One week after she left her Utah college dorm to meet up with a man in an online fetish chatroom, a student went missing. Police rescued her from the house of the alleged kidnapper. There, she was discovered naked and covered in coal.

Police arrested Brent Brown, aged 39 in connection to Madelyn Alley’s disappearance. Madelyn was a Snow College student from Ephraim. Now, Brown is facing charges for obstruction of justice and aggravated kidnapping, rape, and object rape. 

An affidavit of probable cause states that Brown took Allen’s wallet, phone, and tie her up in his office while he worked. He later claimed that this was part-of kidnapping. 

Allen’s parents, overjoyed, recounted at a press conference Saturday night how their daughter was found alive after they received a phone call from police.  

Allen met Brown in a group chat on the messaging app KIK and agreed to have him pick her up in Ephraim on December 13, the affidavit stated. 

Snow College Security Video showed Allen leaving her dorm after last Monday at 9.20pm.

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Madelyn Allen, a student at Snow College in Utah, was rescued from the Loa, Utah, home of her alleged kidnapper, Brent Brown, 39, on Saturday, after a five-day search

Madelyn, an undergraduate at Snow College in Utah was saved from Brent Brown’s Loa home, Utah on Saturday after a five-day hunt

Snow College security video captured Allen leaving her dorm on the night of December 13

Snow College Security Video: Allen leaves her Dorm Room on December 13, 2013.

After meeting Brown online, Allen was said to have arranged for him to pick her up in Ephraim, Utah after walking out of her college dorm

Allen said that he met Brown after he saw her online and arranged to meet her in Ephraim.

The police tracked Allen using cellphone tower data and found her in the basement at this house on Main Street in Loa, Utah. 

This map shows the distance between the Snow College campus in Ephraim, Utah, and the house in Loa, Utah, where Allen was found five days after her disappearance

This is a map showing the distance between Snow College in Ephraim (Utah) and Loa (Utah), where Allen was discovered five days following her disappearance. 

The Salt Lake City Tribune reported that Allen did not return to home on the following morning. Her roommates then filed a missing persons report.

The investigation revealed that Allen was suffering from anxiety and depression. 

While Allen was being sought by police, Allen was found at Brown’s Loa home, almost 90 miles from her. According to court records, Allen and Brown had a violent and non-consensual relationship.

According to the affidavit, Brown stole Allen’s phone and allowed her to only text her family with the words “I love you!” On December 14, Brown sent a disturbing message to her family, alarming them all and prompting them both to call the police. 

Brown is alleged to have tied Allen up while he worked, taken her wallet, and threatened to “come after her sister and family” if she told anyone.

Brown discovered that Allen was being sought by police and he decided to throw away his phone. However, authorities could still use the cellphone tower data from her December 14th text message to locate her at Loa.

Police officers searched the 500-person small community, and found a blonde, petite woman hiding in the basement of one house.

Authorities announced the news of Allen's rescue during a press conference on Saturday night

On Saturday, Allen was saved by authorities during a press conference.

Allen's parents, Jonathan and Taunya Allen, expressed their gratitude and joy after being reunited with their daughter

Allen’s parents, Jonathan and Taunya Allen, expressed their gratitude and joy after being reunited with their daughter  

Court documents allege that Allen met Brown on the messaging app KIK and arranged for him to pick her up on December 13

Brown allegedly took the teen to him home, where he tied her up and took away her personal belongings

According to court documents, Allen allegedly met Brown via the messaging app KIK. He arranged for Brown to pick her up December 13. Brown is alleged to have taken the teen with him to home and tied her up, as well as taking her personal possessions. 

Allen texted her family 'I love you' on December 14, which alarmed them

Allen wrote her family “I love you” December 14, alarming them. 

According to the records, when they approached the front door and asked about Allen, the man who responded – later identified by Brown – said he was not there alone and wouldn’t let them in.

Officials got a search warrant for the residence and went inside the property on Saturday to find a Snow College identification card. Police discovered Allen, who was naked and completely covered with coal, in the cellar’s coal room during a search.

Gephardt Daily reports that Brown was found by police to have a gun and three knives in the affidavit. 

Brown, who was being questioned, allegedly confessed to holding Allen captive to stop her leaving. He also took away Allen’s phone. Allen threatened Allen’s family. However, he said it was part and parcel of a sexual role-play involving a kidnapping scenario according to KSL-TV. 

However, authorities stated that Allen was being held against Allen’s will.   

According to an affidavit Allen stated to police that she was not interested in having sex with Brown. However, she said she didn’t leave Brown because he knew her address and had threatened to harm them. 

Brown had told her that he had sent her her mobile phone to the Southern Border so nobody could find it. She later claimed that she was safe and that police have stopped searching for her. 

A candlelight vigil was held on Sunday as part of a 'gathering of gratitude' after Allen's rescue

On Sunday, Allen was rescued by a group of people who held a candlelight Vigil.

After her heroic rescue, the 19 year-old girl was brought to a hospital where she received a checkup and was then reunited with her family.  

Jonathan and Taunya shared their joy at their daughter’s return during a Saturday press conference.

“We received the call. [the police chief]He said, “I’ve got her.” Jonathan Allen stated, “We dropped to our knees” “We felt so thankful and elated. We couldn’t describe the feelings that we had as we embraced each other.’

Jacob Allen, Madelyn’s uncle said Madelyn had been through a “dangerous, traumatic” ordeal but that she was a “fighter and survivor”. 

Allen’s family hosted two candlelight Vigils on Sunday as part of the ‘gatherings for gratitude’ in celebration of her rescue.