I’m dog tired! Golden retriever Hudson plays ‘Lazy Fetch’ lying on the floor with his owner in adorable footage

  • Allissa Mason shared that Hudson, her dog, enjoys playing lazy fetch when he gets tired.
  • Allissa from New York stated that the Golden Retriever lies down on the ground when fatigued 
  • The first time he played the game was after being groggy from some surgeries.  

The adorable Golden Retriever is playing lazy fetch with his owner.

Three-and-a-half-year-old Hudson loves nothing more than a gentle game of ‘catch’ with owners Matt and Allissa Mason – lying on the floor and passing the ball back and forth.

Hudson looked lethargic following his 2019 surgery, so Allissa laid on the ground with Hudson and played what they now refer to as ‘Lazy Fetch.

Hudson the Golden Retriever, pictured left, enjoys playing 'lazy fetch' with its owner Allissa Mason from New York City

Hudson the Golden Retriever, pictured left, enjoys playing ‘lazy fetch’ with its owner Allissa Mason from New York City

Allissa said Hudson started playing 'lazy fetch' after he had undergone some surgery

Allissa stated that Hudson began playing “lazy fetch” after having some minor surgery. 

Allissa said she tried to encourage Hudson to go outside to play fetch but he prefers to lay on the floor when he is tired

Allissa stated that she attempted to get Hudson outside for fetch, but Hudson prefers to lie on the ground when tired.

Hudson enjoyed this game and loves to do it whenever he’s tired.

Allissa, 34 years old, is a Teacher and lives in New York City. She said, “We first filmed Hudson playing lazy fetch, while lying on the floor following surgery, and he was feeling groggy.”

“Since he couldn’t play fetch outside we decided that he could play fetch indoors. His only desire was to lie on the floor, push the ball and play fetch.

“But Hudson loves lazy fetch, even when it’s tiring. We push the ball towards him, and he either nudges or bats with his feet back at us.

It’s so much fun having Hudson around. No matter what our activities, he puts a smile upon our faces.

“We have learned to treasure every moment we share with Hudson.

“He is a joy to be around, and we want him to have the best possible life.”

Allissa said: 'We've learned to cherish every moment with Hudson, whether it's a funny viral moment or an average walk down the street'

Allissa shared that Hudson has taught them to be grateful for every single moment together, regardless of whether they are a hilarious viral moment or a simple walk on the streets.