Secret Santa! Bizarre! Father Christmas and his associates are captured on video leaving candy canes on cars at a Coventry street cul de-sac.

  • Residents of Holbrooks, Coventry noticed that candy canes were left overnight on their vehicles.
  • Some people used their CCTV cameras at home to solve the mystery. 
  • The footage shows Santa with the giant gingerbread man. 

CCTV footage captured an unknown Santa secretly spreading Christmas cheer and leaving gifts for the residents of quiet culdesacs.

The sudden appearance of candy canes overnight in front of their homes left Holbrooks (Coventry) residents puzzled.

A homeowner found out that Father Christmas had been behind the random acts of kindness by watching CCTV.

A mystery secret Santa has been delivering candy canes to residents in Holbrooks, Coventry

Unknown Santa delivered candy canes in secret to Holbrooks residents, Coventry 

He was assisted by a giant Christmas tree and a gingerbread man in the covert nighttime operation

A giant Christmas tree, and a gingerbreadman were there to assist him in his covert nighttime operation 

The Secret Santa and his giant gingerbread friend delivered the candy canes to residents in the Holbrooks area of Coventry

Secret Santa delivered candy canes with his huge gingerbread friend to the residents of Holbrooks, Coventry

Comical footage shows Santa and an accomplice dressed as a giant Christmas tree making the drop-offs  in the middle of the night.

Many families report their delight when their kids wake up to see sweets in their cars before the big event.

Becky Leaper (34), was in complete shock when she saw Santa Claus and his helper deliver the presents on her security camera.

Ms Leaper is a 35-year-old police officer who lives with Michael and their two children.

“And then, my husband believed someone was trying to steal our car. He opened the window and burst into laughter.

Local residents in Holbrooks, Coventry inspected their CCTV cameras to determine whether they could discover who had been leaving candy canes sitting on their cars overnight

Local residents in Holbrooks, Coventry inspected their CCTV cameras to determine whether they could discover who had been leaving candy canes sitting on their cars overnight 

“The tree then ran all the way up our drive, and then put a candycane on the van. Finally, the tree went up to our neighbours.

“The children think it’s funny that Santa has them deliver,” said a spokesperson. It’s still unknown who will deliver them this Sunday.

It’s a great idea, and everyone thinks it’s wonderful after having a terrible year.

“We believe it to be someone that lives along the road.

Michael doesn’t like Christmas, and is well-known in the neighborhood as the Grinch. So we believe that someone wanted to encourage him.

“One Monday morning, all cars of the cul de sac had candy canes. It brought people closer together and was wonderful.

“It is really funny. I am really looking forward it this Sunday.

Des Carpenter, a 59-year-old local resident added, “It definitely has spread a little festive cheer that’s sure and it is a wonderful thing for them.

“The footage was funny, it almost looked like an appeal to CCTV by the police. But instead of Santa Claus and a huge Christmas tree you have Santa.

It was funny to everyone. “We just hope that they don’t think security cameras are a great way for Santa to be seen on Christmas Eve.

Des Carpenter, 59, said: 'It certainly has spread a bit of festive cheer that's for sure and it's a lovely thing for them to do'

Des Carpenter, 59 said, “It definitely has spread a little festive cheer that is for sure and it was a lovely thing for their to do.”

One resident said: 'The footage was hilarious, it looked like a CCTV appeal the police might release but instead you've got Santa and a great big massive Christmas tree'

One resident stated that the footage looked funny and was similar to a CCTV appeal. But instead, Santa Claus is there with a huge Christmas tree.

Nikki Robins (age 30) caught a large gingerbread Santa on her Ring Doorbell Security Camera.

“I was shocked when my doorbell camera picked up activity. I received notification from her,” she said.

“There was a huge gingerbread Santa who stood on my front porch waving. The sight was quite strange, but it made me laugh.

“I think it’s amazing that the person behind it is making everyone smile. It’s also great fun for the kids. All of us want to see who the other is.