Ghislaine Maxwell has been found guilty of sex trafficking and other charges. 

Six days of deliberate work later, six members of a jury made the verdict. The British socialite was found guilty of five out of six charges. 

Her maximum sentence is 60 years imprisonment. 

This sensational trial featured tearful testimony, unpublished photos, shocking statements and an abundance of photographs.    

Maxwell denies sex trafficking and other charges and had been awaiting trial for over a year in ‘hell-hole’ federal prison  in Brooklyn

A sleazy haul of never-before-seen photos unearthed in an FBI raid and introduced as evidence showed Ghislaine Maxwell giving Jeffrey Epstein foot rubs on his private jet dubbed Lolita Express

An unexplained haul of photos never before seen was uncovered by the FBI. It was used as evidence. The pictures showed Ghislaine maxwell giving Jeffrey Epstein foot rubs using his private jet, Lolita Express.

Pilots Larry Visoski and Dave Rodgers both said the door to the passenger cabin on the Lolita Express was closed at all times so they didn't know what was going on

Pilots Larry Visoski and Dave Rodgers both said the door to the passenger cabin on the Lolita Express was closed at all times so they didn’t know what was going on

This photo of Jeffrey Epstein in front of one of his private planes was submitted into evidence during the trial of his alleged madam Ghislaine Maxwell

This picture of Jeffrey Epstein posing in front of one his private planes was taken during his trial for madam GhislaineMaxwell.

Ghislaine Maxwell verdict sheets 

GUILTYCount one: An attempt to persuade individuals below 17 to travel to illegal sexual activities

Maximum sentence: 5 years

Jane, Carolyn, and Annie are the three Accusers

NOT GUILTYCount two: To lure a minor under 17-year-old to go to sex with an intent to perform illegal acts

Maximum sentence: 5 years

Jane: Jane’s Accusers

GUILTY Count 3: Transporting individuals younger than 17 years old with the intent of engaging in illicit sexual activity

Maximum sentence is five years in prison

Jane, Carolyn, and Annie are the three Accusers

GUILTY Count 4: A person younger than 17 is transported with an intent to engage illegal sexual activity.

Maximum sentence in prison: Ten years

Jane is the Accuser

GUILTY Count Five: A conspiracy to commit sextrafficking of persons under 18

Maximum sentence: 5 years imprisonment

Carolyn and Virginia are the accusers

GUILTY Count Six – Sex Trafficking in an Individual Under 18

Maximum sentence: 40 years imprisonment


From the beginning of the trial that kicked off on November 29, Maxwell remained relaxed and confident, giving hugs to her lawyers or waving to her sister Isabel in the public gallery.  She wore a series of turtleneck sweaters and was  noticeably tactile with her attorneys, often putting her arm around them in a gesture they reciprocated.

Maxwell was barely there to respond when Jeffrey Epstein’s accusers called her up on the witness stand.  

Larry Visoski (the pilot for Epstein) and Dave Rodgers (the flight attendant for Epstein), told the court that they had never witnessed Epstein engaging in any form of sexual activity during the thirty years that they worked together on private aircraft, such as the Boeing 727 nicknamed the ‘Lolita Express. Both men stated that they kept the passenger compartment door closed all the time.

'Jane' detailed how Epstein would have her 'straddle his face', 'pinch his nipples' and took her into a pool house and then 'proceeded to masturbate on me'

Jane described how Epstein wanted her to’straddle her face’ and ‘pinch her nipples’ before taking her into a poolhouse and then proceeding to’masturbate upon me’.

Visoski was asked by the FBI if he thought Jane, the person he accused of calling Jane, was older than 18 as a result of his remark that Jane had large breasts. He seemed embarrassed, and claimed that she looked like an older woman.

Visoski verified that Bill Clinton and Prince Andrew flew in Epstein’s aircrafts. This was the first time they had been brought up. Jane, the accuser was able to testify that Epstein introduced her to Donald Trump when she was fourteen years old. 

Visoski stated that he had seen Chris Tucker, Kevin Spacey and Clinton during a 2002 trip to Africa. However, there was less mention of powerful men than expected during the trial. The focus remained on four defendants. 


Maxwell’s first accuser known by the pseudonym ‘Jane’ took  the stand to testify that she was 14 years old when she first had ‘sexual contact’ with Jeffrey Epstein. 

According to the woman, Ghislaine Maxwell was present in the room at the time of the abuse. After being assured by the judge that she could not be drawn like her, she removed her mask and wore a grey wrap-around sweater and black pants.  

She detailed to prosecutor Alison Moe how Epstein would have her ‘straddle his face’, ‘pinch his nipples’ and described the first sexual encounter that took place in 1994 when he took her into a pool house and  ‘proceeded to masturbate on me.’

Jane claimed Epstein was asking her what she wanted with her life. She said that Epstein asked her whether she would like to become an actress, an opera singer, or a model. He said, “I know everyone, I know photographers, agents. I can make it happen, but you need to be prepared for it.”

“The conversation abruptly ended, we were in his offices, and he asked us to follow our lead.” 

They headed outside and Epstein settled on a sofa to his right. 

He pulled down his pants, pulled me over himself, and began masturbating with me. After that, he got up and ran to the toilet. He cleaned up his mess and behaved as though nothing had ever happened. She said. 

“I was terrified and I was freezing.” It was something I hadn’t seen before. I felt terrified, and gross. I felt ashamed’.

However, she kept spending time with Maxwell & Epstein. She had her first encounter with Maxwell shortly thereafter. 

Maxwell and Epstein were speaking when Maxwell said ‘all of sudden, follow me’. She led Epstein to his bedroom at Palm Beach. 

“They entered the bedroom, took off their clothes and went into bed. Jane stated that they began to kiss and giggling. He asked Jane to remove her top and give them their hands. [were]Jeffrey began to masturbate all over the place, while Ghislaine was fondling him and rubbing his face.  

Jane stated that Maxwell seemed’very casual’ during the encounter, and that he acted “like everything was normal.” It was confusing. I was confused. 

“Did Maxwell touch you?” asked the prosecutor. 

Jane said, “Yes,” Jane responded, stating that sexual abuse took place ‘everytime he visited my house.” 

Jane said yes to Epstein’s question when she was asked about touching her. Everywhere.’  

The voice of the woman was strong and deep. She only faltered in her description of Epstein’s alleged sex acts to her in graphic detail. 

Maxwell didn’t appear to respond to Jane’s testimonies, even when Jane called her attention in court to identify herself.

Like all but one of the accusers Jane gave evidence using a pseudonym. She claimed that Maxwell and Epstein recruited her at a summer arts camp

Jane, like all the other accusers, gave evidence under a pseudonym. Maxwell and Epstein claimed she was recruited at an arts camp. 

Maxwell, 59, who is accused of procuring underage girls for pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, is on trial for sex trafficking charges. She has pleaded not guilty to all charges

Maxwell, aged 59, is currently being held on sex trafficking and sexual assault charges. She pleaded no guilty to all charges

The most visually dramatic moment of the trial came when one of Epstein's massage tables was brought into court for the jury to see

One of Epstein’s massage tables was taken into court to be seen by the jury. This markedly changed the proceedings.

The most dramatic scene of the trial occurred at the end of Epstein’s first week. He was bringing one of his massage tables into court. 

It was an exhibit that was confiscated from his Palm Beach residence in a raid of 2005. 

It is this table that Epstein was accused of abusing many underage girls. Maxwell, who was only a few steps away, watched the proceedings while Maxwell seemed to be very attentive. 

Alessi said that he worked as a maintenance worker and house manager for Epstein at his Palm Beach mansion between 1990 and December 2002

Alessi stated that Epstein employed him as both a maintenance worker, and as the house manager at Epstein’s Palm Beach home between 1990-December 2002. 

Juan Alessi (Epstein’s Palm Beach house manager) was an essential witness in the prosecution. 

Maxwell, he claimed, helped to book Epstein’s ‘massages’. Maxwell asked him for a ride and Epstein flew with them.

Alessi placed Maxwell in the center of Epstein’s operation in Palm Beach in the 1990s.

He repeatedly repeated the same phrase, “It’s Ms Maxwell,” when he was asked about his role in it. 

The household manual, which covers every aspect of managing a Palm Beach house and was 58 pages long, was produced by the prosecution. 

Each area was given a checklist with instructions for how to clean it, what brand of creams to use and when to replace toothpaste. 

The prosecution seized the attention of all household workers with the following instruction: “You don’t see, hear, or say anything.” 

The judge ruled that ‘Kate’, the second victim who claimed she had been abused by her husband was not an accuser but a witness.  

On the sixth day, Kate admitted to the prosecution that she was just 17 years old when Maxwell introduced her to Maxwell on a 1994 trip to Paris. Although her voice was sometimes weak, she maintained a strong British accent and spoke clearly about having sex in Paris with Epstein. 

Kate, wearing a black cardigan, a dark blue blouse with white polka dots and a black skirt, claimed Maxwell invited her to her London townhouse in the affluent area of Belgravia where Jeffrey Epstein was wearing a robe. Maxwell explained to her that Epstein’s massage therapist had cancelled, and she asked if Maxwell could fill it in. 

Kate stated that Epstein stripped off his robe and exposed his nakedness. Maxwell then gave Maxwell massage oil, closing the door. Kate claimed that Epstein had initiated sexual contact. 

Kate told Maxwell that after the massage she felt great and asked him, “How was it?” You had fun! It was so much fun.

Kate stated, “She sounded very happy, and it was a pleasure to hear that she was so pleased,”  

‘Later Maxwell told me to find someone to give Epstein a b***job,’ Kate claimed, and said Maxwell told her he needed to have sex ‘three times a day.’ 

Her blonde hair was pulled back and tucked in as she sat down in the witness box. Her nervousness was evident and she was seen sitting in the witness box with her eyes closed. 

Maxwell looked ponderous and was mostly content to remain seated in her chair.

A witness using the pseudonym 'Kate' took the stand in Day Six of Ghislaine Maxwell's high-profile sex trafficking trial

In Ghislaine Maxill’s high-profile case against sex trafficking, Day Six saw a witness who used the pseudonym “Kate” to testify 

Kate started to give evidence before Alison Nathan stated that Kate is not a victim because she is over the age of consent.

Judge Nathan stated that Maxwell could not be convicted based upon Kate’s evidence. He also said Maxwell cannot use Kate’s evidence to determine his ‘character.

According to the judge, jurors can use the jury’s discretion only for matters that “are relevant to the issues before them”.

Kate was not allowed to discuss the details of Epstein’s encounters after the ruling.

The infamous photo of Virginia Roberts, Prince Andrew and Ghislaine Maxwell was taken at Maxwell's home in Belgravia

Maxwell’s Belgravia residence was the setting for famous photos of Prince Andrew, Virginia Roberts and Ghislaine Maxwell.  

Kate claimed that her mother was seriously ill when she was 17, and she was living with them in Belgravia. Her mother was suffering from migraines and she gave her massages.

Kate stated that Maxwell first came to her attention in Paris when she went on a trip along with the man she was seeing. At the time, he was 38 years old and had made the introduction because he knew Maxwell.

Kate said this about Maxwell: “We spoke about Maxwell and where we were going, but we also talked about my home. They talked about my boyfriend. “She was interested in me.”

Kate said Maxwell was “very elegant, very refined and had very short dark brown hair”. Her achievements were impressive.

Kate thought Maxwell was only in her 30s when she called. Maxwell was contacted by Kate via her telephone number. Maxwell called Maxwell several weeks later.

Kate said that Kate was very excited to have her as a friend and that she had been friends with me while I was still dating. She appeared very happy and was everything I wanted.  

Maxwell said Kate could study law at Oxford University. Kate claimed that Kate was eligible for this program. Kate stated that she is a musician and suggested she may pursue it. She also talked about her passion for athletics.

Kate stated that she enjoyed a “really wonderful time” during Maxwell’s meeting. As she said, “I felt truly special.” She looked up and sighed. I felt I had found a connection that could be really meaningful to me…she seemed as excited as I was to have a new friend. Exhilarated, I was left. It was as if someone loved me. I wanted someone to be my friend.

Maxwell spoke to Kate about Epstein, saying that he was an ‘entrepreneur who likes to help young people’ and that it would have been a great honor to meet him.

Kate stated that she felt lonely at one time and had just relocated from France to England. She said she hadn’t met any friends.

Maxwell invited Kate again to her house to meet Epstein just a few more weeks later. Maxwell’s voice was evocative and Kate felt an urgent need to meet Epstein.

Kate stated that she had been told by her mother, Kate, that she loved it and would be happy to meet him. 

The defense asked four witnesses if they’d ever heard Maxwell was pregnant. They were all raised by Maxwell. 

Larry Visoski was first to be questioned. 

A photo taken by Maxwell and Epstein that was released in court shows Epstein, holding his stomach to her as though she were pregnant. 

The mystery of what happened at the end was not solved.

Carolyn, one of Ghislaine Maxwell's accusers, claimed she had seen a picture of her nude and pregnant. Though that picture was never introduced as evidence, another of Epstein cradling Maxwell's belly was

Carolyn Maxwell, Ghislaine’s accuser, said she saw a photo of herself naked and was pregnant. Although that photo was not used as evidence, Epstein was seen cradling Maxwell in another picture.

Photographers are not allowed inside federal courts, so the public view of the trial came from sketch artists who were instructed not to depict the faces of the anonymous witnesses. Here 'Carolyn' is questioned during the trial

The federal court does not allow photographers to enter, therefore the public was shown the trial by sketch artists. These sketch artists were told not to show the faces of anonymous witnesses. This is how ‘Carolyn” was questioned throughout the trial 

The trial was held at the Thurgood Marshall United States Courthouse in downtown Manhattan

The Thurgood Marshall US Courthouse, Manhattan was the venue for the trial.

Maxwell' s sister Isabel and brother Kevin were in court throughout the trial where they heard claims that she procured young girls for Jeffrey Epstein

Maxwell’s siblings Isabel and Kevin attended the trial. They heard allegations that Maxwell procured girls to be used by Jeffrey Epstein.

A heartbreaking account of Epstein’s abuse of ‘Carolyn’ more than 100 time between 14 and 18 years old was presented to the court. 

Carolyn related how Maxwell used to feel her breasts. She said that she had a great body for Epstein’s friends. 

Carolyn explained how her troubled past led to her being a powerless woman. Maxwell and Epstein were shocked at the difference in their power. 

Carolyn wept during the questioning by the prosecution after a particularly brutal cross-examination at Maxwell’s attorney Jeffrey Pagliuca. 

Carolyn cried as she said about Maxwell, “Money won’t ever fix what that lady did to me.” 

Prosecutors introduced in evidence hundreds of photos previously unknown to Maxwell and Epstein, which were taken by FBI agents when they raided Maxwell’s New York residence in 2019. This was one of the most surprising moments in the trial. 

They covered many decades of their lives and featured them kissing in exotic locations. 

Two images showed Maxwell in bikinis on a boat, while another one showed Maxwell smiling with rapturous delight at the yachts. They were intended to prove that they had been a happy couple over many years contrary to the claims of defense.

The prosecution brought in pictures found in Epstein's mansion in a bid to show that Maxwell and he had been in a relationship

In an attempt to prove Maxwell’s relationship with Maxwell, Epstein brought photos from Epstein’s home.

A picture of Ghislaine Maxwell relaxing on a yacht in a black bikini was brought into evidence during her trial

The trial included a photo of Ghislaine maxwell, wearing a bikini and relaxing on a yacht.

One of the pictures showed Epstein and Maxwell in a vacation picture in Europe

Epstein and Maxwell were seen in one of these pictures in Europe on a vacation photo.

Farmer said she was lured to Zorro Ranch, Epstein's isolated home in New Mexico

Zorro Ranch

Annie Farmer claimed she was lured by Epstein to Zorro Ranch in New Mexico.

Annie Farmer (the only person who gave evidence that she is not her real name) described how Epstein lured Annie, then 16, to Epstein’s New Mexico ranch with the promise of helping dozens more bright students. 

She and Maxwell massaged her breasts together, but Epstein was not there. 

Farmer summarized her experiences by saying, “I believe this was all a series of them working to confuse my boundaries, malign me and question me about what was right, with the ultimate goal sexually abusing.  

Annie Farmer is the only accuser to have her identity revealed. Prosecutors claims Maxwell encouraged her to massage Epstein

Annie Farmer is the only accuser to have her identity revealed. Prosecutors allege Maxwell was the one who encouraged Annie to massage Epstein.

Maria Farmer, Farmer’s younger sister was first to complain about Epstein’s and Maxwells alleged abuse of girls under age in 1996.  

Farmer (now 42) described how she met the pedophile when she was 16 years old in New York. He then took her to Santa Fe, New Mexico. She met Maxwell. 

She described how the two lavished her with gifts and offered to help her academic endeavors, before subjecting her to unwanted fondling and cuddling instead.

Farmer was wearing a white top with a black pattern, black pants, and blond hair that reached her shoulders on Friday. She stared at Maxwell when she entered the courtroom, looking to her left and eyeballing the accused. 

Farmer stated that Farmer was in Phoenix with her younger sister and mother. Maria, nine-years older than her sister Farmer, lived in New York City and worked for Epstein.

Farmer traveled to New York in December 1995 on an Epstein-paid trip because they could not afford the money and their home was too tight.

Epstein paid for Farmer’s ticket to The Phantom of the Opera on Broadway for her and her sister.

Farmer said that Epstein was very approachable and friendly when he met him at New York’s home.

Epstein was casually dressed while his sisters were dressed up for the big event and because they were eager to see the show.

Farmer stated that Epstein’s nine-story Manhattan home was the most expensive private property in Manhattan, and that it was “very grand”, especially since Maria’s 500 square foot apartment was where they were staying.

Epstein asked her about her plans after high school and suggested that she apply to UCLA. He had “connections” there who might be able to help. 

Farmer stated that Epstein’s chauffeur took them to the theater after which Epstein said.

She replied, “I was extremely excited. He was very friendly…he seemed very nice. “I was enthusiastic and reassured.”

Farmer was reunited with Epstein again on the same trip. Epstein had been along with Epstein’s sister to see Five Monkeys.

Farmer stated that ‘Initially, when the lights went out we watched the movie. At some point, he reached across and placed his arm on our seats. He then started reaching for me and began to caress my hand. Interlocking my hands with his and my hands and holding onto my hand.

Farmer stated that Epstein was her younger sister Maria Farmer. He took them to the Phantom of the Opera and then to a New York movie, where they sat together with the pedophile. Epstein was seen touching her left hand, then her right leg at one point in the movie. She said that she felt sick and was unable to stomach the thought.

Farmer claimed that her legs were cross and Epstein was rubbing Epstein’s foot on Epstein’s leg.

Annie Farmer (pictured as a young girl) says she was introduced to Epstein and Maxwell when she was 16

Annie Farmer, pictured as a little girl when she was 16, says that she was first introduced to Maxwell and Epstein by her mother.

“I was surprised,” she said. It was extremely surprising and anxiety. It was very strange and made me sick. This was something that I didn’t expect. It was obvious that he stopped doing this when he had interacted with my sister. He would touch me again when he looked forward.

Farmer claimed she did not tell Maria because she was too protective and would be upset. There was also concern that Maria could lose her job.

The jury was shown a January 7, 1996 entry by Farmer in her diary. She stated that it was the night she went to Jeff Epstein’s house, had champagne and then saw The Phantom of the Opera.

She stated that Epstein was ‘down to Earth’.

Another diary entry was displayed to the jury on January 25, 1996. This allowed Farmer to catch up with recent events and more details about her New York trip.

While watching the movie, she recalled the story and stated that it was “a little strange”, one of those difficult to explain things.”

She said that Epstein had reached out to her and was ‘holding hands’ with her, and that he also ‘rubbed my arm.

Farmer said, “It gave me an odd feeling but it wasn’t that strange,” adding that it was “probably normal”. 

Witness Annie Farmer displays cowboy boots Jeffrey Epstein she says he purchased for her as she is questioned by defense attorney Laura Menninger during the trial

Annie Farmer is seen wearing Jeffrey Epstein’s cowboy boots Jeffrey Epstein, which she said he purchased her during the trial.

Former Epstein girlfriend Eva Andersson Dubin she never saw Epstein acting inappropriately around teenage girls

Eva Andersson Dubin

Eva Andersson Dubin was an Epstein ex-girlfriend. She never witnessed Epstein behave inappropriately towards teenage girls. 

Maxwell declined to give evidence at her trial, saying: 'The government has not proved its case beyond a reasonable doubt so there is no reason to testify'

Maxwell said that Maxwell would not testify at her trial because the government hadn’t proven its case beyond any reasonable doubt.

One of the pictures brought in as evidence showed Epstein and Maxwell relaxing at Balmoral, the Scottish home of Queen Elizabeth. Her son, Prince Andrew, is one of the men who was said to have flown on Epstein's plane

Epstein and Maxwell were seen in one of the photos that was brought to the court as evidence. It shows them relaxing at Balmoral (the Scottish home of Queen Elizabeth). Prince Andrew, her son, was one of the men believed to have flown aboard Epstein’s plane.

Eva Andersson Dubin testified on behalf of Epstein that she had dated him from 1983 to 1991. She also said she kept in touch with Epstein after her marriage to Glenn Dubin in 2014. 

Andersson Dubin stated that Epstein was a ‘uncle-like’ father to her children and called him “Uncle F”, which seemed to be shorthand for Jeff. 

Andersson Dubin claimed that Epstein was never inappropriately around teenager girls. When asked if Epstein had participated in an orgy, Andersson Dubin replied: “Absolutely no.”

Maxwell floated the idea of calling Kevin Moran (the owner of Nag’s Head pub, central London), at the last minute. 

Even though she planned to fly him from the UK, it was to prove that her house wasn’t over his pub. This would undermine the accusations of Kate. 

However, after talks with the judge Moran wasn’t called. The defense was closed in just two days. 

Ghislaine Maxill confirmed she wouldn’t be giving evidence in an emotional moment during her defense. 

Maxwell raised her arms with both hands and Bobbi Sternheim wrapped her arm around. Maxwell confidently spoke in an English accent with a cut glass English accent. She said that the government had not proven its case beyond any reasonable doubt, so she did not have to testify.

Maxwell had previously been expected to follow Elizabeth Holmes’s footsteps and join other prominent defendants such as Kyle Rittenhouse. Each gave evidence in spite of the risk and Rittenhouse was cleared by it.