BBC newsman Cabbage the beloved is stolen by thieves just weeks before he retires: Rory Cellan Jones, veteran broadcaster, appeals for help as thieves steal a van and two animals belonging to dog-walkers.

  • Cabbage, the former BBC technology reporter, was taken at 10.20 am
  • Cabbage, along with another dog were in a van for dog-walkers when the vehicle was taken.
  • He tweeted that the van had been stolen from East Acton at 10.20am today. 
  • He retired from Cellan-Jones in August. You can find posts on Cabbage often online.
  • Two years later, he retired from the fight against Parkinsons and cancer.

An old BBC journalist appealed for assistance after thieves took his dog-walker’s van, while Cabbage the beloved and another pup were inside.

Rory Cellan Jones shared this morning’s tweets about how the Transit van in black was taken from East Acton to London at 10.20am.

The former BBC technology correspondent, who retired in August, two years after revealing he was battling both cancer and Parkinson’s disease, tweeted at 11.51am:  ‘Something terrible has happened.

Rory Cellan-Jones (pictured) tweeted out for help after Cabbage went missing along with his dog-walkers black van this morning

Rory Cellan Jones (pictured) posted a tweet asking for assistance after Cabbage disappeared with his black van and dog-walkers this morning

‘Our dog walker’s van with our dog Cabbage in it has been stolen while he was picking up another pet.

“Please keep an eye out for black Ford Transit reg.AF20 XZD.

Take a picture and DM me, or just ring police

His tweet was also shared by a fellow dog lover, who said that Sam the dog had been taken away from their dog. 

Mr Cellan-Jones posts frequently about Cabbage alongside pictures of the two of them on walks since the former BBC technology correspondent's retirement in August

Since August, Mr Cellan Jones posts regularly about Cabbage and includes photos of him with Cabbage.

Cabbage was taken alongside Sam (pictured) though it is not clear whether the thief was intended to steal the dogs as well as the van

Cabbage was taken along with Sam (pictured). However, it isn’t clear if the thief wanted to also steal the van.

Two years ago, it was revealed that the journalist was suffering from both Parkinson’s Disease and cancer. He retired as a journalist in August.

Sharing the news on Twitter in the summer, he wrote: ‘Some personal late October I shall be leaving the BBC.

‘I’ve had the most fabulous time working with brilliant people, but after 40 years it’s time to move on’.

Cabbage has been a featured of Mr Cellan Jones’ Twitter account ever since he retired from BBC.

He posts photos of his dog on walks, with the latest being taken just minutes before Cabbage was captured alongside the van.