You could be subject to a beating! A mobility scooter driver ignores angry motorists and sits on a Manchester street asking for fish and chips.

  • On Friday, a man in a wheelchair blocked the street and remained there for five minutes 
  • Witnesses said he’d only get up if he got his fish and chips. 
  • A motorbike police officer who had ordered him to stop also refused to obey his orders. 

Here’s the moment when a driver of a mobility scooter blocked traffic while waiting for his meal at a chip shop. 

This footage was shot in Manchester on Friday November 19. It shows how many cars and a truck are made to wait for the man’s meal. 

Unidentified man can be heard shouting at motorists, “I want the fish and chip that I paid for.”

Witness David Williams assumed the battery in the man’s scooter was flat. He went over to help, but had to stop when the scooter operator snapped at him. 

The clip shows the customer screaming at everyone who interrupts his fury while he waits for his fish-and-chip order. 

Because he was refusing to let a chip shop bring his lunch, a man in a mobility scooter blocked Manchester City Centre’s busy streets on Friday morning 

The man, who has not been identified, verbally abused people who criticised his selfish action

A man who was not identified verbally attacked people who criticised him for his selfish act

One witness, David Williams said: 'He wasn't moving anywhere. He was adamant he wasn't moving'

David Williams, a witness to the incident, stated that he wasn’t going anywhere. He maintained that he didn’t move. 

The scooter driver launched a foul-mouthed tirade at anyone who criticised him, describing several people as ‘f****** low lives’ and threatening them with ‘the law’. 

The motorbike officer of police is not able to get the man off his bike. He insists that as soon as he has the change, he’ll be out of his way. 

As he was “causing chaos”, the officer stated that he would take the man to the police station. 

Mr Williams described the scene by saying: “He was not moving anywhere.” Williams was insistent that he wasn’t moving. 

“You can hear the sound of the horns, but the man in the truck behind shouted. I didn’t understand what he was saying. 

“Everyone was getting angry, and not understanding what was really going on. 

I was on my way from interview to home when I noticed a man sitting in front of me in a wheel chair. His motor must have died or he had broken down, which I believed was the reason. 

“I tried to help him initially, but he shouted at my so I stopped. 

“There was traffic behind him, so I believed there had to be a reason he was there in middle of road. 

“I came closer to him and realized that he was still waiting for his fish & chips at 11:30 am. 

“He bought his fish and chips, and was just waiting for them to arrive.” 

Williams stated that he was shocked by what the man did. Williams stated that at most 10 vehicles had been stuck in the line. 

Test and Trace assistant, 54 years old, stated that the road was block for longer than five minutes. 

The man even ignored a motorcycle police officer who urged him to move out of the road

Even a police motorcycle officer who advised him to get off the road, the man ignored.

Eventually, after receiving his fish and chip and picking up his change, the man drove off with the police following

The man eventually drove away with the police after he had received his fish and chip, and gotten his change.

He explained that people became angry. The conversation can be seen with a shopkeeper. 

“When others were telling him to move, he was not bothered. He wanted only his fish and chips, and his money. 

“Many people came together to assist him. You might think that something was wrong with his wheelchair, but I did not know what he was waiting to help me. 

“It’s narrow and one-way. If there is any blockage, then you will be stuck. 

The man received his change and drove down the road, allowing traffic to pass.