1.100 children asylum seekers: 2/3 of those seeking refuge in the UK said they were under 18, but new data shows that this is not true.

  • Over 1,100 immigrants who claimed they were under 18 years old were discovered to be adult migrants 
  • The figures, taken in the 12 months to September, have reached a record high
  • 66% of people who claimed to be children weren’t actually children. 

According to data, the number of asylum seekers claiming to be children is at an all-time high.

In the twelve months from September, more than 1100 immigrants who claimed they were under-18 were discovered to have been adults.

This was the largest number of figures since 2006, when the first collection began.

Border Force brings in a group of people thought to be migrants in to Dover, Kent. More than 1,100 migrants who claimed to be under 18 were found to be adults in the 12 months to September

Border Force transports a group believed to be migrants into Dover, Kent. In the twelve months from September, more than 1,100 people who claimed they were under-18 years old were discovered to have been adults.

And 66 per cent of those claiming to be children were in fact not – compared with 47 per cent in 2019/20.

Migration Watch UK is a campaigning group for stricter border controls. It analysed figures from the Home Office and found that traffickers are encouraging migrants to apply for privileges.

The report also warned of the dangers of adult placements in housing and schools alongside young vulnerable people.

Alp Mehmet (chairman of the group) stated that the asylum system was so vulnerable to abuse that people claiming to be child-rearing adults can get the benefit and be placed with minors both in accommodation and school.

The risks that our children face are clear.

“It is time for the government to stop pandering in to the immigration sector and deal with adult migrants as they really are, not just as the people who claim to be.

Children who are underage get better housing and support.

Each lone child migrant looked after by a local authority costs taxpayers £46,000 a year.

It is the policy to give them the benefit the doubt when they seem to be younger than 25. The official can perform linguistic analysis and assess the development.

This is about to change with the Nationality and Borders Bill currently being debated in the Houses of Parliament.

An age assessment board will oversee how decisions are made – with new scientific methods used to determine an applicant’s real age.

Migration Watch was concerned that the proposal did not take enough.

Parson’s Green terrorist Ahmed Hassan, posing as a 16 year-old child to get asylum in the United States, set off a bomb with the ‘Mother of Satan’ on a London Tube train that injured 23 people in 2017.

While his age may not be known, the judge who sentenced the Iraqi to 34 years for the offense in 2018 claimed that the bomber was 18- 21.

Justice Haddon Cave, at the Old Bailey added, “I am satisfied you lied regarding your date of birth upon arrival to obtain the special privileges afforded children entering the UK.”

A UK Border Force member removes life vests worn by migrants at the Marina in Dover, southeast England. Migrants who claim to be underage receive better housing and support

At the Marina, Dover in southeast England, a member of UK Border Force removes migrants’ life vests. Support and better housing are available for migrants who declare to be below age

Another example of deceitful behavior is the appearance of a man in his 40s who was balding and being educated in Coventry school.

The parents of the unnamed asylum seeker were unhappy and he was sent to lessons alone.

A Home Office investigation in 2018 found that an adult asylum seeker was a GCSE student at Stoke High School, Ipswich.

Siavash Shah (who was suspected to be Iranian) was photographed on social media. 

Old photos shared by classmates from an account on Facebook that looked to be Mr Shah showed him sporting a full-beard and having a hairy chest while he sipped a beer.