This cat got all the cream The two-stone Russian kitten, weighing in at the same weight as a 2-year-old child, is so large it’s hard to believe he could be a dog. However his owner insists that he is still growing.

  • Yulia Minina from Stary Oskol in Russia bought Kefir as a kitten, two years back 
  • Two stone is the weight of the Maine Coon, which is the same as two year-old average child.
  • Yulia states that Kefir is still being grown and it is often confused for a canine. 

Russia’s two-stone giant cat of Russia is sometimes mistaken for a dog.

Kefir is named after fermented milk beverage and it’s an oversize Maine Coon that Yulia Minna of Stary Oskol owns.

Kefir, which she bought as a kitten almost two years ago, is still her pet.

A huge two-stone cat from Russia that is thought to be the world's largest is so big it is often confused for a dog

Two-stone Russian cat that weighs in at over 200 pounds is believed to be the largest. It is frequently mistaken for a dog.

Kefir, named after the fermented milk drink, is an oversized Maine Coon belonging to Yulia Minina in Stary Oskol

Kefir was named after the fermented milk product. This is a huge Maine Coon owned by YuliaMinina from Stary Oskol

Yulia said, “I couldn’t even imagine that an average baby can grow so big.”

His appearance was not just impressive, but his intelligence and calm demeanour are second to none.

Kefir’s appearance is similar to that of an individual. However, he is affectionate and humble.

“When acquaintances and friends come to our house, all attention is focused on him. He will happily allow himself to be stroked.

She bought Kefir nearly two years ago as a kitten and says the pet is still growing

Kefir was her kitten. She says that she bought the pet almost two years ago.

“But, when strangers arrive at the house they first mistake him for a dog.”

Kefir has an even lower weight than your average child of two years. 

She also said that he has a second habit, which is to sleep on my bed at night. I didn’t notice any discomfort when he was just a kitten.

“But now he’s become heavy and big, so it’s hard to get sleep.”

Kefir, now 1 year 10 months old, weighs 28lbs.

“He’s still considered a kitten. Maine Coons can live up to three years. It should be even bigger, therefore.

The breed hails from the state of Maine in the US and is considered one of the oldest homegrown breeds in the country

It is from Maine, the US. The breed has been home-grown for over 100 years.

Yulia replies that Kefir doesn’t really have to be so big.

It is from Maine in the USA, and is one of the oldest domestic breeds.

It was the most popular domestic cat breed until the introduction of the Savannah cat in 1980s.

Males average 18lbs and females 12lbs, respectively.

Maine Coons are also the proud owners of the record for world’s longest cat. Stewie from Nevada measured 48.5 inches between his nose and his tail just before his passing in 2010.