Salisbury Plain military installations: Two Salisbury Plain soldiers kill themselves within hours

  • Gunner Jaysley Louise Beck (19 years old) was found by her colleagues in her Larkhill base room.
  • Married 28-year old L/Cpl Michael Joseph Miah. He was found murdered in his Bulford garage
  • Inquests revealed that both soldiers were hanged in post-mortem exams 

It has been revealed that two soldiers died of suicide in the hours following each other on Salisbury Plain military bases.

On December 15, the bodies of Jaysley Louise Beck (gunner), and Lance Corporal Michael Joseph Miah (28) were discovered at their respective Wiltshire bases.

While the Ministry of Defence (MoD), confirmed that it was looking into the deaths of its soldiers, Wiltshire Police stated there weren’t any suspicious circumstances.

According to post-mortem examinations presented last week at Salisbury, both soldiers were hanged.

The Telegraph reported that both the inquests had been rescheduled.  

Gunner Beck from the 14 Regiment Recruitment Team was found in Larkhill by her fellow colleagues.

L/Cpl Miah of the Household Cavalry who had been married was found unresponsive in Bulford’s garage.

The bodies of gunner Jaysley-Louise Beck, 19, and Lance Corporal Michael Joseph Miah (pictured), 28, were both found on December 15, at their respective bases in Wiltshire

Both the bodies of Jaysley-Louise Beck (19 year old) and Lance Corporal Michael Joseph Miah (2nd from left), were found at their bases in Wiltshire on December 15.

Just 10 days before Christmas comes the tragic death of five people who committed suicide at Salisbury Plain in 2018.

L/Cpl Miah’s sister posted on Facebook that her family is’shocked’ and ‘deeply devastated’

She said that her beautiful baby brother was full of love, energy, and kindness.

“But sometimes, the most beautiful smiles can also be the darkest. It’s OK to be uncomfortable. It is okay to have struggles. It is okay to be disappointed.

The tragic deaths, just 10 days before Christmas, comes after at least five confirmed suicides at Salisbury Plain (pictured) since 2018

Just 10 days before Christmas Eve, the tragic deaths follow at least five suicides in Salisbury Plain (pictured), since 2018.

“But, please let somebody know. A stranger, a loved one, a support line, anybody. I’d write millions of messages if this message could stop one person feeling my pain.

According to a spokesperson for the Ministry of Defence, they were saddened by the news of the soldier’s death.

According to them, “As ongoing investigations are underway, it is inappropriate for us to comment further. But any death remains a tragedy, and our condolences go out to the family and friends of all those who were affected.

We are committed to the mental wellbeing and health of our Armed Forces. 

“All personnel receive dedicated medical support, including a 24 hour mental health helpline and resilience training prior, during and after deployments and mandatory annual mental health training.