Hermes bags courier caught by CCTV pulling up to a customer’s property and throwing the parcel out of his window. Before he drove off, Hermes bagged him

  • Debi Delgarno spent £7.99 to have a package delivered by courier firm Hermes
  • She pulled over and the courier threw her package out of his car. 
  • After viewing footage from the failed delivery, Hermes decided to ‘terminate’ the driver.

A Hermes courier has been ‘terminated’ after he was caught on security camera footage throwing  a package out of his car window onto the customer’s driveway. 

Debi Delgarno was 44 and expecting delivery on Wednesday at her Corby, Northamptonshire home. 

Security footage captured how the courier drove into her driveway and shut down the window before placing her parcel on gravel right in front her house. 

A Hermes courier pulled into Debbie Delgarno's home in Corby, Northamptonshire on Wednesday. She was expecting the delivery of a package containing three Christmas presents

Debbie Delgarno was greeted by a Hermes courier on Wednesday at her Corby home. Hermes courier arrived at Debbie Delgarno’s Corby, Northamptonshire home Wednesday to deliver a box containing three Christmas presents.

The courier pulled onto Ms Delgarno's driveway, wound down his window, and threw the package onto the gravel. He then failed to leave a note saying the item had been delivered and only sent a text message in the afternoon. Luckily Ms Delgarno's husband spotted the box and brought it into the house before it started raining

The courier drove onto Ms. Delgarno’s driveway and closed his window before dumping the parcel onto the gravel. After he left no note to inform Ms Delgarno that the item was delivered, he only texted her in the evening. Ms. Delgarno’s husband saw the box and took it inside the home before it started to rain.

The package, circled, was thrown towards the wall on the gravel outside the front of Ms Delgardo's

Circled was the package that was thrown at the wall of gravel just outside Ms Delgardo’s front door. 

Ms Delgarno described the courier as a ‘c**k womble’ after they failed to check anyone was inside her home at the time of the delivery. 

Ms. Delgarno was able to see that the courier never left their vehicle when she reviewed her CCTV footage. The courier also did not leave any’sorry, we missed you’ notes or text messages advising that delivery had occurred.

Ms. Delgarno became particularly angry when she saw that the Christmas gift contained gifts for three of her family members. 

He claimed that he spent extra to ensure safe delivery of the parcel. 

Today, Ms. Delgarno spoke out saying that she received an email from Hermes this morning confirming the delivery of the package. 

The incident involved three Christmas presents. Fortunately, they weren’t broken and it didn’t rain so all was well. 

“Fortunately my husband returned home at daylight to see them, or else they’d have been out all night. I did not receive the email until late last night. 

‘I just thought what an utter c**kwomble, if you don’t want to do the job there are plenty more jobs out there. 

“Our Hermes delivery guy is excellent, but he was sick the other day.”

Ms Delgarno posted footage of the botched delivery on Twitter, explaining what happened: ‘This what £7.99 Hermes delivery gets you. 

“He just dropped it into our garden, and didn’t get out of his car. 

Debi Delgarno, pictured, from Corby, Northamptonshire described the courier as a 'c**k womble' ahead of his sacking by Hermes

Debi Delgarno, pictured, from Corby, Northamptonshire described the courier as a ‘c**k womble’ ahead of his sacking by Hermes

“It would fit through the letterbox?” 

Hermes contacted Ms. Delgarno via social media and said that they are investigating the incident.  

MailOnline was informed by a spokesperson for Hermes that they had dealt with the incident quickly and apologized to the customer. They also offered a payment of goodwill. 

“The Hermes courier has terminated his contract.”