MailOnline spoke to the Ukrainian civil population that is preparing to confront Putin’s invasion force.

Watching as the Territorial Defence Forces’ raw recruits went through their paces in a disused factory close to Kyiv was something we were able to witness.

In bone-chilling temperatures of –6C, some of the mainly middle-class professionals had weapons and uniforms, others just wooden guns and the warmest clothes they could find.

Natalia (43), a Kyiv-based lawyer and mother of two, did not want her surname to be revealed.

Reservist Territorial Defence Forces were put through their paces at a sprawling disused factory near Kyiv

A sprawling, disused factory was used to test the Reservist Territorial Defence Forces.

Training at an abandoned site outside of Kiev, where locals are learning how to defend themselves

Locals learn how to defend themselves at an abandoned location outside of Kiev.

They practised firing positions and weapon drills alongside other recruits yesterday toting wooden cut-outs of Kalashnikov assault rifles

Yesterday, they practiced weapon drills and firing positions with other recruits while carrying wooden Kalashnikov assault rifles.

Members of Ukraine's Territorial Defense Forces, volunteer military units of the Armed Forces, train with fake wooden guns close to Kyiv, Ukraine today

Ukraine’s Territorial Defense Forces are volunteer units of Armed Forces. They train today with fake wood guns near Kyiv.

Together with other citizen soldiers, she’s now getting ready to confront the most powerful standing army in Europe.

“When I was studying to become a lawyer, I never dreamt this would happen to my, that I would own a gun,” she stated.

She said, “I arrived here alone but I have met some other lawyers that also attended,”

“I wanted to do my part in protecting my family. While I’ve had only one lecture, this is the first time that I have received any practical training.

“I do not have any weapon. Only a wood gun. No uniform. However, they will. Although I am aware of the risk, I will do my best to defend my family and country. If we’re attacked, I will kill.

A civilian army volunteer with a fake gun in Kyiv today as Putin continues to mount pressure with accumulating forces, tanks and missiles along the Ukrainian border

As Putin keeps increasing pressure by accumulating troops, tanks, missiles and more soldiers at the Ukrainian border, today’s civilian army volunteer in Kyiv carries a false gun.

Russian officials have repeatedly denied planning to invade. But Moscow says it feels menaced by Kyiv's growing ties with the West. Pictured: Ukraine Territorial Defence Forces training

Russian officials deny any plans to invade. Moscow claims it is threatened by Kyiv’s growing ties to the West. Image: Ukraine Territorial Defence Forces Training

Pictured: First Lieutent Andrea Poltorak, 44, who has been leading the new recruits through training

Pictured is First Lieutenant Andrea Poltorak (44), who leads the training of new recruits

“It’s natural to desire to protect your homeland, but I don’t understand why someone would want to invade another country’s land.”

While her husband (a businessman) already had military experience, she stated that she was eager to acquire it.

Vasily Nazarov (a 61 year-old IT administrator) was one of the older people present at the training day.

He was wearing tracksuit bottoms with trainers as he shivered and said to MailOnline, “Our country is in peril and I joined to help me and my family.”

Members of Ukraine's Territorial Defence Forces were seen wielding the cutout props in unusual training drills as dozens of civilians have been joining army reserves.

As dozens of civilians joined army reserves, members of Ukraine’s Territorial Defence Forces were seen using the props cut out in unusual drills.

‘I do not have military experience. However, I have a son with a grandchild and want to protect them.

“We must stop the Russisans invading Our Land.”

Mykhailo Kailo is 44 and is the boss of a logistic firm. Yesterday, he wore a camouflage vest that he had purchased at a sporting shop to cover his winter jacket.

After serving 12 months in the military, he returned to civilian life to fight against Putin’s hoard.

After signing papers that committed him to the service of the voluntary force, commanders informed the father-of-2 that he would be issued a uniform with a gun and other equipment soon.

Yesterday, he practiced weapon drills and firing positions with the other recruits. He carried a Kalashnikov assault rifle in his wooden cutter.

A Ukrainian service member fires a next generation light anti-tank weapon (NLAW) supplied by Britain during drills at Ukraine's International Peacekeeping Security Centre near Yavoriv in the Lviv region, Ukraine yesterday

During yesterday’s drills at the International Peacekeeping Security Centre in Ukraine near Yavoriv (Lviv), Ukraine, a Ukrainian military servicemember fires a light anti-tank weapon (NLAW), supplied by Britain.

“I am still waiting on my uniform and gun. I will train in my personal clothes, and then use a replica weapon until they arrive.” said the dad-of-2.

“We will fight for our family and our future. We will not wait for war to strike our homeland. If they do, we will fight the Russians.

“We are at war in the East with Russia’s allies since seven years. We have battle experience and our training is excellent.

“Our motivation is high as we fight for our way to life, and more people like myself are joining each day.

“If Russia threatens our country, we will protect ourselves. We will fight for it.

Andrii Yudin is a Kiev-based 42-year old manager of a German Biotechnical Firm. Yesterday, Mykhailo swapped his business suit to a Ukrainian Army camouflage costume.

Tanks of the Russian Southern Military District's 150th Rifle Division take part in a military exercise at Kadamovsky Range on Thursday

On Thursday, tanks from the Russian Southern Military District’s 150th Rifle Division participated in an exercise at Kadamovsky Range 

“We are aware that this will be hard fighting and we might die,” said the father-of-2.

“But, we cannot let Russia win and we have to fight back.

Andrii said that self-defence forces fighters were instructed to look out for Russian spy tries to enter their ranks, and be cautious of being followed.

Commandos also warned recruits that they should limit their social media exposure to Russia’s cyber-hackers.

First Lieutenant Andrii Politorak, 44 (an IT professional on his weekday job), was in charge of training the recruits.

“In the last weeks we’ve seen an increase in people volunteering due to the political environment.

“They are from many walks of life and lots of women.”

He spoke as US officials said that Russian troops were shipping blood and media materials to the US. It was yet another sign of their military readiness.

Russian servicemen of the 150th division of the Southern Military District shooting from howitzers 2A65 Msta-B during a training in the Rostov region, Russia yesterday

Yesterday’s training exercise in Rostov, Russia saw Russian military personnel of the 150th regiment of the Southern Military District fire their howitzers 2A65 and Msta-B.

As part of Russia’s building-up, the Pentagon previously admitted that it had deployed’medical assistance’. Experts say the additional detail of Russian blood supply disclosures is crucial to determine Russian military readiness.

Reuters heard Ben Hodges, a former lieutenant general in the United States, tell Reuters that while it does not guarantee another attack, “it would be impossible to execute another attack unless yours is already,” he said.

Russian officials deny any plans to invade. Moscow denies that it plans to invade. However, Moscow feels threatened by Kyiv’s encroaching ties with West.

It seized Crimea eight years ago and supported separatist forces that seized large parts of the eastern Ukraine.

Russia presented its security requirements in December. They include a halt to NATO expansion, the barring of Ukraine joining, and the pulling back NATO’s armies and weapons from Eastern European countries who joined the alliance after the Cold War.

Putin claimed that while the United States had not met Russia’s major security concerns in its standoff with Ukraine on Friday, NATO and Russia were ready to continue talking.