Tesco bosses claim that shelves won’t be empty in festive season despite unions staging Christmas strikes over pay at distribution centers.

  • Usdaw stated that the dispute involved 5,000 people at various warehouses across UK 
  • The announcement of its strike on Monday night follows the one made by Unite, a fellow union. 
  • Tesco stated that it is confident in avoiding empty shelves despite threats to supply.

Tesco faces disruption in its stores during the Christmas period, as union workers plan industrial action at its distribution centers just before Christmas.

Usdaw stated that the dispute is involving 5,000 workers at various warehouses in the country, who are striking after refusing to accept a 4% increase in their annual wages. 

It was stated that its members had voted in support of action at the following sites: Daventry. 

The union’s Monday night announcement follows Unite’s, which announced that warehouse workers would strike in protest at the proposed pay.

Tesco claimed that it had no plans to reduce supplies despite the threat.

Usdaw said the dispute involves 5,000 members at several warehouses across the country who will strike after rejecting a 4% annual pay rise. Its announcement on Monday evening follows that of fellow union Unite, which also said warehouse workers and would stage a series of strikes

Usdaw announced that the dispute will involve 5,000 workers at various warehouses in the country. They are protesting against a 4% increase in their annual wages. On Monday, Usdaw announced the same thing as Unite on Monday evening. Unite had also indicated that warehouse workers were set for strikes.

Joanne McGuinness from Usdaw stated: “Our members have sent an important message with this high turnout, strong support for industrial actions, and a strong commitment to the negotiating table. We are hopeful that the company will listen and offer a better deal to members.

The ‘Retail Distribution Workers are essential workers who provided vital services through the pandemic. That in turn resulted in a 16.5% increase of profit for Tesco during the first half. 

These workers are entitled to a decent raise as their reward. Add to that the increasing cost of living, and current inflation at 6.6%, and it is clear the company has to improve.

It is possible to avoid industrial action and potential stock shortages in shops in the week prior Christmas. We need the company to be positive in discussions with Usdaw.

The union stated that a ceasepage would be in effect from December 20 through Christmas Eve.

Unite announced in the meantime that over 1,000 members working at Doncaster, Belfast, Didcot, Didcot, and Antrim will go on strike after they reject the same pay offer.

Union members stated that the proposed 4% rise in wages was well below the current retail inflation index (RPI) of 6%. The current Consumer Prices Index (CPI) inflation rate is 4.2%.

The workers at Didcot and Doncaster will go on strike from December 16th, starting at 6 a.m. There will be a five-day stoppage beginning December 20th.

After Christmas, there will be more strikes at these two locations.

Despite the impending threat to supplies, Tesco said it was confident it could keep the shelves fully stocked and 'fulfil our plans'

Tesco stated that it is confident that it can keep shelves full despite the threat of shortages and fulfill its plans.

An all-out strike will be launched by Unite members at Belfast Tesco distribution centers in Antrim and Belfast on December 16, starting 7 a.m.

The union announced late Monday that members of Tesco’s Distribution Centre in Livingston (Scotland) will be walking out on December 20 and not returning before Christmas.

Adrian Jones, Unite national officer, stated that Unite has taken strike action after exhausting all other options.

“Even though it is at a late stage, Tesco can still prevent severe disruption to its stores by returning back to the negotiation table and offering a significantly improved deal.

Tesco spokeswoman said that the company’s distribution team worked hard through the pandemic to ensure customers received their products.

“The offer that we made to you is fair and a recognition of your efforts. It is also a testament to our high-competitive pay and reward package.

“We appreciate the decision of our colleagues at sites who voted against industrial activity.

“We regret that some people voted for the continuation of this election. We have contingency plans to mitigate any negative impacts.

“We’ve worked tirelessly to make Christmas a success for our customers. We are optimistic that we’ll be able achieve our objectives.”