Nine years imprisonment has been imposed on a killer uncle, who beat his nephew to death and tried to silence him so that he could see the TV football.

James Scott, 31 years of age, killed Arlo Bresslin on June 29, 2018 while his mother was at school.

A three-month old premature baby died after sustaining a catastrophic head injury.

Scott was found guilty of leaving the child lifeless and floundering after shaking him to make him still so that he could see the highlights of football on television.

James Scott (pictured), 31, killed little Arlo Breslin while his mother was on the school run at the house he shared with his sister in Stoke on June 29, 2018

James Scott (pictured), 31 killed Arlo Breslin as his mother, who was out on the school run in Stoke with him on June 29, 2018,

Scott’s younger sister Sarah Breslin had sent her older children to school. She left Arlo to her brother, while Arlo was at work.

Scott held Arlo in the arms of his mother when she came home 45 minutes later. An ambulance was dispatched to the scene as the baby wasn’t moving.

Arlo suffered cardiac arrest and was taken to hospital. However, despite all efforts by medics, he died later.

An autopsy revealed that the child suffered a fatal head injury from non-accidental shaking.

Scott said that his nephew had not been shaken or inflicted any injuries. The baby claimed that Scott was asleep, however, when Scott checked on the child, he began to convulse and have a fit.

After a Friday trial at Warwick Crown Court, he was cleared of murder. However, he was found guilty for manslaughter.

Baby Arlo Breslin (pictured) died after suffering a 'catastrophic head injury' at a house in Stoke

After suffering a severe head injury at his Stoke home, Baby Arlo Breslin (pictured), died.

Judge Martin Griffiths sentenced him to nine years in prison on Monday. He said that Arlo was a tiny, sweet baby.

He was loved by his siblings, his grandfather, and his aunts.

He was born prematurely, but his doctors were able to determine that he had overcome the trauma.

“His mother called him her miracle child.” He was eating well and growing well.

“He was only three months of age. He still had the rest of his life ahead. You and Arlo were a part of the same loving, close-knit familia.

Your sister, Arlo, is your sister and was unemployed when your parents had split. She gave you an apartment to call your own.

She welcomed you in her home with big hearts and sisterly love.

“Your sister trusted that you would help her take care of the children, and she was right to do so.

“Everyone agreed that you were brilliant and kind to all of the children.

You were sometimes asked to keep an eye on Arlo, and then give him the bottle you had prepared when he needed it.

“That’s what happened in the morning of 29th June 2018”

He told how Ms Breslin had taken the children to school and had left Arlo lying asleep in his arms.

Although he claimed she had been gone only 45 minutes, he was already shaking the baby to death.

He went on: ‘You later suggested that he might have been hurt accidentally by one of his siblings before you were left alone with him. This was false.

“I believe you made it up in an effort to shift blame. He also said that his grandfather’s CPR was too harsh. This was also false.

“He did everything he was trained to do when attempting to revive a small infant. He had professional skills and a grandfather’s love.

Arlo’s brain had suffered damage, the judge stated.

He added: “You are not telling us why you did this, because you have never confessed to it.”

“Whatever trigger you was, it wasn’t enough to justify you taking hold of him even with deadly force.”

You wanted to catch the best football moments, but didn’t want to have to care for Arlo.

“That is why you rocked him. However, you did it so forcefully that you almost killed him. Arlo’s tragic death broke apart a family.

You lied to Arlo about his safety, and a series of tragic events occurred that led to the untimely death of the little boy at your care.

“His parents, along with you were detained, but they were soon released. Social Services intervened and Arlo’s siblings and brothers were removed from their parents.

“It took over 20 months for them to bring them back. Throughout this period, you kept lying that you hadn’t done anything to cause him harm.

Arlo’s parents released a statement following the trial: “Our special baby boy. Our warrior. Arlo is our miracle child, whom we love so very deeply.

“We won’t ever forget you, sweetheart. Sleep tight our angel. We are all blessed with the light of your love.