Deranged despot Vladimir Putin has banned Boris Johnson from entering Russia as he lashes out at Britain over his failing war in Ukraine. 

Russia’s foreign minister has put sanctions on twelve other UK officials and governments in a “tit-fortat” for its alleged ‘unprecedented hostile actions by the British government, including the impositions of sanctions against top Russian officials. 

Moscow specifically accused Britain of ‘deliberately aggravating the situation surrounding Ukraine, pumping the Kyiv regime with lethal weapons and coordinating similar efforts on the behalf of NATO’ and threatened to expand its sanctions list ‘soon’. 

Russia’s foreign minister issued a warning statement saying that it was responding to London’s unbridled campaign and information designed at isolating Russia internationally, and creating conditions for limiting our country’s potential and stifling its domestic economy.

Russian tit-fortat sanctions list of UK politicians

The Russian foreign ministry issued the following statement:

  • Prime Minister Boris Johnson;  
  • Dominic Raab, Deputy Prime Minister;  
  • Liz Truss, Foreign Secretary; 
  • Ben Wallace is Defence Secretary 
  • Grant Shapps, Transport Secretary; 
  • Priti Patel, Home Secretary; 
  • Chancellor Rishi Sunak; 
  • Kwasi Kwarteng, Business Secretary  
  • Nadine Dorries, Culture Secretary; 
  • Armed Forces Minister James Heappey;    
  • Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon;  
  • Attorney-General Suella Braverman;  
  • Ex-Prime Minister Theresa May.  

“In the near future this list will be extended to include British politicians or parliamentarians who aid in whipping up antiRussian hysteria. This includes pushing the “collective Western” to use threats language in dialog with Moscow and inciting shamelessly the Kiev neo Nazi government.

Moscow is represented on Moscow’s blacklist by Dominic Raab (UK Deputy Prime Minster), Liz Truss, Defense Secretary Ben Wallace and former Prime Minister Theresa May.

London is part of an international effort by Moscow to be punished with travel bans, asset freezing, economic sanctions and travel bans.

Johnson also accuses Russia of war crimes in Bucha, Irpin and he has repeated his mantra that “Putin must succeed” – something he reiterated when he apologized to the British people after he was fined £75 by Scotland Yard for violating Covid lockdown laws.

At a press conference held with the Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelesky, the PM stated that “What Putin did in Bucha and Irpin was war crimes which have forever damaged his reputation and his government’s reputation.”

The President Zelensky also hailed Johnson as the “leader” of the “anti-war alliance”, a sentiment likely to anger Putin and his cronies.  

Last month, the Kremlin Effectively, Johnson was branded Russia’s No1 public enemy for his part in mobilizing Western nations against Putin’s regime’s illegal and barbaric invasion of the ex-Soviet republic. 

Dmitry Peskov the Russian tyrant’s famous spokesman, has been sanctioned himself by the UK. Johnson was warned that he is the most active participant to the race for anti-Russian. It will cause a foreign policy deadend.

Although the PM said he felt ‘deeply hostile’ to Putin’s war, it was clear that he is ‘not remotely anti Russian’.

At an emergency NATO summit, Putin compared Putin’s tactics to the Nazis. He said: “What Vladimir Putin is doing is absolutely catastrophic. His invasion of Ukraine inhumane and barbaric.

“And that invasion’s conduct is now shifting into a type of behavior we haven’t witnessed in Europe for over 80 years. And it’s horrible. 

“So, you can sympathize with ordinary Russians who are being led so poorly, but you also have the ability to be strongly hostile towards Vladimir Putin’s decisions.”

It comes as Russia accused the US and NATO of shipping the ‘most sensitive’ weapons including long range ‘multiple launch rockets systems’ to Ukraine, adding that Western involvement was This could ‘add fuel’ to conflict and have ‘unpredictable results’.

Boris Johnson and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in Kyiv, April 9, 2022

Boris Johnson, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky at Kyiv on April 9, 2022

Putin chairs a video conference call on the situation in the oil and gas industries, from the official residence at Novo-Ogaryovo, April 14, 2022

Putin hosts a conference call via videoconference from Novo-Ogaryovo on April 14th 2022, discussing the state of the oil-and-gas industries.

A man stands on a damaged bridge in Kyiv area, Ukraine, Saturday April 16, 2022

One man is seen standing on the damaged bridge in Kyiv, Ukraine. Saturday, April 16, 2022.

Smoke is seen rising over Darnytskyi District of Kyiv, Ukraine on April 16, 2022

The smoke rises over Darnytskyi, Kyiv, Ukraine. April 16, 2022

Handout photo issued by the Ukrainian Presidential Press Office of Mr Johnson meeting Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in Kyiv, Ukraine, Saturday April 9, 2022

Photo of the Ukrainian Presidential Press Office meeting with President Volodymyr Zilensky, Ukraine on Saturday, April 9, 2022 

A handout photo made available via the official Telegram channel of the President of Ukraine shows President Zelensky and Mr Johnson sitting for a meeting in Kyiv, Ukraine, April 9, 2022

The President Zelensky is pictured with Mr Johnson at a meeting in Kyiv (Ukraine), April 9, 2022. 

After Russia’s warning that World War Three is imminent, SAS troops have begun training Ukrainian soldiers in the use of British anti-tank missiles. 

A Ukrainian Territorial Defence Forces member holds an NLAW anti-tank weapon, in the outskirts of Kyiv, Ukraine, on March 9, 2022

An NLAW anti-tank weapon is held by a member of the Ukrainian Territorial Defence Forces, in Kyiv (Ukraine), March 9, 2022

According to reports, British SAS soldiers have trained Ukrainian soldiers in Kyiv how to use British-supplied anti-tank missile-launchers NLAW.

It is the first time that British forces have instructed their Ukrainian counterparts since Russia’s Vladimir Putin invaded Ukraine on February 24.

The Times heard from two different battalions that had officers stationed around and in the country’s capital. They said British Special Forces had given their troops training on two occasions within the last week.

British military trainers were present in Ukraine after Russia invaded Crimea in 2014. They were evacuated in February when Putin’s threat to invade Ukraine became more likely.

Russian TV had warned about the dangers of Western involvement in World War Three. The West supplied weapons to Ukraine, and was training its army.

A Ukrainian serviceman fires an NLAW anti-tank weapon during an exercise in the Joint Forces Operation, in the Donetsk region, eastern Ukraine, on Feb. 15, 202

An NLAW-armed anti-tank weapon fired by a Ukrainian soldier during an exercise of the Joint Forces Operation in Donetsk, Ukraine on February 15, 202

A two-page diplomatic note or démarche, dated Tuesday, was sent to the State Department by the Russian Embassy in Washington.

The note, which was translated by the Washington Post in Russian, had the following title: “On Russia’s concerns in relation to massive supplies of weapons & military equipment to Kyiv regime,”

The US and NATO allies were accused of trying to make Ukraine abandon negotiations with Russia “in order to prolong the bloodshed,” while urging other countries to stop military and technical cooperation.

“We appeal to the United States, its Allies, and all concerned, to cease the irresponsible militarization and aggression of Ukraine. It has unpredictable implications for regional and global security,” the note read.

Russia also described the’most sensitive weapons’ as the’multiple rocket systems’, even though the US and NATO deny that they send such equipment to Ukraine.

It was an infringement of “rigorous principles” governing weapons transfers to conflict zones. Also, it ignored the threat that high-precision weapons could fall into the hands extremists or bandit forces operating in Ukraine.

Russia repeatedly claimed that it is fighting to “de-Nazify” Ukraine. These claims are not supported by scrutiny.

A senior official in the administration said that instead, the note was an acknowledgment of the success of the US strategy.

“What we are hearing from Russia is what we have been telling the world publically – that the enormous amount of aid we provide to our Ukrainian partners is working extraordinarily well,” said the official.

The US announced the new tranche of US security aid this week. John Kirby from the Pentagon said that the US has now provided $3.2 billion in security assistance since February invasion.

Biden declared Wednesday: “This package of assistance will include many weapons systems that we have provided, and new capabilities that are tailored for the greater assault Russia expects to launch against eastern Ukraine.”

“These capabilities include artillery system, artillery rounds and armored personnel carrier.”

Meanwhile, British SAS troops have been training Ukrainian soldiers in Kyiv in how to use British-supplied NLAW anti-tank missile launchers, it has been reported.

It is the first time that British forces have instructed their Ukrainian counterparts since Putin invaded Ukraine on February 24.

The Times heard from two different battalions that had officers stationed in or around the capital of the country. They said British Special Forces had given their troops training on two occasions within the last fortnight.

British military trainers were present in Ukraine after Russia invaded Crimea in 2014. They were evacuated in February when Putin’s threat to invade Ukraine became more likely.

Russian TV had warned about the dangers of Western involvement in World War Three. The West supplied weapons to Ukraine, and was training its army.

According to the newspaper, it spoke with two Ukrainian commanders – Captain Yuriymyronenko of Ukraine and a commander in Kyiv’s special forces who is known as Skiff.

Myronenko reported that both new and return recruits were sent to his battalion stationed in Obolon. Obolon is a northern suburb of Kyiv where heavy fighting occurred in the first days of the invasion. Two weeks earlier, British SAS trained them to use NLAWs.

The United Kingdom delivered over 3,600 Next Generation Light Anti-tank Weapons to Ukraine in February. Kyiv requested more after receiving reports that the weapons had been highly effective against Russian armor.

Launchers are easy to use and provide ground troops with a lightweight counter to Russia’s many slow-moving, often outdated, tanks.

Skiff said that the British had given training to Ukraine’s 112th Battalion, which was his unit at the time, last week.

People stand beside damaged buildings at the Vizar company military-industrial complex, after the site was hit by overnight Russian strikes, in the town of Vyshneve, southwestern suburbs of Kyiv, April 15, 2022

After the Vizar military-industrial site suffered overnight Russian attacks, people stand by the damaged buildings. This was in Vyshneve (southwest suburbs of Kyiv), April 15, 2022.

A Ukrainian serviceman guards his position in Mariupol, Ukraine, Saturday, March 12, 2022

Guarding his position in Mariupol Ukraine on Saturday March 12, 2022, a Ukrainian military serviceman.

A serviceman stands at a building damaged during fighting in Mariupol, Ukraine, on April 13, 2022

An officer stands in front of a damaged building during the fighting at Mariupol (Ukraine) on April 13, 2022 

There are fears that Russia's sunken Moskva cruiser could have been carrying nuclear warheads

It is possible that Russia’s Sunken Moskva Cruiser may have carried nuclear weapons.

Zelensky claims that all of the WORLD must be concerned about Putin using nukes and has urged Biden not to name Russia a state-sponsor of terrorism. 

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky warned Friday Russia could use tactical nuclear weapons

Volodymyr Zilensky, Ukrainian President, warned Russia Friday that it could use strategic nuclear weapons

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky is warning that Russia could use tactical nuclear weapons during its invasion of Ukraine – and cautioned that it was a matter grave concern for the entire world.

‘Not only me – I think all of the world, all of the countries have to be worried because it can be not real information, but it can be truth,’ Zelensky said, speaking in English.

“We must not be afraid. He said that this is not an issue for Ukraine.

Zelensky responded to a CNN question about William Burns, CIA Director. He warned that Russian President Vladimir Putin could use a tactical nuclear tactical weapon in a desperate attempt to thwart military defeats. This has been ongoing for fifty days.

He also spoke of chemical and nuclear weapons being a threat.

Chemical weapons are their right, they ought to do it. They could, it would save the lives of many people. [means] nothing. Zelensky spoke in sometimes imprecise English.

His dire comments in the interview come as it was reported Zelensky personally asked President Joe Biden to designate Russia as a state sponsor of terrorism – a move with substantial implications for trade and sanctions.

Skiff confirmed the report of his superior commander, nicknamed bear. According to Skiff, ‘They were great guys, the Brits’. “They invited us to come visit them after the war is over.”

Myronenko stated that training is vital because of the large number of people who have joined the resistance efforts of Ukraine since war broke out. Many were not taught how to operate the missile launchers that Britain used before it pulled out its troops.

According to him, without British trainers soldiers in the country would not have been able to use the NLAWs. He stated that it took them around five minutes to master the use of the tools.

He said that they received excellent training. “British officers came to our unit two weeks ago and trained us very well,” he said. Because we’ve had success, we now feel confident.

The Times reported that the Ministry of Defence in Britain said it will not comment due to an old convention which prevents them from commenting about the activities of its special forces.

It comes as Moscow threatened to mount renewed missile attacks on Kyiv, where authorities said the bodies of more than 900 civilians were found outside the capital.

Russian forces prepared for an offensive renewed in Eastern Ukraine. Fighting continued in Mariupol (a pummelled port city in southern Russia), where residents reported that Russian soldiers were digging up corpses.

According to Oleh Sinehubov, the northern-eastern capital of Kharkiv’s governor, seven civilians were killed in a shelling attack on a residential neighborhood. One child aged seven months was also hurt.

Vitali Klitschko, mayor of Kyiv, stated that the eastern part of Darnytskie in Kyiv was hit early Saturday morning. Paramedics and rescue workers were at the scene and he warned those who fled the capital to not return in their safety.

Andriy Negotov, head of Kyiv’s regional police, stated that bodies had been left in streets and given temporary burials. According to police records, 95% of those who died were from gunshot wounds.

According to Mr Nebytov, “Consequently, it is understood that during the Russian occupation people were just executed in the street.”

Every day more bodies are found under rubble and in graveyards. The largest amount, 35, was found in Bucha.

Nebytov said that workers from utility companies buried victims in Kyiv while they controlled it. He said that Russian troops had been “tracking down” people with strong pro-Ukrainian opinions.

Russian troops were accused by President Zelensky of occupying areas of the Kherson, Zaporizhzhia and other regions of south Ukraine. They terrorised civilians as well as hunting anyone who was a member of Ukraine’s government or military.

The occupiers feel that this will allow them to take control of the territory. However, they’re wrong. He said that they are deceiving themselves in his nightly video address.

“Russia’s problem, and it will never be accepted by all Ukrainians. Russia has permanently lost Ukraine.

Kyiv could see more violence after Russian authorities accuse Ukraine of inflicting injuries on seven Ukrainians and causing damage to about 100 residences in Bryansk (a border region with Ukraine). Ukrainian shelling was reported on Thursday by Russian authorities from another border region.

Igor Konashenkov of the Russian Defence Ministry stated that missile attacks against objects in Kyiv would be increased in order to counter any terrorist attack or diversion on Russian territory.

Russia used missiles against a Kyiv plant for repair and production missile systems. Officials from Ukraine haven’t confirmed that they hit targets in Russia and reports can not be independently verified. But, Ukrainian officials confirmed that forces struck a Russian warship with missiles. 

Unidentified, a senior US defence official supported the assertion by stating that at most one Neptune antiship missile was responsible for the destruction of the Moskva.

Named after the Russian capital of Moscow, The Moskva sank on Thursday while it was being town to port.

Moscow didn’t acknowledge the attack and only said that there had been a fire at the ship. Russia is symbolically defeated by Ukraine’s loss of its ship.

Russia’s Black Sea firepower has been reduced by the sinking, which was seen to be a symbol of Moscow’s fortunes during an eight week invasion. The invading force is widely considered a historical blunder after the Russian withdrawal from much of the northern Ukraine and Kyiv.