Funny moment: A skier named “Mrs Bean” stumbles, and then clings to the railing against the background of a weather report for Pennsylvania.

  • A video captures the moment that a Pennsylvania woman is seen hanging on to the railing of some snow-covered steps at a ski resort.
  • A background weather report from Seven Springs Mountain Resort featured the skier who was nicknamed “Mrs Bean” after the British comedy character. 
  • As Abbey Way continued her report, she was unaware of what was happening behind her. The woman tried to climb the steps.
  • Since then, the video has been retweeted thousands upon thousands and received recognition from stars such as Rex Chapman (ex-NBA star)
  • Alex Moser from Resort has now revealed that this incident was one of many pre-planned gimmicks mentioned in the recent reports 

Televised weather reports captured the moment when a skier had a “Mrs Bean” moment. She was seen holding onto her life until she fell down some stairs in Pennsylvania’s ski resort.  

On Thursday, Abbey Way, a reporter at Seven Springs Mountain Resort was providing a weather update when she saw a woman behind her who was struggling to climb the stairs.

The female, later referred to as “Mrs Bean”, was seen in the background, holding onto the railings and then falling completely down the stairs.

Way was apparently unaware that she was being followed behind her and was completely taken by surprise when Way saw it. She has since become a celebrity on social media. 

Since then, Alex Moser, a ski resort spokesperson has revealed that the stumble was one of several pre-choreographed stunts being used in reports over the past month at the resort and that Way “doesn’t often even know what’s happening behind her.”

Video footage captured the hilarious moment a female skier was seen stumbling and clinging onto the railing on a series of snow-covered stairs at the Seven Springs Mountain Resort in Pennsylvania

A video captures the moment when a female skier is seen falling and holding onto the railing while climbing a set of stairs covered in snow at Seven Springs Mountain Resort, Pennsylvania.

Reporter Abbey Way, who remained unaware of the woman's slip, was giving a televised weather update when the skier coined 'Mrs Bean' was struggling to make it down the stairs

The woman was unable to climb the steps because of her slip. Reporter Abbey Way was still giving a weather update televised on the air.

After losing control and her ski poles, the woman managed to pick herself back up for another attempt down the stairs

The woman lost control of her ski poles and was unable to control herself. She managed to get up again for the second attempt at the staircase.

It started as any other Thursday, with Way being captured at the resort to give an update about the snowy conditions.

Unidentified female in ski clothes and boots, can be seen holding on to the railing while she climbs down the stairs.

After falling on the stairs, she loses control and drops her ski poles.

Way continues the story, seemingly unaware of what is happening behind her.

The woman then gets up to grab onto the railing and holds on. 

She manages to descend the stairs without further falls or spills. However, she does make one last mistake before heading down to the slopes.

As Way reports, she slowly moves away.

She continues to cling back onto the railing and reaches for her fallen ski poles

Elle continues to hold onto the railing, reaching for her ski poles.

She manages to successfully make it down the stairs without any further falls or slips

Without any slips or falls, she manages to make it safely down the stairs

However, she managed to make one final stumble after reaching the ground before heading to the slopes out of frame

But, after reaching the ground she made one last stumble before heading out on the slopes.

The video was released on September 1, and has received more than one million views. It has also attracted significant attention from social media, with celebrities like Rex Chapman, an ex-Star of the NBA.  

Users also enjoyed the comedy as they observed the slapstick timing of the female skier during an apparently ‘professionally prepared’ weather report.

@riley_fox wrote, “The way it cuts the ski footage back towards her had me in tears,”

@philzer18tweeted, “She should probably just always have that helmet.”

“She was taking her skis to her tiny car, which is parked right outside of the shot,” @ChicagoMSTie tweets.

Former NBA basketball star Rex Chapman retweeted the Thursday video on his Twitter page

Rex Chapman, a former NBA basketball player, retweeted Thursday’s video via his Twitter account

Social media users have since shared in the humor of the situation after the video went viral

After the viral video was shared on social media, users of this platform have been sharing the jokes.

‘We’ve been trying to do something a little different this year with something humorous going on in the background … trying to make it a little more interesting,’ Moser told TribLive. “Abbey does not always know what is going on behind the scenes.”

A Grinch confronts an unsuspecting skier in another weather update. This was reported by the network during Christmas Eve.

The skier ran away from a Santa Claus costume-clad man who was later seen attacking him.

The Grinch could then be seen lying there during the rest of the report.