Usain Bolt said that he has stopped speaking to Prince Harry since he became’really serious’ and’really fast’ with Meghan Markle.

After Harry visited Jamaica for a 4-day visit in 2012 on behalf of Queen Elizabeth II, the 37-year-old Duke of Sussex and 35 year old Olympic champion became close friends. Usain said that he had hoped to organize the prince’s 2017 stag party.

However the sprinter has now revealed he was ghosted by by Prince Harry after he met the Duchess, 40, telling The Sun: ‘I think he got really serious, really quickly. He wants to be married and is happy for that now, so he has given up on his previous life.

“I haven’t talked with him in a while but would still love to keep in touch.”

After he became’really serious’ and’really fast’ with Meghan Markle (40), Usain Bolt 35 has now admitted that he doesn’t speak to Prince Harry 37.

In March 2012, Prince Harry traveled to Jamaica to meet Usain Bolt Track sprinter from the University of the West Indies. This was part of the Diamond Jubilee Tour.

In addition to Jamaica, he also traveled to Brazil, Belize and the Bahamas.

They looked fresh-faced and posed in Usain’s trademark lightning bolt style, before Usain gifted the royal with his own T-shirt entitled ‘Harry can Bolt.

The pair laughed at the moment and even allowed the fastest man on the planet to let the prince win, when they reached the track. 

Olympic hero and Olympic champion, Michael Phelps claimed that he was unable to contact the Duke of Sussex since he married the Duchess. 

In 2016, Harry challenged Usain for a rerun and the pair exchanged pleasant Twitter messages. 

And in 2017,  days after Harry announced his engagement to Meghan, Usain vowed to organise three stag dos for the royal ahead of their nuptials. 

It has previously been reported that the duke’s friendship with several members of his former inner circle cooled or ended altogether after he met Meghan.

In the run up to the wedding, Prince Harry was said to have frozen out some of his ‘old posse’ because Meghan doesn’t want any ‘temptations’ as they prepare to start a family.

The Duke and the Olympic legend became friends when Harry toured Jamaica on a four day visit on behalf of the Queen in 2012 (pictured)

Harry, the Olympic hero and Duke of Edinburgh became close friends in 2012 when Harry visited Jamaica for a four-day visit. (pictured). 

Sources claim that the Duke made a decision to drop close friends, including Tom ‘Skippy ‘Inskip’ Inskip, a former wingman in an attempt to reduce their influence.

Harry, along with Astrid Harbord, a friend of Harry, are said to have been “airbrushed out”. 

Tom, a banker who was Harry’s childhood friend from Eton was his ‘wingman. 

Harry, 34, is said to have frozen out former wingman Tom Inskip, a former childhood friend from Eton. Tom is pictured here at the royal wedding with wife Lara 

Another one of Harry's friends, PR guru Astrid Harbord, is also said to have been 'dropped'. Astrid is pictured here with Princess Beatrice at the Serpentine party in June  

It’s previously been reported the Duke has frozen out several old friends, including former wingman Tom Inskip, a former childhood friend from Eton (left) and PR guru Astrid Harbord (right with Princess Beatrice) 

Meanwhile Astrid, a friend of the Duchess of Cambridge, was also known to be a member of Harry’s former posse, and was romantically linked to the prince. 

A friend spoke to the Express that day and said, “Like many others who were considered questionable influences on Harry’s bad bachelor days, Tom was dropped even though he now has Lara, his lovely wife.”

According to the source, it was all part Meghan’s quiet airbrushing of Harry’s past posse. He doesn’t need to be tempted, of any kind. She wants them to focus on their family.