Broken: Two people were stabbed at flagship Selfridges before horrified customers

  • In central London, a fight broke out at the Selfridges shop on Oxford Street. 
  • Although it isn’t known what caused the fight, police reported that two individuals were taken into custody
  • Two individuals were injured when they were stabbed. 

Two people were knifed and hospitalised following a fight inside a central London store on Friday night as police launched an appeal for witnesses. 

Two people were detained by the Metropolitan Police in connection to the incident, according to police. It occurred right in front of shocked shoppers at Selfridges flagship store on Oxford Street. 

While it’s not clear what caused this fight, the footage of the incident captured by an unidentified witness shows at most two police cars with cameras outside the store. 

You can see two ambulances parked along the busy street, a popular spot for tourists and shoppers. 

It is not believed that the two victims of stabbing were suffering from life-threatening injuries.  

Metropolitan Police Westminster tweeted: The incident at Selfridges was at 6.25pm. 

“Both of the men in hospital are both in their 20s. The first man was taken into police custody, while the third was also arrested.

It is not believed that anyone has life-threatening injuries. 

Police said two people were arrested over the skirmish, which occurred in front of horrified shoppers inside the flagship Selfridges on Oxford Street (pictured)

Two men were taken into police custody for the brawl, said the officers. It took place in front horrified customers at Selfridges’ flagship shop on Oxford Street.  

All witnesses are asked to contact 101 immediately or Crimestoppers using CAD 5667/21jan. 

Previous tweet by Met police: “Police were called to a fight inside Selfridges W1. It has led to 2 males receiving stab wounds. 

“The injuries sustained by the males are not serious and they have been transported to Central London Hospital. Two arrests were made. 

This isn’t the first incident at Selfridges that has seen violent scenes. It happened after another man was attacked in Burberry’s aisle last May. 

The shocking moment was caught in video footage, which showed a youth holding a knife whilst knocking down a mannequin.

While one shouts at the other, the presumed perpetrator, who is wearing a mask on his face, is being pushed back and challenged by two men.

A 20-year-old man was attacked in his leg. He was taken to the hospital. 

Footage from a previous stabbing in Selfridges last May shows a man holding a knife as he knocks down a mannequin before another man steps in and tries to calm him in the midst of the chaotic scene

Video footage from an earlier stabbing at Selfridges in May last year shows a man using a knife to knock down a woman before another man comes in and calms him.

A number of men are seen running toward the camera and engaging in aggressive fighting.

They were all wearing tracksuits or hooded tracksuits. Then they ran down the aisle in pursuit of the victim.

One can see a female security guard walking hurriedly beside the crowd trying to get them out, but she was far too overwhelmed to do so.

Met Police spokesmen confirmed one man was admitted to the hospital after sustaining a stabbing wound. This is not the first arrest.