An unemployed job seeker opened his own booth on Tuesday morning. Within three hours, he was interviewed and got a job offer.

Haider Malik (24 years old) decided to travel to Canary Wharf, east London, on November 2, in order to search for a job in finance and banking.

Since the outbreak of Covid-19 in 2020, Mr Malik has been looking for work with Middlesex University London. He holds a first-class diploma in finance and banking.   

He said that Zoom interview were frustrating because he could not properly show his personality.

His father, Mehmood Malik (67), a former cab driver, inspired him to take a chance. Within days, Malik had a job offer.

He explained that the first five to ten minutes were nervous for him because he stood there with nothing.

It was very awkward. It was a strange thing that I did not know how to do.

“I was carrying all my CVs.” I stood there looking at people, hoping to make contact with them rather than trying to be proactive.

Haider Malik, 24, pictured, set up a pop-up stand outside Canary Wharf station seeking a job in banking. Mr Malik handed out copies of his CV to commuters and had QR codes so people could download his information

Haider Malik (24) set up a temporary stand in Canary Wharf to promote his bank job search. To make it easy for commuters to download his resume, Mr Malik had QR codes available so they could access his data.

Within hours of erecting his pop-up stand, Mr Malik was invited to interview at the Canary Wharf Group, who later offered him his dream job

In just hours, Mr Malik had erected his pop-up booth and was asked to interview by the Canary Wharf Group. They later gave him his dream job.

Mr Malik said he was inspired by his father Mehmood Malik, who arrived in Britain from Pakistan

According to Mr Malik, he was inspired in part by Mehmood Malik his father who came from Pakistan and arrived in Britain.

Mr Malik, Seven Kings Ilford and member of the Malik family, changed his mind and started smiling and engaging people. 

Prior to his Canary Wharf visit, Mr Malik purchased an office board in Romford from a stationery store. He attached QR codes to the board so others could quickly download his resume and see his LinkedIn profile. 

To catch early commuters at Canary Wharf, he started his day at 6.45 am.   

Ms. Malik stated that he held his CV in one hand, and was simply trying to say hello to everyone.

“A lot of people gave their cards to me, gave me their numbers and began talking with me.

Although there were many people who offered encouragement and support, one individual on the way to work provided life-changing assistance.

Mr Malik stated that Emmanuel, a person who took a photograph of him and posted it online was actually Emmanuel.

“He came right up to me and held out his hand, saying: “I wish for you all the best.”

“He stated that he had wanted to do something like this two years back, but didn’t have enough courage.”

“He was pleased that I had put myself forward and that he would share a photo of me on LinkedIn.

Mr Malik, pictured at the Darren Lehman Cricket Academy in Pakistan said he

Pictured at the Darren Lehman Cricket Academy, Pakistan. Mr Malik said that he 

After completing his graduation, the graduate gave out his resumes in less than an hour. At 9.30 am, he was contacted by a message inviting him to interview for the role of treasury analyst at Canary Wharf Group.

M. Malik stated that Mr. Malik received a text message about 9:30 from the director of department advising him to “Come in for an Interview at 10.30am”.

“I had my car in the parking lot so I borrowed the board to take all my things. My reaction was: “Wow! This is insane!”

“They interviewed me at the 30th Floor of a Building and I am looking out over Canary Wharf, thinking: “Wow! I didn’t expect to be interviewed here.

Following the interview Mr Malik returned to his vehicle to go home, but soon realized that his story was viral via social media.

Ms. Malik stated that the same day, my life was changed when after I finished my interview, I went back to my car and checked my phone. There were about 10 missing calls from a variety of numbers.

I didn’t realize that LinkedIn’s post became viral and my contact number was already on my CV. People were looking through it and calling me.

“For the first three consecutive days, my smartphone rang constantly.

“It was getting crazy, and my family had to help me respond to DMs.

On Friday, November 5, Mr Malik was invited to a second interview at Canary Wharf Group. That same night, he received a job offer.

According to Mr Malik, the first interview took place on Tuesday, then I was offered a second interview Friday.

“And they made me feel at ease and offered to take the job.

According to Mr Malik, another reason that he was motivated to visit Canary Wharf is because of the unrealistic expectations that graduates have for work experience.

According to Mr Malik, “Recruiters want two years experience. You just came out of college and don’t have the necessary skills.”

“That’s another reason why I went outside.” [to Canary Wharf]Also.

His plan was successful thanks to a lot determination, luck, and the help of a stranger. He decided to go to lunch with Mr Malik to say thank you for his post on social media.

Ms. Malik stated that he wanted to send a thank-you note to Mr. Malik.

“It was cool how it happened. I decided to take a chance.”