Are boosters permanent? Maggie Throup, Minister of Vaccines says that Brits ‘probably’ will have to be vaccinated against the coronavirus every year

  • Maggie Throup, Minister of Vaccines, stated that the UK will ‘probably’ require an annual booster jab.
  • She stated that the UK’s latest vaccination purchases will ensure it is prepared for future years.
  • After Pfizer boss stated that booster jabs may be necessary every year, this comes as a surprise.

Maggie Throup (Vaccines Minister) has stated that Brits may have to be vaccinated every year. 

Ms. Throup cited the Government’s most recent vaccine purchase, 114million doses of which will be available in 2022 and 2023. 

The comments on the BBC’s Question Time programme came after the boss of Pfizer, Dr Albert Bourla, said annual vaccinations ‘are likely to be needed’.   

Vaccines Minister Maggie Throup has told Brits they 'probably will' have to get a coronavirus booster jab every year

Maggie Throup (Vaccines Minister) has stated to Brits that they ‘probably will need’ a coronavirus booster every year.

Boris Johnson, who received his booster yesterday, has promised to offer every adult a third jab by the end of January

Boris Johnson has promised every adult that he will give a third jab to all adults by January 31st, after he received his booster.

As part of its efforts to strengthen protection against Omicron, the Government has begun to roll out its booster program to give all adults another jab.

Boris Johnson has received his booster today and promised that every adult will get a third jab at the beginning of January. 

The Government announced earlier this week that it had agreed to buy 114million extra doses of Pfizer and Moderna vaccines to be delivered over the next two years. 

The purchase led to speculation that the Brits may be offered another jab or even a fifth in the future. 

Ms Throup was asked last night if she agreed with Dr Bourla’s assessment on annual jabs and she said: ‘Every year we have the flu programme and obviously we are talking about another virus.’ 

Pushed again on if jabs will be needed every year, she said: ‘What we have done now is pre-ordered vaccines for future years. 

It’s the right thing. The public expects us to be ready for the next years. We would not be right to fail to prepare, and it would. 

Asked for a third time if booster jabs will be needed every year, she replied: ‘At the moment it looks as if we probably will and looking at the way the virus has gone already, one thing about this virus it has definitely been unpredictable. 

“Just when it seemed we were on the right track, we found a different way. 

“But it’s important that we remember that the Delta version is the predominant variant in the UK. Because the vaccines are so effective against this variant, the best thing we can do for people is to go outside. Get your first jab if possible. And if your second one has been delayed, then get it. But get boosted. 

The UK has agreed to purchase 60million additional doses of the Moderna vaccine and 54million of the Pfizer jab.  

According to the Department of Health and Social Care, these deals provide access to modified vaccines in case they are required to fight Omicron and other variants of concern.

The company stated that the deals include 35million more doses of Pfizer, which were ordered in August and will be delivered in the second quarter of next year. It also includes the 60 million Novavax doses and the 7.5 million GSK/Sanofi doses.

According to the Department, there are enough stocks of Moderna as well as Pfizer available for expanded booster programmes. 

This week, Dr Bourla stated that annual vaccinations can boost immunity and that Pfizer has already begun to develop a jab for Omicron.

He told the BBC: ‘Based on everything I have seen so far, I would say that annual vaccinations… are likely to be needed to maintain a very robust and very high level of protection.’