Bizarre moment woman carries off family’s cat in the middle of the night after posing for a selfie with it

  • Salahudin Al believes that Monday was the day when a woman stole his family’s cat.
  • Mr Ali reviewed CCTV footage, which showed that three attempts were made to steal the cat.
  • At 2.45 AM on Monday, the cat was removed from his house. 

The bizarre scene was captured on CCTV. 

After Gucci didn’t come home Monday morning, Salahudin Ali, father-of-three, checked his cameras. 

According to Mr Ali, his home security video showed that a woman walked past Ali’s house in Acocks green, Birmingham on three occasions. Each time, she stopped to pet Gucci who was sitting on the wall. 

Salahudin Ali checked his cameras after his beloved pet, Gucci, didn't return home on Monday morning

Salahudin Ali checked the cameras when his pet Gucci didn’t come home Monday morning.

Mr Ali believes the same woman was filmed three times at the time Gucci disappeared

According to Mr Ali, the exact same woman was captured three times during the disappearance of Gucci 

Mr Ali believes the same woman was spotted three times in on his CCTV camera before his cat vanished

Ali claims that the exact same woman was seen three times on his CCTV camera, before his cat disappeared

This video captures the woman playing with Gucci for over an hour. She also takes a selfie and smokes a joint with Gucci. 

She picked up her black-and-white cat at 2.45am and took off down the street. 

Mr Ali, 42 years old, stated that it shocked him and made him angry. The sight of someone taking someone’s pet, without any apparent regret and thinking that it’s okay was quite upsetting. 

“This woman was outside the house for about an hour, before she decided to take our cat. Before she took the cat home, she spent about ten to fifteen minutes with her. 

Gucci is an affectionate family pet that we have owned since Gucci was a kitten. She’s spoiled and loved like a queen. 

Fortunately for Mr Ali, his cat Gucci returned home after the suspected cat napping

His cat Gucci, who was suspected of cat sleeping after Mr Ali left the scene, returned to his home.

She doesn’t like strangers picking her up, and the video shows it. 

The children were extremely upset. We were all distraught. I couldn’t help but think about the fact that she was taken under my noses. It was amazing to me. 

A man who lived a few miles away from Gucci found the footage and reached out to her owners. 

Mr Ali stated that they are very pleased she is home. While she appears a bit confused and isn’t quite herself, it’s okay. 

“I am still mad and it has been reported to police. We hope they investigate. 

“We lost much of our sleep trying to find her. Our cat is a good friend of mine and she does not leave the house. 

West Midlands Police spokesperson said that they were called Monday afternoon at 3.23pm to report on a cat stolen. 

“The cat later was found walking happily down the street.