After falling from a China 19th-floor balcony, an elderly lady DANGLES upside down on clothes hanger

  • In southern China, the incident occurred in Yangzhou and Jiangsu. 
  • As she was hanging her clothes to dry on the balcony, the woman fell.
  • A clothesline saved the life of this 82-year old woman 

Chinese firefighters saved an elderly lady from falling off a balcony. 

When she fell, the accident happened while she was washing clothes in Yangzhou in Jiangsu province. 

The legs of the woman became caught in a clothing rack on the 18th floor, while her head and arms were suspended over the 17th. 

An elderly woman fell from a 19th floor balcony in southern China before getting caught in a clothes line which prevented her from plunging to her death

A woman aged 86 fell from her 19th-floor balcony in south China. She was then caught by a clothing line, which stopped her from plummeting to her deaths. 

Firefighters were able to rescue the woman who escaped serious injury

The woman was able to be rescued by firefighters after she suffered serious injuries. 

Firefighters and police were able to wrap a rope around the woman's torso and lift her to safety

Police and firefighters were able wrap a rope around her torso to lift her up to safety.

Amazingly, the woman avoided serious injury despite her ordeal

Amazingly, the woman survived serious injuries despite all her hardships 

While firefighters held her legs up on the 18th, another team tied a rope around her neck on the 17th. 

After rescuing the woman, they were able to bring her up to safety. Officials claimed that the woman was tired but wasn’t seriously hurt. 

The investigation revealed that the victim was washing her clothes when she fell over the balcony’s edge.