A Channel 4 undercover researcher was found guilty in torturing a father and his two children to death at a marijuana farm.

Christopher Guest More Jr, now 44, murdered Brian Waters, 44, at a Cheshire farmhouse over a £20,000 drugs debt on June 19, 2003, a jury has found. 

Chester Crown Court, Monday: More were convicted with a 10-2 majority

The jury found Razak guilty, by majority verdict, of conspiracy to cause grievous body harm to Suleman Razak. He was a worker on the cannabis farm where he was tortured simultaneously with Waters. 

More, dressed in a white shirt and grey suit, raised his eyebrows as the verdicts were delivered.

After a May 2015 trial that ended in a tie, jurors did not reach consensus after 15 hours of deliberation. This led to the retrial.

Waters suffered 123 injuries in three hours. Waters was whipped, burned with acid and attacked with a stapler. Waters was also hung upside-down, suspended headfirst into liquid to mimic drowning, and beat inside a Cowshed at Burnt House Farm, Tabley, just outside Knutsford.   

Razak described the experience of being suspended himself from the rafters to a container filled with fluid. Then, plant food was pour over his body and a pillowcase set alight. Finally, staple guns were used on his feet. 

According to the court, Mr Waters’s son Gavin, now 25, and his daughter Natalie (who turned 21 on the day of his death) were present at the farm as well. 

Their father’s attackers tied them all up and then forced them to witness his murder. He placed a plastic bag on his head, set it on fire, and then burned it.  

Christopher Guest More Jr, 43, (pictured) stood accused of murdering Brian Waters, 44, at a Cheshire farmhouse over a £20,000 drugs debt on June 19, 2003.

Christopher Guest More Jr, 43, (pictured) stood accused of murdering Brian Waters, 44, at a Cheshire farmhouse over a £20,000 drugs debt on June 19, 2003.

Chester Crown Court heard how Mr Waters (pictured) was killed in a disused cow shed at Burnt House Farm in Tabley, near Knutsford, while another man, Suleman Razak, was tortured at the same time

Chester Crown Court heard from Mr Waters (pictured) that he was shot and killed at Burnt House Farm in Tabley near Knutsford while Suleman Razak was tortured.

Mr Waters was tortured to death in front of his family at the farmhouse. He was murdered in the shed and his body dumped in milking parlour (Pictured: Scene of torture and murder)

He was brutally tortured and killed in front his family members at the farmhouse. The shed was where he was murdered and the body of his victim were dumped into the milking hall. (Pictured, Scene of murder and torture)

Julie, then 42-years old, was taken from her family’s home in Nantwich. She was brought to the spot and found her husband’s body. 

After the attack, Mr Waters was pronounced dead by his injuries. The jury heard that he had suffered severe injuries to his head, body, and face. He was also attacked with an iron bar as well as other weapons.

Senior investigating officer Detective Inspector Kate Tomlinson stated that Mr Waters’ loved ones were still affected by the crime. 

She stated, “They’ve remained extremely insular and haven’t been able move forward with their lives.” 

“They remain very afraid to this day, because someone’s been missing for their murderer husband and father.” 

Judge Sir Peter Openshaw stated that More would be sentenced Friday.     

The court heard how More had fled the UK for Spain two days after the murder and, after travelling to South Africa, Mozambique and Turkey, settled in Malta, where he was found living 16 years later in 2019 – working as a yacht captain and businessman. 

Nigel Power QC (prosecutor) previously spoke out of More’s DNA being found on a glove and cigarettes ends. A drinks bottle was also discovered. Feces from the cow shed, farm that More lived in, were used to extract More’s DNA. This is where the torture sessions of four hours took place. 

More people denied being at the scene of the attacks, but Power claimed he made several reconnaissance trips to the farm open-land before the crime.

More said that this was part of his job as an undercover TV reporter.   

According to the jury, he confessed that he stole cannabis equipment from his farm in the morning of murder. However, despite this admission, a defense lawyer said that he did not have prior knowledge.

In the early hours of the morning, June 21, 2003, just two days after the murder, Mr Power claimed More flew to Malaga (Spain)

Christopher Guest More Jr fled the UK after the murder of Brian Waters, who was killed in front of his two adult children at Burnt House Farm (pictured) in Tabley, in June 2003

Christopher Guest More Jr. ran the UK in the aftermath of the killing of Brian Waters. This was done in front his two adult children, Burnt House Farm, Tabley.

Christopher Guest More Jr arriving at Chester Crown Court under high security

Christopher Guest More Jr arrives at Chester Crown Court in high security

In 2004, a European Arrest Warrant (EAW) was issued. However, it wasn’t executed in Malta until June 6, 2019.

More used a UK passport as Andrew Christopher Lamb, according to the court.

After trials in 2004 to 2007, three men, John Wilson (James Raven) and Otis Matthews were found guilty of Waters’ murder and conspiration to cause grievous body harm to him as well to Razak. 

Power stated that More, who was on trial in March, had said: “This defendant Christopher Guest More Jr., which you will be trying to charge, fled the United States on June 21, 2003. He evaded capture for 16 years until 2019, when his new identity in Malta was revealed. 

According to the jury, More was 25, a Lymm resident, and had participated in covert work on television programs. He often worked with Raven, his cousin, who is convicted of murder.

Raven and More were asked in 2002 to find a marijuana farm. This was for secret filming for Channel 4’s Dispatches. The programme concerned the reclassification.

According to Mr Power, “But they claimed that they found an illegal cannabis grow. This is often called a marijuana farm. However, they did not follow up on this claim and instead transmitted the program without Mr Raven or Mr More.

A court was told that Mr Waters, a friend of Mujahid Majid and Johnny had started a cannabis farm in June 2002.

Power stated that the farm was located at Burnt House Farm, Tabley. This is where he would be eventually murdered. 

Brian Waters was tortured to death in front of his family at the farmhouse in Tabley (pictured)

Brian Waters was beaten to death by his relatives at Tabley’s farmhouse (pictured).

According to the jury, Mr Waters had also owned a Dutch cannabis farm, which he used as a place for him to travel frequently and make deals for others, such as Wilson, now 71.

Mr Power said Mr Waters owed money to Wilson and at one point had to work to pay off £20,000 which was confiscated from him as he travelled back from Holland.

At the trial, Mr Power claimed that John Wilson, a drug dealer, provided cocaine for this defendant when we were about to talk about it. 

A court found that More drove a Porsche Boxster and did not have to pay Wilson for the cocaine.

Power claimed that mobile phone evidence from the nine-day period before the murder indicated the defendant as a private investigation. He drove up to Waters’ residence and followed the victim’s son Gavin through Crewe.

The prosecution stated to the court, “As Mr More was travelling following Gavin Waters through Crewe, who was John Wilson he was keeping in contact with?

‘John Wilson, convicted of murder, John Wilson, to who Brian Waters owed a £20,000 drug debt.’

Gavin was then told to follow him to his father’s cannabis farm. Wilson had been kept in the dark by Mr Waters.

The court heard that phone records revealed More calling Wilson even though he was not near Burnt House Farm.

Mr Power replied: ‘Could this call while Gavin is at the farm be Mr More telling John Wilson “bingo”?

More denied Mr Waters’ murder and conspired to do grievous bodily harm Mr Waters & Mr Razak.