A drone strike strikes Russia’s Navy Headquarters in Crimea. It causes an explosion that generates gunfire and the street is flooded with smoke. This follows a series of Ukrainian missions, and mysterious blasts deep within the occupied peninsula.

  • Recent strikes have severely damaged the military capability of invaders.
  • It also demonstrated Kyiv’s power to disrupt Russian logistics 
  • Last week, half of Russia’s Black Sea Naval Aviation Force was destroyed by a blast

An explosion occurred after a Ukrainian drone struck Russia’s Navy Headquarters in Crimea.

This is just the latest of a series of mysterious blasts that are believed to have been inflicted deep within the occupied peninsula by Ukrainian forces. 

Intelligence officials revealed last night how strikes have crippled the invaders’ military capabilities, and have displayed Kyiv’s ability to wreak havoc on Russian logistics.

This follows an explosion at the Russian Air Base in Crimea earlier this week. Officials from the West have revealed that half of Russia’s Black Sea Naval Aviation Force was destroyed in the accident.

According to a source, the Russians have lost their flagship Moskva and Snake Island. Half of their naval aviation program was destroyed, while their military headquarters was also struck. We can accept attacks from Ukrainians hidden behind enemy lines, I believe.

A Ukrainian drone strike has hit Russia's Navy headquarters in Crimea, causing a huge explosion

An explosion caused by an unidentified Ukrainian drone attack has rocked Russia’s Navy headquarters, Crimea.

Explosions were heard at Belbek airbase, near Sevastopol (HQ of Vladimir Putin’s Black Sea fleet), where the explosions occurred. 

The opposite side of the peninsula has Kerch lit up near Russia’s huge bridge. Moscow claims it was lighting the skies with its air defenses.

Russian forces have evacuated two villages after an explosion at an ammunition dump, Belgorod Province, 60 miles north of territory under control by Ukrainian forces. 

Kyiv also announced a strike on a bridge at the Kakhovska Dam, near Kherson – one of the last routes for Russia to supply its troops on the west bank of the Dnipro River.

The official stated that such attacks have a significant psychological effect on Russian leaders.

Russia denies any aircraft was damaged by what it calls an accident on the base. Satellite images however showed that at least eight warplanes had been completely burned.