an amusing TikTok that promotes vaccines. 

Joe Biden, 79, acted as the trio's cameraman and insisted the 'got' the shot. Despite the lip-synced audio mispronouncing Biden's last name as 'Byron,' the president was a good sport

Joe Biden, 79, acted as the trio's cameraman and insisted the 'got' the shot. Despite the lip-synced audio mispronouncing Biden's last name as 'Byron,' the president was a good sport

Joe Biden, who is 79 years old, was the trio’s cameraman. He insisted that they had ‘got’ their shot. Despite his lip-syncing audio mistakenly identifying Biden’s name as Byron, the president was a great sport.

The White House Video Director Jonathan Herbert proudly posted the video to his Twitter page

Jonathan Herbert, White House Video Director, proudly shared the video on his Twitter Page

In his latest video, the Jonas Brothers – made up of brothers Joe, 32; Nick, 29, and Kevin, 34 – opened up the video asking each other if they were ‘vaccinated,’ which  all three brothers confirmed, before asking: 

Nick lip-syncs, “Who’s president? Man, who’s president?” 

Kevin and Joe stand behind Kevin’s shoulder, speaking confidently: “Byron… Byron.’

The video ends with the boys band sitting on a couch dressed in festive costumes and asking Biden what they would like to say. 

Kevin, lip-syncing, replies: ‘What up, baby?’ 

Nick continues: “Take me to dinner.” 

Kevin then asks the group if they got it. 

The president is seen holding an iPhone with a black case in front of him. 

He raises his camera to say: “We have it.”

Jonathan Herbert, White House Director of Video Productions posted the video to Twitter. Get Boosted !!!’ 

Fans were not amused by the cute moment but they did criticize the embarrassing moment. 

Despite the video being satire, many fans were critical of the collaboration and demanded the president do 'actual work' and insisted that 'no one was laughing.' Some fans, however, did enjoy 'Grandpa President,' while other just insistent he cancel student loan debt

Many fans, despite the fact that the video was satire and not intended to be funny, demanded that the president perform ‘actual work’. They also insisted that no one was laughing. However, some people enjoyed the video and demanded that President Obama do ‘actual work’. Others just insisted that he pay off student loan debt.

Gian B posted on Twitter, “God this was embarrassing.”

Dylan did not use his Twitter last name and simply said: “Delete this.”

Another fan was more critical and wrote, “Tell @POTUS how to actually do work.” (idk what that means, actually forgiving any student loans ???). rather than making TikToks. 

Others said that they needed to help the group and that nobody was “laughing.” 

The majority of comments were directed to Biden asking him to cancel student loans. Many loaner owners have been waiting for months to begin paying back their debts. On January 31, students will have to begin paying off their loans. 

One said, “Bestie tell this man to cancel all my loans.” 

More than 70 percent of the US has been vaccinated with at least one dose

Over 70% of Americans have been given at least one vaccine. 

The US has experienced 50.5million COVID-19 cases and over 400 of those are from Omicron

US had 50.5million cases of COVID-19, and more than 400 are Omicron.

The collaboration was not opposed by everyone, as one wrote: “So cute!” I love Grandpa President. So normal. So adorable.’ 

More than 70% of US citizens have been vaccinated at least once, with more Americans receiving boosters when they are available. 

Although it is not known how Biden’s TikToks influence the increase in vaccines, he continues to push for more. 

Experts now urge Americans to have full vaccinations and get their immune systems boosted.

Fauci stated Wednesday that clinical studies have shown boosters can reconstitute antibodies titers, and increase vaccine protection against Omicron. 

USA has had more than 50.5million cases of COVID-19, and more than 800,000 deaths. 

As the Omicron variant continues to be spread in most states, over 400 Omicron case are reported.