Covid-19 becomes Australia’s youngest child to die at the tender age of 10. Victoria has five confirmed deaths while active cases have dropped by 30 percent since yesterday.

  • Victoria’s health service confirmed that the child was suffering from ‘other serious conditions’
  • One of the five state deaths that Saturday announced was the infected child. 
  • Following the introduction of 1,166 additional cases, protests against vaccination erupted in every state.

An Australian child below the age of 10 years old from Victoria has been declared Australia’s youngest victim of Covid-19. This was after a huge anti-vaccination protest in Melbourne.

On Saturday, the state recorded 1166 new infections. Active cases fell to 9581 on Saturday. This is down about 30% from Friday.

Victoria’s health service later revealed that the child with HIV was one of five more deaths.

Osama Suduh, a 15-year old from Sydney’s southwest was previously the first person to have died of the virus.

In August, a teenager in southwest Sydney succumbed to pneumococcal medinitis. He was also Covid-positive but that was not what caused his death.

A child under the age of ten was one of five Covid-related deaths announced in Victoria on Saturday (pictured residents in Melbourne's Hardware Lane)

Five Covid-related deaths in Victoria were announced on Saturday. (Photo: Residents of Melbourne’s Hardware Lane).

Although the department could not confirm the age, they said that the child was under ten years old.

The death is the first of its kind since the start of the pandemic in Australia. Only one Covid-related death has occurred under 19. 

On Saturday, there were two other fatalities in Victoria: those in their 90s or 80s. 

On Saturday, thousands of people gathered in Melbourne’s CBD to protest Victoria’s pandemic bill.

Groups that oppose vaccinations, mandates or the state’s pandemic legislation, are the demonstrators.

They were observed by police at parliament house and chanted “kill the bill” while holding placards with anti-government slogans.

Protests against vaccination mandates have agan erupted across Melbourne

Melbourne witnessed protests against the imposition of vaccination mandates.

Several thousands gathered in Melbourne's CBD on Saturday to rally against Victoria's contentious pandemic bill and Covid-19 vaccine mandates

Many thousands rallied in Melbourne’s CBD Saturday against Victoria’s controversial Pandemic Bill and Covid-19 mandates

Catherine Cumming (an independent MP) said that she would support the bill to end the pandemic if it was scrapped the vaccine mandates. She led a chant of ‘no more mandates and sack (Premier), Dan Andrews.

“We are adult. Our children make their own decisions. She said, “Get out of your lives Daniel,” during a speech.

Since then, the crowd has grown. They marched to Flagstaff Gardens and a band performed John Farnham’s You’re the Voice in a fun party atmosphere.

The nearby Eight Hour Day Monument was the site of a counter protest that attracted hundreds but did not clash avec other demonstrators.

They marched along Lygon St, and then heard speeches. The group dispersed after 2pm.

One man was seen with a cardboard sign of a syringe with the words 'this is war' written across it

One man was seen holding a sign made of cardboard depicting a needle and the words “this is war” across it

One protester was arrested at the rally in Melbourne on Saturday. Victoria recorded 1166 new Covid-19 cases

At the Melbourne protest rally on Saturday, one man was taken into custody. Victoria recorded 1166 new Covid-19 cases 

Nahui Jimenez the Organiser stated that the Campaign Against Racism and Fascism rally in Melbourne and Sydney and Brisbane and Perth were meant to raise public awareness about the ‘growth anti-human and conspiratorial politics.

She stated that “hostility towards vaccines has been a gateway for the far right worldwide.”

Reports indicate that figures connected to the neo Nazi party have joined the recurring demonstrations, which staged a mock execution by wooden gallows of the premier on Monday evening.

Andy Meddick was also the key Victorian crossbench MP. His daughter Kielan sustained a head injury when he confronted him for spraying an anti-vax banner. 

Protests were seen in 13 cities around Australia on Saturday (pictured is ralliers in Melbourne)

On Saturday, protests took place in thirteen Australian cities (shown is rally in Melbourne).