Incredibly disturbing footage captures two men in masks holding Virginia residents at gunpoint during a home invasion. The one perp shouts at victims to “get in the closet immediately” before taking wallet and safe.

  • According to Portsmouth Police Department the two hoodlums have been identified as Mitchell Boney Jr. and Tyree demont Boney Jr. 
  • Officials said both are wanted by authorities for arson, armed burglary and the use of a gun, as well as abduction, conspiracy, or complicity in a crime.
  • Two elderly people were forced into a closet during Wednesday’s home invasion.
  • The victims were safe and sound, although their names have not been released. 
  • Police are asking the public for any information to contact the Portsmouth Police Department at 757–393–8536

Police are hunting two masked men who robbed elderly residents at gunpoint inside their Virginia home as they watched a Western movie.

According to Portsmouth Police Department they are being sought for Mitchell Boney Jr. and Tyree Delmont Boney Jr.   

The suspects are seen entering the house and shouting at two elderly victims, shocking video.

One man said, “Y’all get into the closet right away,” ‘I’m not f*****g playing, get in the closet right now.’

While the victim pointed his gun at the woman, the attacker is seen walking towards her. While the TV is playing in the background, he turned his attention to the person who was seated at the recliner. 

The elderly woman is seen walking towards the closet as the perpetrator pointed his gun at her. He then turns to the other person seated on the recliner as the television is overheard in the background

While the victim pointed his gun at her, the attacker is seen leading the woman towards the closet. The perpetrator then points his gun at the elderly woman and turns towards the person who is seated in the recliner.

'Get up! Get up!,' he yelled pointing his gun. The horrified resident is seen slowly moving off the couch grabbing their walker and walking slowly towards the linen located just off the kitchen

‘Get up! He shouted, pointing at his gun. He then slowly moves off of the couch, grasping his walker and moving slowly toward the white linen that is just beyond the kitchen.

Investigators have identified the two suspects as 25-year-old Mitchell Boney Jr. (pictured left) and 22-year-old Tyree Demont Boney Jr (pictured right). Both are wanted for armed burglary, use of a firearm, abduction, and conspiracy to commit a burglary. Mitchell Boney Jr. is known to drive an orange 2017 Dodge Charger with VA Tags UBS7788

The two suspects were identified by investigators as Mitchell Boney Jr., aged 25, and Tyree Demont Boney Jr., 22. Both suspects are wanted on charges of burglary, abduction and conspiracy to burglary. Mitchell Boney Jr. has been known to drive an orange Dodge Charger 2017 with VA tags UBS7788

Video surveillance shows the hoodlums walking around the home with one of them snatching a wallet and the other grabbing a safe from another room before exiting the home

The hoodlums can be seen walking through the house with video surveillance, one stealing a wallet while the other grabs a safe from another area before leaving the property.

After the gun-wielding male shouted “Get up!” the terrified resident began to move slowly off of the couch and grabbing his walker. He then walked towards the white linen just outside the kitchen. 

The hoodlums can be seen walking through the house with video surveillance, one snatching money and the other grasping safes from another area before fleeing. 

Two residents were not named but they appeared to be unharmed.

This incident occurred on Wednesday, at around 1:50pm in Virginia at a Turnpike Road home. 

The suspect is 6′ 2″ tall and 170-180 lbs. He was dressed in gray sweatshirts, blue stone washed jeans, black sneakers, and a mask.

A second suspect, who is approximately 5’6-8″ tall and 160 pounds, was wearing a black sweatshirt, black sweatpants, navy/black sweatpants and one red sock at right foot. He also wore a black mask.

Boney, according to police was known to be driving an orange Dodge Charger 2017 with VA tags UBS7788. asked the Portsmouth Police Department about any recent developments. They have yet to respond.  

Police ask the public to provide any details so they can contact Portsmouth Police Department 757–393–8536