US and UK ‘will share spies’ under security deal agreed by Home Secretary Priti Patel on visit to Washington

  • Priti Patel had talks with US Secretary for Homeland Security yesterday
  • In an effort to intensify the fight against terrorists, they agreed on new security measures 
  • Expect to see more US and British spies integrated in the security agencies of each other’s organizations 

Priti Patel, in an attempt to increase the fight against terror, agreed last night new security measures with America.

After meeting Alejandro Mayorkas (US Secretary of State for Homeland Security), the Home Secretary declared closer collaboration with America.

According to the Mail, it will also include an agreement to place more British spies within U.S. agencies.

Priti Patel agreed new security measures with the United States last night in a bid to step up the fight against terror

Priti Patel, in an attempt to increase the fight against terror, agreed to new security measures last night with the United States.

Officials said the new agreement would help the UK and U.S ‘deliver maximum impact in the global fight against terror’.

Miss Patel said in Washington last night: ‘For decades the UK and US have been the pillars of strength in the fight against global terrorism.

‘Time and time again that co-operation has kept our citizens safe and protected the freedoms we hold dear.

‘That partnership is more important today than it has ever been as the threats we face both at home and from abroad become more complex and rapidly evolve.

‘I will always do everything in my power to keep our citizens safe, and through deepening our co-operation with the US, the streets of Britain will be more secure.’

Additional joint work will continue to address online threats including child sexual abuse and terrorism.

Miss Patel and Mr Mayorkas also discussed the dangers posed by social media giants’ plans for ‘end to end encryption’.

British intelligence agencies previously stated that the proposal would make it more difficult for them to collect information about extremists or serious criminals using social media to plot atrocities, such as sex abuse.