Kaczynski, 79, (pictured in 1996) who became known as the Unabomber - which stands for 'university and airline bomber' - after killing three people and injuring 23, has been moved to a medical facility FMC Butner that is known for treating inmates with significant health problems

Kaczynski, aged 79 (pictured in 1996), who has become known as the Unabomber after killing three and injuring 23, was moved to FMC Butner which is known for providing treatment for inmates with serious medical problems.

Ted Kaczynski, the Unabomber has been moved from Colorado’s supermax prison into a North Carolina federal medical facility – an indication that his health is declining.

Kaczynski (79), a math prodigy, gained fame after sending bombs through the mail for 17 years, killing three and injuring 23. He was moved to FMC Butner. FMC Butner is well-known for its ability to treat inmates who have serious health issues. 

The supermax prison Florence ADMAX, also known as the ‘Alcatraz of the Rockies,’ was where he spent multiple life sentences. He was transferred to the new facility on December 14. The prison houses the ‘worst of the worst,’ such as World Trade Center bomber Ramzi Ahmed Yousef and Boston marathon bomber Dzhokhar A. Tsarnaev.

His condition is unknown and the Bureau of Prisons refused to tell his brother David Kaczynski about any ailments. David was able to learn about his brother’s transfer via someone who corresponds.  

DailyMail.com reached out to ADX and FMC Butner for comment. They declined due to security issues. Bernie Madoff, the Ponzi King, died in Bahama Medical Center.

Kaczynski still hasn’t replied to the brother’s correspondence since David tip-off investigators to Kaczynski after extracts from a 35,000 word manifesto published in The Washington Post and The New York Times 1995. This helped to close the FBI’s 17 year manhunt for a suspect.  

David and his wife were familiar with the manifesto, which enraged against modernization.

Kaczynski was transferred on December 14 from supermax prison Florence-ADMAX to federal medical facility FMC Butner

Kaczynski was transferred from Florence-ADMAX supermax prison to FMC Butner federal medical facility on December 14. 

Kaczynski killed three people and injured 23 after he mailed bombs through the US Postal Service. He also hand-delivered some (pictured in 1996)

Three people were killed and 23 injured by Kaczynski’s bombing spree through the US Postal Service. Some of his bombs were also delivered by hand (pictured in 1996).

Kaczynski (pictured in 1996) started sending the bombs in 1978 from his cabin in Lincoln, Montana

Kaczynski, pictured in 1996) began sending bombs from Lincoln in Montana in 1978.

Kaczynski's brother David (pictured) turned over documents and letters that he said proved his brother was the Unabomber. FBI analysts were able to determine it was 'certainly the same' person

Kaczynski’s brother David (pictured), turned over letters and documents that proved his brother to be the Unabomber. FBI analysts were able to determine it was ‘certainly the same’ person 

Kaczynski pleaded guilty to 1998 mail bombings against computer scientists and other airlines. 

He pleaded guilty not only to federal but also to the 13 charges of transporting explosives with intent to kill and maim. He avoided the death penalty but was sentenced to several life sentences. 

Kaczynski (who has a bachelor’s and master’s degrees in mathematics at Harvard University) began his terror reign after he moved into a Montana cabin in woods, which he had built in 1971.

Over the course of the 17-year period, 16 bombs were mailed to or delivered by him, some of which went to Berkeley professors. Kaczynski, who was the youngest assistant professor of geometry and calculus for two years, did this mail delivery every year.

His victims included a Yale computer scientist and an astronaut candidate. 

Kaczynski had sent an explosive that did not explode during an American Airline flight on 1979. It was later delivered to the president in 1980. 

After accidentally opening a bomb, the president of United Airlines suffered minor injuries. Kaczynski presented the homemade bombs as gifts and disguised them. 

He was killed in his first accident on October 15, 1985. His bombs also went on to kill another two people. 

According to their website, the FBI pursued him in 1978 after one of his bombs went off at the University of Chicago. 

In 1979, the FBI paired up with the United States Postal Service – which Kaczynski used to send the bombs he did not hand deliver – and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF). One hundred full-time analysts and investigators eventually made up the task force. 

The task force concluded that Kaczynski was connected to Chicago which is his hometown. 

According to the FBI, even though the gender of the suspect was unknown, investigators thought the bomber most likely was male. They also investigated multiple female suspects. 

After receiving the manifesto, it was 1995 when they finally were able identify Unabomber. 

David, the brother of Kaczynski’s author, reached out to FBI agents and submitted documents and letters from Kaczynski. FBI linguistic analysts were able to determine that the author of the manifesto and the letters David provided were ‘certainly the same.’ 

Linda Patrik (David’s wife) stated in an interview in February 2016 that she first suggested Ted might be Ted in an ABC News interview. This was after Linda had seen the manifesto in New York Times and Washington Post.

David Kaczynski stated: “When she said that “Well…I think your brother might be the Unabomber,” it made me realize, “Well this is nothing to worry about.” Ted has never shown violence. He’s never been violent to me.”

Kaczynski was sentenced in 1998 and sent to supermax prison known as the 'Alcatraz of the Rockies' Florence-ADMAX - or more commonly known as ADX - which houses the 'worst of the worst,' such as the World Trade Center and Boston Marathon bombers

 Kaczynski was sentenced in 1998 and sent to supermax prison known as the ‘Alcatraz of the Rockies’ Florence-ADMAX – or more commonly known as ADX – which houses the ‘worst of the worst,’ such as the World Trade Center and Boston Marathon bombers 

He is now being housed at a federal medical facility FMC Butner (pictured), which is known to house inmates with significant health problems. The Bureau of Prisons did not comment on Kaczynski's health conditions

Now, Kaczynski will be housed in FMC Butner federal medical facility (pictured), known for housing prisoners with serious health conditions. The Bureau of Prisons did not comment on Kaczynski’s health conditions 

“I can’t believe he’d do the same thing as the Unabomber.”

The manifesto was shown in the library. David thought he was reading it. Linda turned to David and said, “See! I told you so.”

“But it just sounded emotional like my brother’s voice. It sounded just like his argument, his talk, and the way that he expresses an idea.

According to The Guardian, he was particularly interested in the frequent use of “cool-headed logicians” repeatedly.

Kaczynski was arrested on April 3rd 1996 and given schizophrenia diagnosis. Investigators found “a wealth” of bomb parts, 40 000 pages of handwritten journals, descriptions of Unabomber crimes, and one bomb ready to be mailed when they searched the home. 

Kaczynski was found guilty in 1998. He moved to ADX soon afterward.   

Twenty years after the Unabomber was arrested, he reached out to journalist Lawrence Wright, a writer for the New Yorker, from the supermax facility in Florence, Colorado, claiming he is ‘NOT mentally ill’ and wants to dispute his brother’s statements.

It said: “I am available to speak with someone from media concerning my brother’s recent remarks and to discuss how these are being used to torture me.

I will only grant one interview to one applicant. Please write back to me confirming that you are not mentally ill in order for me to decide who gets the interview.

Wright was also asked to explain his motives and introduce himself. 

Wright refused to interview.  

Kaczynski wrote another letter to his love interest, and stated that he did not regret what he had done. 

He wrote to his love interest behind bars and said he didn’t regret any moment of the bombing campaign.

“Do you feel my actions were justifiable?” He wrote a prison letter stating that he could only give a “qualified yes” to this question.

Timeline for the Mail Bombs of The Unabomber

May 25, 1978. A passing motorist found a stamped envelope, addressed and sealed, in a parking space at University of Illinois Chicago Circle Campus. Northwestern University Professor Buckley Crist, Jr. received the package and returned it. The recipient did not recognise the package so he phoned campus security. The security officer was injured when the box exploded after being opened.

May 9, 1979: Northwestern University graduate student is hurt when he opens a gift-like box. The box was left behind in an area used by graduate students.

November 15, 1979. American Airlines Flight 444, flying from Chicago to Washington, D.C., is filled with smoke following a bomb being detonated in its luggage compartment. Since the bomb failed to work as expected, the plane lands safely. Smoke inhalation is a common problem for many passengers.

June 10, 1980: Percy Woods, President of United Airlines is hurt when he opens a package containing a bomb that was enclosed in an Ice Brothers book by Sloan Wilson.

October 8, 1981: The University of Utah, Salt Lake City discovers a bomb tied to string wrapped in brown newspaper in a hallway. The bomb explodes safely and does not cause injury.

May 5, 1982: After opening it in her office, a bomb was sent to Vanderbilt University’s computer science head.

July 2, 1982: An explosive package left behind in Cory Hall, University of California Berkeley’s breakroom explodes injuring an engineer professor.

May 15, 1985: An engineering student is injured by another bomb at Cory Hall, University of California Berkeley.

June 13, 1985: Unusual package sent by Boeing Fabrication Division to Washington was detonated safely, although most of its forensic evidence was lost.

November 15, 1985: University of Michigan psychology professor, and assistant were both injured by a package with a three-ring binder. The bomb contained a bomb. The bomber included a letter asking the professor to review a student’s master thesis.

December 11, 1985: A bomb left in the parking lot of a Sacramento computer store kills the store’s owner.

February 20, 1987: Another bomb left in the parking lot of a Salt Lake City computer store severely injures the son of the store’s owner. An employee of the shop witnesses the man leaving the bomb. This witness account was used by the sketch artist in creating the composite sketch.

June 22, 1993: After opening an explosive package in his kitchen, a University of California geneticist is hurt.

June 24, 1993: A prominent Yale University computer scientist lost many fingers to a mail bomb.

December 19, 1994: A package bomb was sent to New Jersey and killed an advertising executive.

April 24, 1995: In Sacramento, a mailed bomb killed the President of California Forestry Association.

 Source: FBI