Victoria Derbyshire claims that beating breast cancer has ‘changed’ her life after thinking she would die from it. 

The journalist,  53,  announced she had been diagnosed with breast cancer in 2015, undergoing a mastectomy and reconstructive surgery soon after. 

Following 301 days of treatment including six sessions of chemotherapy and 30 sessions of radiotherapy, the mother-of-two was given the all clear with an 11 per cent chance of the cancer recurring.  

Victoria talks about her journey to marry Mark, her husband, and their two children in a Stella Magazine interview. 

Victoria Derbyshire, pictured in London last year, says overcoming breast cancer 'changed her life' after she thought she was 'going to die' from the illness

Victoria Derbyshire (pictured last year in London) says that beating breast cancer has ‘changed’ her life after it was thought she would die.

In January 2020, it was announced that the broadcaster's eponymous show was being cancelled by the BBC because the cost of doing it on a 'linear channel' were too high

It was revealed that BBC had cancelled the broadcaster’s show named after it in January 2020 because it would have been too expensive to do it on a ‘linear channel’.

Victoria said, “It has changed my whole life.”

‘The joy and happiness that I felt when being alive were amazing. I’m happy to say “Yes” to so many other things. 

The presenter added that beating the illness encouraged her to strip off in front of an audience two years after her mastectomy for ITV’s The Real Full Monty and compete in I’m A Celebrity in 2020.  

Her illness was what prompted her to choose Mark as her husband after 17 years. Although he had already proposed to her before she became pregnant with their first child, the couple never got married. 

‘After my diagnosis, I’d said, “If we get through this I would like to get married, but I don’t want you to do it if it’s only because you feel sorry for me.She explained. 

Victoria, who lives in Surrey with her husband Mark and two sons, spoke about how her diagnosis inspired her to finally marry her partner (pictured)

Victoria lives with Mark, her husband, and their two children in Surrey. She spoke out about her experience, which inspired her to marry Mark (pictured). 

“It was strange to call him my husband. But it was amazing that I got married at the age of 49. It makes me feel complete.   

Victoria was 46 years-old when an anomaly was discovered in one her nipples. Victoria quickly called an emergency GP to book an appointment. 

She underwent gruelling treatment including chemotherapy and radio therapy  before doctors told her she was in remission five years ago

The BBC announced in January 2020 that their eponymous broadcaster show would be cancelled due to the high cost of producing it on a “linear channel”.

Victoria says that while she was ‘gutted’ the show had been axed, her battle with breast cancer gave her a ‘different perspective’ and allowed her to cope with the loss of her show.

The broadcaster opened up about the loss of her show last year in an interview with Woman & Home magazine, insisting: ‘It was gutting when I was told I was losing my TV show but having gone through breast cancer I was able to put it in perspective,’ she said.

Mother-of-two Victoria, pictured in 2018, announced she had been diagnosed with breast cancer in 2015, undergoing a mastectomy and reconstructive surgery soon after

Victoria, mother of two, is pictured in 2018 after she announced her diagnosis with breast carcinoma in 2015. She underwent reconstructive and mastectomy surgery within a few days.

“It was a blessing that I had an employment in the pandemic, and it has helped me get through situations where I would have been killed.”   

Immediately after being diagnosed, Victoria says she didn’t want to tell Mark or her sons, who were 11 and eight at the time, straight away, saying she went into ‘practical mode’ instantly.  

“I was convinced that my death would be very soon. Mark and me went to a small park, and we really cried. To say that you might die is a strange thing to do. The treatment was unknown to us at that time. We were able to tell our family and friends about the situation after we had cried.  

Victoria was able to lose her hair due to chemotherapy. She said it was harder than losing her breasts.

Because she didn’t want anyone to feel sorry about her, the broadcaster ordered a wig.

She was admitted to the hospital for treatment that lasted 319 days. On the day after leaving, Victoria traveled to Glasgow to participate in a BBC One debate.

The weekend was celebrated with friends, with the help of her husband.