New York City-based dietician, Dr. Lisa Sullivan, has provided the following recipe. It is a quick and easy way to get rid of hangovers.

Many people tried for years to find the right remedy to alcohol-induced discomfort. Monica D’Agostino is confident that she now knows the way. 

After consuming large amounts of alcohol, the registered dietician says that a “recovery” lemonade helped her feel energized.

Her TikTok confession quickly became viral. The video has been viewed more than 3 million times since it was uploaded last month. It also converted dozens into “recovery lemonade” converts.

Monica has both a bachelor’s degree in nutrition and a master’s in dietetics. She says that drinking water mixed with lemon juice, ginger and turmeric can help to feel more relaxed after long nights of partying.

A dietician just shared the recipe for a drink that she claims will heal your post-alcohol agony - and the internet is in an uproar over it

The internet has been in a frenzy over the claim that a dietetic expert shared the recipe for rehydrating your body after drinking.

For years, people have been trying to uncover the ultimate hangover cure - and now, Monica D'Agostino believes she's discovered the secret to feeling better after a night out

Over the years people have sought to find the best cure for their hangovers. Monica D’Agostino now believes that she’s found the solution to making you feel better after a night on the town.

Monica, from New York City, started with a large, 24 ounce jar filled with water. She then mixed in three tablespoons of lemon juice

Monica from New York City started by filling a 24 ounce glass jar with water. Then she added three tablespoons lemon juice.

She also added three tablespoons of Gourmet Garden ginger stir-in paste

The paste costs about $4 at Walmart or Target

Also, she added 3 tablespoons Gourmet Garden Ginger stir-in paste to her dish – it costs $4 at Walmart and Target

After that, she put in a packet of turmeric sweetener made by the brand Whole Earth - which contain turmeric, erythritol, stevia leaf extract, black pepper, and monk fruit extract

Then she added a whole packet of Whole Earth’s turmeric sweetener – which contains turmeric, monk fruit extract, erythritol leaf extract, and stevia extract – to her bag.

“I am a New York dietician. I like to go out every weekend. She began the clip by saying that she knows a lot dieticians who pretend to eat fruits and vegetables all day. But that’s unrealistic.

“I just wanted to share with you what my thoughts are when trying to make myself feel better after a hard weekend.

“I am going to tell you what I do when scared. It is when I feel overwhelmed after a long weekend.

Monica began by filling a 24 ounce glass jar with water. Then she added three tablespoons lemon juice.

Three tablespoons Gourmet Garden ginger stir in paste was also added to the dish. This product is available at Walmart and Target for about $4

“Sometimes it’s just not possible to make everything perfect. The ginger paste was literally taken from the shop. It’s okay to think that it is gross. You can make your ginger.

The packets have zero calories and zero added sugars, no preservatives, and they're gluten free. They cost $8 for a box of 60 packets at Walmart

These packets are free of calories and added sugars. They also have no preservatives or gluten. Walmart sells them for $8 per box, 60 packets.

Monica said the turmeric will help with bloating, the lemon juice is good for skin, and ginger will help your stomach - but the main reason you're going to feel better from this is hydration

Monica stated that the ginger and lemon juice will reduce bloating. The ginger will also help you feel fuller. But, the most important reason to feel great from these products is the hydration.

She spilled her secrets on TikTok and quickly went viral - gaining more than three million views since the video was posted last month

Now, so many people are swearing by the drink

Her TikTok confession quickly became viral. The TikTok video has been viewed more than three millions times since it was uploaded last month.

This is the cure for all your hangover problems! Monica’s recipe for ‘Recovery Lemonade. 

  • 24 ounces water
  • Three tablespoons lemon juice
  • Stir-in three tablespoons Gourmet Garden Ginger paste. Fresh ginger can be substituted.
  • One packet of Whole Earth turmeric sweetener
  • You can also add Whole Earth’s turmeric sweetener, one teaspoon of curry powder, two shakes with black pepper and one or two teaspoons of agave to your recipe.

Then, she added in the Whole Earth brand of turmeric sweetener. It contains turmeric, erythritol and stevia leaf extract.

They are gluten-free and have no calories or added sugars. 

Unfortunately they are not in stock. However, you can usually find them at Walmart for $8 for 60 packets.

She continued to pour one packet into her beverage and said, “It’s wonderful, it sweetens the drink up.” 

‘It has turmeric in it so it’s going to help with some of that inflammation from the weekend. 

“You can taste black pepper, but you activate turmeric because it does not contain it.”

Monica claims that turmeric is great for bloating. Lemon juice and ginger are good for the skin. 

She added: ‘But the biggest reason you’re going to feel better from this is hydration.’ 

Monica mixed it all and then strained it to get rid of any ginger pieces. She served it with ice.  

In another video, Monica shared an alternative for those who couldn't get their hands on the turmeric packets - which are currently sold out

Monica also shared an alternate option for people who can’t find the turmeric packets. This alternative is currently out of stock

Instead, she replaced it with one teaspoon of turmeric, a couple shakes of black pepper, and one to two teaspoons of agave

It was replaced with one teaspoon of turmeric and a few shakes black pepper. One to two teaspoons of honey were also added.

Monica told her followers that she likes to strain the drink to remove any left over pieces of ginger, and put it over ice - but that's based off of preference

Monica told her followers that she likes to strain the drink to remove any left over pieces of ginger, and put it over ice – but that’s based off of preference

The registered dietician credits the 'recovery lemonade' with rejuvenating her after consuming a lot of alcohol

According to the registered dietician, after drinking a lot of alcohol, she felt rejuvenated by the recovery lemonade.

Monica showed another alternative option to those who could not get the turmeric packets.

She substituted it with one teaspoon turmeric, two shakes of black pepper and one or two teaspoons of agave.

Monica’s friends shared their experiences with the drink and took to Facebook to share how amazing it was.

“I made this to my satisfaction.” [boyfriend]”This week, he has been asking for it every day,” one individual wrote.

A second added, “Made today and it was delicious!” My recipe was enhanced with beetroot powder.

Many of Monica's followers revealed that they tried the drink, and they took to the comment section to gush over how great it was

Monica’s fans shared that they had tried it, and took to the comments section to rave about how delicious it was.

Others said they hadn't tried it yet but were excited to give it a shot

Some others said that they had never tried it but are eager to.

Someone else commented, “Love it!” “I worked at a juice bar and when I got hungry at work, I would get the turmeric shot.” 

“I made it today, and it was delicious,” a fourth TikTok user said. “All that I had was Simply Light lemonade. I also added water, ginger and turmeric.

Others included the following messages: “Just drank it and it was delicious” and “I am seriously drinking this right this moment.”

Some said that they had not tried it yet but are eager to.

“You were the best dietician I ever needed. Thank you for being real. One wrote, “Definitely start this tomorrow.”

One person said, “Wait honest thank you.” That’s what I wanted! This is what I needed!