Tragic last minutes for toddler two who succumbed to a botched circumcision. His baby brother, however, fights for his life having undergone the SAME procedure.

  • After Tuesday’s medical procedure in Perth, brothers were released and sent home.
  • Paramedics reached a 2-year-old boy who was in critical condition.
  • He was rushed to the ICU by his brother, who had an emergency procedure.
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After a failed circumcision, a toddler died. His baby brother survived and continues to fight for his life. 

At 6.30 on Tuesday, paramedics ran to Seville Grove in Perth’s southeast suburbs to save the life of the boy, aged two, and his brother, who were still in diapers.

The procedure was performed at Gosnells Medical Clinic, near the family’s home.

Daily Mail Australia was told by a medical center employee that there weren’t any complications following the operation.

He stated, “It happened when I got home,” 

A two-year-old boy died after he was circumcised at a medical clinic in Perth on Tuesday (stock image)

After being circumcised on Tuesday at Perth’s Medical Clinic, a two-year old boy succumbed to his injuries (stock photo).

St John Ambulance spokeswoman confirmed that the child was in critical condition when emergency personnel arrived. 

She said, “He was taken home to Armadale Hospital,”

On arrival at the emergency department of the hospital, two-year old was declared deceased.

The brother of the victim, who was believed to have been seven to eight months old at the time, was taken to Perth Children’s Hospital to undergo emergency surgery. He stayed overnight in ICU.

His condition is stable and he’s currently recovering.

Paramedics took the brothers to Armadale Hospital on Tuesday evening, but the two-year-old was pronounced dead on arrival (stock image)

On Tuesday night, paramedics took both brothers to Armadale Hospital. However, the two-year old was declared dead upon arrival. (stock photo)

Although Homicide Detectives were summoned to the scene, Chris Dawson from WA Police said that they are not treating this situation as suspicious. 

‘There are no suspicious circumstances – this medical procedure took place at an authorised medical facility,’ he said.

“It seems that this is an extremely tragic case.

“But I have no evidence to indicate that there are any criminal activities or other untoward circumstances.”

The family was contacted by detectives to create a report that would be submitted to the coroner.