Sajid Javid, Health Secretary of Ukraine, said that 21 children suffering from cancer in Ukraine arrived in Britain on Sunday night. 

Javid claimed that children now have life-saving care, in safety and without being threatened by Russian troops. 

Twitter: “I am able to confirm that the 21 children of Ukraine with advanced cancer are safely landed in Britain this evening.

“NHS England” will ensure that they receive life-saving, safety-oriented care. Thank you to all who helped bring these children and families to England.

After being criticized for the speedy and inordinate efforts it made to assist those fleeing war-related violence, the UK government has now granted 3,000 visas to Ukrainian refugees.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Boris Johnson told Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on Sunday that the UK will continue to pursue more options for bolstering Ukraine’s self-defence against Russian troops.  

Johnson said that Britain would work with its allies, which included Tuesday’s London meeting of the Joint Expeditionary Force, in order to support Ukraine in their battle against Russia.

During the conference call, PM stated that Russian President Vladimir Putin’s “barbaric acts” were ‘testing both Ukraine and all of humanity. 

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Defence Secretary Ben Wallace (2ndL) visit the Cammell Laird shipyard in Merseyside, UK, on March 10

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson (British) and Defense Secretary Ben Wallace (2ndL), visit Cammell Laird, Merseyside on March 10, 2017.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson told Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on Sunday that the UK will continue to pursue more options for bolstering Ukraine's self-defence against Russian troops

Boris Johnson, British Prime Minister told Volodymyr Zelensky that the UK will pursue additional options to help Ukraine defend itself against Russian troops on Sunday

Health Secretary Sajid Javid tonight said 21 'very ill' Ukrainian children with cancer landed in the UK on Sunday evening

Sajid Javid (Health Secretary) tonight announced that 21 very ill children from Ukraine were landed in Britain on Sunday evening with the diagnosis of cancer.

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The incident occurred as Brent Renaud (51) a freelance American journalist was being filmed documenting refugee situations in Irpin (a suburb of Kiev’s capital Kiev) when Russian troops shot him dead. 

Renaud was with other journalists when Russian troops opened fire on a vehicle near Kyiv. One of his coworkers was also injured and Renaud was killed. 

On Sunday, an invading Russian force also kidnapped a mayor of Ukraine. This was the second such abduction in a few days and provoked strong condemnation by the UK, EU, and Zelensky. 

Dmytro Kuleba, Minister of Foreign Affairs in Ukraine, said Yevhen Matveyev, the mayor of Dniprorudne in southern Ukraine, was taken days after Ivan Fedorov, the mayor of the nearby city of Melitopol, was also kidnapped. 

Johnson and Zelensky, during their Sunday call, “condemned Brent Renaud’s murder and many other innocent Ukrainians’, as well as the abductions of Dniprorudne’s mayors Melitopol, and Dniprorudne’s mayors.”

The Prime Minister gave praise to the President and all the Ukrainians for their determination. According to a Downing Street spokesperson, the Prime Minister stated that Putin’s barbaric actions had been testing both Ukraine and all humanity. 

“The Prime Minister spoke out about the continued support that the UK provides to Ukraine. He stated that the UK will continue to explore more options in order to support Ukraine’s self defense, and work with partners such as Tuesday’s Joint Expeditionary Force meeting in London.

“The Prime Minister assured that Britain would stand by Ukraine and support them in their attempts to resolve this conflict. 

Dmytro Kuleba, the Ukrainian foreign minister, said that he spoke with Liz Truss regarding the ‘next steps’ to apply additional sanctions against Russia.

Twitter: #trusliz, call me for next steps on imposing additional sanctions against Russia

“Pressure should increase until Russia stops its barbaric war crimes and ceases to act as an aggressor.” We are grateful to the UK that they have increased support for Ukraine.

Zelensky stated that he was in talks with Johnson. Petr Fiala is the Prime Minister of the Czech Republic.

Tweeted: “Held discussions with (UK), PM @BorisJohnson, and (Czech Republic), PM @P-Fiala. We discussed the struggle of (Ukrainian people) against Russian aggression and about Russia’s crimes against civilians.

Thank you for all your help. We appreciate it. We ask you to stop Russia.

Meanwhile, Russian missiles today also hit a large Ukrainian base near the border with NATO member Poland on Sunday, killing 35 people and wounding 134, a local official said, in an escalation of the war

As a key hub for collaboration between Ukraine and NATO members supporting its defense against Moscow’s relentless assault, the International Center for Peacekeeping and Security was vital. 

The sprawling complex was hit by more than 30 Russian cruise missiles. It has been long used for training Ukrainian military personnel with the help of instructors from other western countries.

Poland also serves as a transit point for Western military aid to Ukraine. The strikes were launched in response to Moscow’s threat to strike those shipments. 

A close attack on the border was laden with symbolism. This conflict has revived Cold War rivalries and threatened to overthrow the global security order.

This is the badge freelance journalist Brent Renaud was carrying when he was shot and killed in Irpin, Ukraine, today while filming refugees

Brent Renaud, 51, was in a truck with other journalists in Irpin when Russian troops opened fire.

Brent Renaud is a freelance journalist who was wearing this badge when he was gunned down in Irpin, Ukraine today, while filming refugee situations. 

A man wounded in this morning's air strikes at a nearby military complex is assisted by medical staff outside Novoiavorivsk District Hospital on March 13, 2022 in Novoiavorivsk, Ukraine

On March 13th, 2022, a man who was injured in the air strike at nearby military facilities is helped by staff from Novoiavorivsk District Hospital.

A man wounded in this morning's air strikes at a nearby military complex is assisted by medical staff outside Novoiavorivsk District Hospital on March 13, 2022 in Novoiavorivsk, Ukraine. A series of Russian missiles struck the International Center for Peacekeeping and Security at the nearby Yavoriv military complex

On March 13th, 2022, a man was injured in an air strike at the nearby military compound. He is being assisted by medical personnel outside Novoiavorivsk District Hospital. A string of Russian missiles struck Yavoriv’s International Center for Peacekeeping and Security.

Meanwhile, British Prime Minister told Zelensky stated that Putin’s “barbaric acts” were meant to test not only Ukraine, but the entire world.

According to No. 10, Sunday afternoon saw the President of Ukraine speak to Prime Minister.

“He complimented the president of Ukraine and their courage. According to a Downing Street spokesperson, the Prime Minister claimed that Putin’s barbaric actions had been testing not only Ukraine but also all of humanity.

“The leaders condemned Brent Renaud’s murder and many other innocent Ukrainians as well as the kidnapping of Melitopol and Dniprorudne mayors.

“The Prime Minister spoke out about the continued support that the UK provides to Ukraine. He stated that the UK will continue to explore more options in order to support Ukraine’s self defense, and work with partners such as Tuesday’s Joint Expeditionary Force meeting in London.

“The Prime Minister assured that Britain would stand by Ukraine and support them in their attempts to resolve this conflict.

A Ukrainian firefighter drags a hose inside a large food products storage facility which was destroyed by an airstrike in the early morning hours on the outskirts of Kyiv on Sunday

Ukrainian firefighter drags his hose in a large facility for storage of food products. It was destroyed on Sunday by an airstrike.

A view of damaged buildings and streets due to the ongoing Russian shelling and missile strikes in Kharkiv, Ukraine, on Sunday

View of the streets and buildings damaged by ongoing Russian missile and shelling attacks in Kharkiv (Ukraine) on Sunday 

At least 596 civilians died in Russia’s attack on Ukraine two weeks ago. The U.N. believes that this number is higher. Many more people fled their homes during the worst land conflict in Europe since World War II.

Russia’s superior firepower has not been enough to stop its advances across Ukraine. This was despite Western weapon support and stiffer resistance. 

Russian forces instead have taken control of several cities, striking with strikes and hitting nearly a dozen hospitals. This has led to humanitarian crisis after a number of people were injured.

Many civilians are being held in this barrage. On Sunday, the Ukrainian Prosecutor General stated that at least 85 children were killed. 

Police said that an American journalist died and another was injured when his car was shot at by Russian agents Sunday. 

U.S. President Joe Biden has sent his national security advisor, to Rome, to meet Monday with an official from China amid worries that Russia is spreading disinformation. Pope Francis asked for peace.

In this handout video grab taken from a footage released by the Ukrainian Presidency, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky speaks face camera in a street of Kyiv on March 11

This handout video is taken from footage released by Ukraine’s Presidency. The Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky talks face-to-camera in Kyiv, March 11, 2012.

It is located less than 15 miles away from the Polish border. The attack training base was near Yavoriv and seems to have been the Westernmost Target during Russia’s 18 day invasion.

It has been host to international NATO drills, and Admiral Rob Bauer (a NATO senior official) previously described it as embodying the ‘the spirit military cooperation’ between Ukraine’s international forces. 

The site serves as a powerful symbol of Russia’s concerns about the Western military alliance, which has 30 members and operates so close to Moscow.

NATO does not believe Ukraine poses any threat. However, Russia insists that Ukraine stop aspiring to join the alliance in order for the conflict to be resolved.

Maksym Kzytskyi, Lviv Governor, said that most Russian missiles launched Sunday were’shot down’ by the Air Defense System. He stated that at most 35 were killed and 134 injured by the Russian missiles.

Russian fighters fired on the Ivano-Frankivsk airport, in western Russia, at 94 miles to the north of Romania, and 155 miles to Hungary. Both countries are NATO Allies.   

Ukraine Army troops dig in at frontline trench positions to continue repelling Russian attacks, in sub-zero temperatures, east of the strategic port city of Mykolaiv,

Ukraine’s Army soldiers are seen digging in to the trenches in frontlines in order to repel Russian attacks. This is in sub-zero temperatures just east of Mykolaiv.

Footage released by Russia Ministry of Defense on Saturday March 5 shows Russian soldiers took control of a military base near the village of Radensk, Kherson region

Russia Ministry of Defense released footage on Saturday, March 5, showing that Russian soldiers took over a military base close to Radensk in the Kherson region. 

NATO stated Sunday it does not currently have personnel in Ukraine. However, the U.S. increased its troop presence to Poland. 

Jake Sullivan, White House National Security Advisor said that the West will respond if Russia’s armaments are found outside Ukraine and strike any NATO member countries even if it is accidentally.

Biden ‘has repeatedly made clear that the United States will partner with its allies to defend NATO’s entire territory’, Sullivan declared on CBS News’ Face the Nation. 

Lviv has so far been spared from the destruction to its south and east. With 721,000 people living in the city, the population has grown to 720,000. This is due to residents fleeing bombed areas and serving as an escape route for nearly 2.6million refugees.

European and Ukrainian leaders tried to convince Russia with little success to allow safe passage for civilians caught in fighting. However, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, the Ukrainian President, stated that authorities managed to rescue nearly 125,000 from conflict zones.

With Russia’s agreement, Ukrainian officials said that more than 10 humanitarian corridors will open on Sunday. This includes from Mariupol (a besieged and battered port city) where 2,187 victims were reported to have died.

International Committee of the Red Cross stated Sunday that the city’s suffering is quite immense. They pointed out that thousands of residents face extreme or total lack of basic needs like water, food, and medicines.

According to the Geneva-based organisation, “Dead bodies” (civilians and combatants) are still trapped in rubble or exposed where they have fallen. It is impossible to treat life-threatening injuries or chronic, debilitating diseases.

Zelenskyy stated in video that 100-ton humanitarian aid convoy was heading to the city. Russia could capture it and establish a land route to Crimea. Russia seized Ukraine’s territory in 2014.

On Sunday, further fighting at multiple fronts brought more misery to the country and provoked renewed international anger.

Authorities reported that nine people were killed by bombings in Mykolaiv (a southern Ukrainian city near the Black Sea). According to authorities, 32 were wounded when Russian airstrikes struck a monastery and children’s resort located in the eastern Donetsk area.

Fighting erupted around Kyiv capital. This was an important political and strategic target.

Kyiv Region police stated on their official website, that Russian troops had opened fire on the car transporting two American journalists. It stated that Brent Renaud had died, and Juan Arredondo was hurt.

Oleksiy Kuleba, chief regional administrator, stated that Russian forces seemed to want to paralyze and blockade the capital through day-and-night shelling in the suburbs.

He declared that all offensives would face stiff resistance.

Zelenskyy also claimed that Russians had used blackmail, bribery and other means to make local officials in southern Kherson to establish a pseudo-republic similar to those found in two Eastern regions in which Russian-backed separatists engaged in fighting Ukrainian forces in 2014.

Zelenskyy said Saturday that 1300 Ukrainian soldiers were killed in war. The Russians stated that several hundred soldiers from their army had been killed days earlier, but they did not provide any recent updates.

Because of the fighting around nuclear power plant, nuclear accidents have been a constant concern. 

Ukraine announced on Sunday that it had restored the power line connecting to Chernobyl’s decommissioned Chernobyl nuclear plant. This was the scene of 1986’s most devastating nuclear accident. Last week, the plant lost power and was now dependent on generators. The International Atomic Energy Agency dismissed concerns that the plant could not cool spent fuel.

Pope Francis made one of his most vehement condemnations of the conflict in Ukraine on Sunday. He condemned the “barbararianism” of child killings, and asked for an end of these attacks ‘before cities become cemeteries. 

Francis stated that Mariupol has been’made martyr by the terrible war in Ukraine’.

Mariupol has suffered some of the most severe punishments since Russia invaded. Attempts to transport food, water, and medicine to the city of 430,000, and evacuate civilians were stopped by incessant attacks.

According to the Mayor’s Office, more than 1500 people died during the siege. There have been no attempts to bury them in mass graves.

“They bomb!” [Mariupol]You can launch missiles 24/7, 24 hours a days. It is hate. They kill children,” Zelensky stated during a video address. 

The Ukrainian military claimed Saturday that Russian forces had captured Mariupol’s eastern suburbs. It tightened the grip on the strategically important port.

Russia may be able to take Mariupol as well as other Azov sea ports, in order to create a land corridor from Crimea to Russia. It seized Crimea from Ukraine in 2014.

Zelensky encouraged his people not to give up, which analysts claim has stopped the Kremlin from achieving the military victory and rapid offensive that they had hoped for when it planned to invade Russia’s ex Soviet neighbor.

His words were: “The historical fact that Ukraine’s entire population fought off these invaders was already recorded in history. But we don’t have the right not to defend ourselves, however difficult it might be,” he stated.

Zelensky once more deplored the inability of NATO to establish a no-fly area over Ukraine. However, he stated that Ukraine is seeking ways to acquire air defense assets.

Russia was also accused by the president of using ‘a new level of terror’ in the kidnapping of Melitopol’s mayor, who is located 119 miles west from Mariupol.