Staffy and magpie form an unexpected friendship. The surprise third member joins them and they do everything together

  • Another member of the famous staffy-magpie friendship has been added to their ranks.
  • Peggy, the staffy, and Molly, the magpie were friends when the bird got hurt.
  • Peggy’s owners took Molly home to recover and saw the bonds that were being formed.
  • Peggy is now joined by a puppy and they play together almost every day 

A third unexpected member joined the legendary unlikely friendship between a magpie and a staffy. 

Peggy, a Sweet English employee, was quick to notify Juliette, 45 after she found Molly, a small magpie that had died while they were walking back home in September 2020.

Juliette of Coomera in Queensland, Australia stated that her cute one-year-old puppy is often afraid of magpies. However, she was extremely concerned about this bird. 

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The famous unlikely friendship duo between a staffy and magpie has added a third member to their group

Famous unlikely friends duo of magpie and staffy have added another member to their group

Staffordshire bull terrier Peggy and magpie Molly developed an unlikely friendship on the Gold Coast after Peggy's owner found Molly injured and took her in

Peggy the Staffordshire bull terrier, and Molly Molly, the Magpie Molly formed an unlikely relationship on Australia’s Gold Coast. Molly had been injured in an accident and Peggy took Molly in.

Juliette, 52 and her partner Reece (52), noticed Molly was not wanting to go after she made a complete recovery thanks to the love of Peggy. 

Juliette spoke about Molly’s determination to be with Peggy, and how the bond they formed.

“We have always left all doors and windows unlocked and tried to encourage her to fly in the wild, but she doesn’t want to leave us,” she stated.

“We’ve taught her to catch her own insects and worms. She thinks she’s a dog and chases Peggy.

Now Peggy has a 'mischievous' puppy, Ruby, that has joined the team and the group loves playing together

Peggy is now the proud owner of Ruby, her’mischievous puppy’, and they love playing together.

“Molly believes Peggy is her mother, while Peggy thinks that she is her child.

Peggy, Molly and their continued support Their owners can build their relationship and they can share videos and photos of their family playing together. Instagram

Ruby, a’mischievous puppy’ has now joined the interspecies group.

Juliette, 45, from Queensland, Australia, said that her staffy is usually terrified of magpies but was concerned when this small one was left for dead

Juliette, 45 years old, is from Queensland in Australia. She said her staffy was usually afraid of magpies and was very concerned that this tiny one had been left to die. 

The couple have been teaching Molly the magpie to catch her own worms and lizards, but Juliette said that she 'really thinks she's a dog' and 'runs around after Peggy'

Juliette shared that Molly, the magpie, has been taught by Juliette how to catch her own bugs and lizards. However Juliette claimed that Molly’really believes she’s a dog’ because she follows Peggy around.

Peggy was given a litter of five puppies by her mother 15 months back. Ruby’s family were happy to have Ruby in their home.

Molly joined Ruby quickly, and the two became close friends. Ruby’s lively attitude keeps Molly entertained.  

Ms. Wells reported that Molly was continuing to heal, with new feathers coming back. Peggy took a rest from the action while Ruby took over. 

Nine News spoke out to say that Molly’s life is rapidly changing, as is Peggy’s, having become a mom. 

“Now, they’re both growing.”