After police used online footage to find them, a bike gang member who recorded themselves riding two bikes, including an 18-miler, was sentenced. 

The shocking footage was captured by one of these hooligans and showed them speeding along the roads, with no regard for motorists.

Video began with eleven members of the mob driving on city streets, pulling stunts and jumping over red lights.

Some of the gang were riding quad bikes and weaving through traffic. They pulled out ahead of traffic to drive on pavements.

Some eleven members of a motorcycle gang terrorised members of the public in Leeds and Wakefield, West Yorkshire in March 2018. Members of the gang have been jailed while others have been handed non-custodial sentences following a court case last Friday

A motorcycle gang of eleven terrorized West Yorkshire citizens in Leeds, Wakefield and Wakefield in March 2018. After a court case on Friday, members of the gang were sent to jail while others were given non-custody sentences.

West Yorkshire Police spent more than two years going through footage filmed by members of the gang in an attempt to identify the individuals involved

The West Yorkshire Police spent over two years looking through the footage of gang members to try and identify those involved.

The footage shows members of the gang performing wheelies and other dangerous stunts

Members of the gang perform dangerous stunts like wheelies. 

One time they drove in an opposite direction, just inches away from the cars of other drivers.

This footage was uploaded to YouTube by Timmy Mallet (later Terrence Barker).

These incidents occurred in Leeds, West Yorkshire (Wakefield) on March 24, 2018 and 25, 2018, respectively. 

The Saturday gang left Middleton and traveled through Beeston, Holbeck, into the city center before returning to Middleton through Hunslet or Belle Island. 

The following day, the gang went on a route which included Lofthouse, Outwood, Wakefield city centre, Lupset, Horbury, Horbury Bridge, and Grange Moor, before coming to a stop near Kirkheaton, Huddersfield.

West Yorkshire Police says that riders were seen driving dangerously, anti-socially, and accelerating on the roads. They also pulled wheelies, went through red lights, and rode on pavements.

Leeds specialists examined the video footage in order to collect evidence against different members of the gang.  

The material was carefully examined by officers who spent many hours identifying distinctive characteristics of vehicles and clothing.

This was then combined with local knowledge about those involved in anti-social motorbike use.

This resulted in seven warrants being issued at suspects’ homes and at a containeryard.

Along with many quad and motor bikes kept at the container yard, clothing items were taken.

Seven people were accused of causing a nuisance to others and they pleaded guilty.

The court heard the gang took an 18-mile route through West Yorkshire

A court was informed that the gang traveled an 18-mile route through West Yorkshire. 

Six of them were sentenced by Leeds crown court Friday, December 10th. 

Over their involvement in the incidents, five of these men were convicted.

Daniel Brook (24 years old), was sentenced to two-years and nine months in jail for both the incidents and separate offenses including dangerous driving, Class A drug with intent, bodily injury, race aggravated behavior, possession of class A drugs with intent, and dangerous driving. He also received two years and nine month for driving without insurance and while disqualified.

Daniel Brook, 24, of Middleton, was jailed for two years and nine months for his part in both incidents

Daniel Brook (24 years old), was sentenced to two-years and nine months in jail for both of these incidents

A two year driving ban was placed on him.

Robert Addinall (30), of Belle Isle was sentenced to nine months in prison. This will be on top of the current sentence for offences related to bringing drug and weapon into prison. The second count will last 10 months.

Also, his license was revoked for an additional year and half after his release.

Damien Morgan of Middleton (28 years old) was sentenced to eight months in prison. It will serve consecutively with the drug supply term he’s currently on.

After his release, he will be prohibited from driving for one year.

Terrence Barker (29), Middleton was sentenced to concurrent suspended sentences for nine and eleven months, respectively.

For a period of one year and half, he was prohibited from driving and required to do 100 hours unpaid labor.

Brandon Parkin, 21, of Leeds, was given a six-month suspended sentence, 15 Rehabilitation Activity Requirement days, 40 hours of unpaid work, a driving disqualification for a year and ordered to pay £500 costs.

Aiden Bedford (32), of Middleton was found guilty of the second incident.

After serving an eight month sentence in prison, he was banned from driving for fourteen months.

For his role in the second incident, a seventh defendant was taken into youth court.

Chief Insp Kev Pickles, heads Policing for Leeds District, said: 'The dangerous and anti-social behaviour of those who took part in these so-called 'ride outs' was completely unacceptable'

Chief Insp. Kev Pickles is in charge of Policing Leeds District.

They were seized with their bikes and other equipment. These items had been kept in storage for over three years.

Chief Insp Kev Peckles heads Police for Leeds District. He stated that the dangerous and unsocial behavior of those involved in so-called “ride-outs” was unacceptable.

Both incidents took place over long distances in dense urban areas on weekends. They put lives at risk, and caused unnecessarily fear among those who were present.

“We will not allow any illegal activity which has a detrimental effect on human lives be allowed to continue.

Daniel Brook, 24, of Middleton, was jailed for two years and nine months for his part in both incidents

Daniel Brook (24 years old), was sentenced to two-years and nine months in jail for both of these incidents

The majority of participants were arrested and identified after a thorough investigation by Leeds South Neighbourhood Police Team officers.

“They now have to face the consequences for their actions. We hope that this positive outcome will give some comfort to our communities as well as send out a clear warning to others who may be unwisely involved in such incidents.

“The problem of anti-social motorbike use is something we will continue to support our partners agencies.

“We have off-road bicycle officers that patrol high-crime areas in support of the work done by local neighborhood officers. We regularly seize bikes, issue warning notices and take other enforcement actions with Leeds Anti-Social Behaviour Team.

“We also collaborate with schools and youth groups to educate the public about the hazards this sport presents both for the riders and the people who participate in it.

“We urge people to report incidents and especially if they know the identities of those involved so we can take corrective action.”