Florida man confronted by terrifying attack from a bear on his front porch while protecting his Dachshund. The owner thought the predator was his neighbor’s dog so he went and punched it in its face.

  • Walter Hickox was at his Daytona Beach home Wednesday night 
  • Hickox recorded a black bear entering his home via the home surveillance system. 
  • Hickox assumed the bear was his neighbor’s dog who chased Pepper, his Dachshund Pepper.
  • Hickox, which the homeowner had pushed back from outside by the bear, was scraped by Hickox.

As he tried to protect his dog, this is how the frightening moment that a black bear attacked a man on his back porch. 

Walter Hickox was bitten and scratched as he fought off the deadly predator at his home in Daytona Beach in Florida on Wednesday night. 

Hickox, a security camera video shows him leaping to push the black bear out as it chased Pepper, a 12-year-old Dachshund. This was around 7.30pm. 

Walter Hickox fighting off the black bear at his Daytona Beach home in Florida on Wednesday night

Walter Hickox fought off the black bear on Wednesday night at his Daytona Beach residence in Florida

Walter Hickox (pictured with his partner Kerry Rubino Hickox) charged towards the bear to protect Kerry and their three dogs

Walter Hickox (pictured with his partner Kerry Rubino Hickox) charged towards the bear to protect Kerry and their three dogs

The dogs, Pickles, Pepper, both 12, and five-year-old Piper, pictured here were under threat by the bear

The dogs, Pickles, Pepper, both 12, and five-year-old Piper, pictured here were under threat by the bear 

Hickox suffering bite and scratch marks on his back and shoulder as a result of the attack

Hickox suffered puncture wounds to the shoulder and his back

Hilckox suffered bites and scratches on his shoulder and back as a result.

To stop the bear getting at his partner Kerry Rubino Hickox or Pickles, Pepper and Piper (both 12, and five years old), he dragged a chair across. 

Kerry can hear him shouting to Kerry, “Oh my god! I was attacked by a bear!”

Afterwards to WFTV 9, Hickox said: ‘Not a lot went through my head at the moment, other than what’s going to happen if he gets past me and into the house where the rest of my dogs and my wife was at.’ 

Kerry explained later that Pepper was attacked by the bear when it jumped onto her porch. She added: “Walt believed it to be a neighbor’s dog, and went after it.

“How can a bear become so comfortable around people that it leaps onto a porch to attack?”

Hickox suffered puncture wounds from his teeth, and Hickox received rabies shots. She also posted pictures of Hickox with slash marks on the back and arms. All of the dogs suffered no injuries. 

It was the second bear attack in the area over the past week, Daytona Beach Police confirmed, after a woman in DeBary was attacked while out walking a dog.  

Walter Hilcox, pictured, was on his porch in Daytona Beach in Florida on Wednesday, when he was attacked by a black bear that forced its way into his home

Walter Hilcox was on his Florida deck in Daytona Beach on Wednesday when it attacked him with a black bear.

Thinking the bear was a neighbor's dog, Hilcox ran towards it 'to punch it in the nose'

Hilcox mistakenly believed the bear to be a neighbour’s dog. He ran at it, ‘to punch him in the nose. 

As he forced the bear out, Hickox dragged a wooden bench across the open doorway to block its return

Hickox pulled a wooden bench over the entrance to stop the bear from returning.

Following the last Thursday’s attack on her head, and facial injuries she sustained during the attack, she spent the night in hospital.

According to Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, the attack by the bear on the woman was a continuing threat to public safety. They killed the animal humanely but did not kill her yearlings. 

The bear that was attacked Dayton Beach in Dayton Beach would be met with the same fate, if captured. 

Kerry Rubino Hickox reported that Animal Control installed a beartrap on the property.

Hickox also revealed to interviewers that he had plans for a porch door and bear spray. 

A friend suggested that someone living nearby might have fed the bear, contrary to Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission guidance. 

FWC experts said that bears are found all over Florida. They can even be seen in neighborhoods. Bears will leave if they can’t find food.

It is against the law to feed bears. Both bears and humans are at risk. You should secure garbage, food for pets and seeds for birdseed.

Secure livestock with electric fences. Take care of your surroundings. Keep dogs under control.

You are also advised to bang on the door, turn the lights off and on to allow the bear to move on before you let your dog go. 

“If you and your bear-loving dog get in a fight, use your bear spray and/or waterhose to make it loud. You should fight the bear if it comes in contact with your dog. 

The wildlife agency said such attacks are ‘extremely rare’ with only 15 incidents of people being moderately-to-seriously injured in more than 50 years.