The moment a kite-flyer hangs from the sky for 30 feet after being swept off the ground by his friends in Sri Lanka.

  • NadarasaManoharan flew kites together with his friends at Jaffna in Sri Lanka.
  • Manoharan was pushed into the air by his friends when his friend let go of the long rope that propels him.
  • Manoharan suspended from the rope and remained there for one minute before his arms began to numb.

The moment when a man is lifted up into the air by his friends after he has remained dangling from the rope for over one minute. 

Nadarasa Mangalam was involved in a game of kite flying when he was lifted into the air at Point Pedro in Jaffna, Sri Lanka.

A total of seven people helped fly the huge square kite, which was released on a length of rope. 

Nadarasa Manoharan was engaged in a kite-flying game when he was lifted more than 30 feet into the air in Point Pedro, Jaffna in Sri Lanka

Nadarasa Mangalarn engaged in a game of kite flying when he was lifted into the air more than 30ft in Point Pedro in Jaffna, Sri Lanka.

Manoharan's friends were letting out the kite allowing it to gain altitude by rotating in a relay further down the rope

Manoharan’s friends let out his kite, which allowed it to rise by spinning in a relay lower down the rope.

The giant kite was able to drag the seven men along the ground as they struggled to keep it under control

As the men struggled to control the giant kite, it was capable of dragging the seven men on the ground. 

Manoharan was dragged into the sky after his friends let go of the rope

Manoharan, after his friends released the rope, was lifted into the skies. 

Manoharan hung on desperately for more than a minute as his friends tried to bring him back to earth

Manoharan was unable to breathe for over a minute while his friends tried desperately to get him to safety. 

They rotated down the line, much like retreating infantrymen in a tactical pull. 

Manoharan’s unfortunate fate was that he wasn’t the one holding on to the rope at the beginning and began quickly ascending. 

Video footage shows Manoharan holding onto the rope while the kite lifts him into the air. 

Manoharan is pulled back by several of his friends, but strong gusts and the sheer size of the kite keep him afloat. 

One stage, he was more than 30 feet high and headed up. His friends counter this lift and begin to bring him back to Earth. 

Manoharan is still about 15 feet from the ground, but he has been holding onto the rope for over a minute. Let’s let go, and plunge to the earth. 

As his friends run over, you can hear the barefoot adventurer moaning. 

Manoharan suffered minor injuries after he fell at least 15 feet onto the ground

Manoharan sustained minor injuries when he fell 15ft onto the ground 

According to local media, Manoharan sustained minor injuries.  

Manoharan ascended and looked down, letting go of his rope. He landed roughly on the field. 

Amazingly, the injuries sustained by him were minor and he even went barefoot. 

Local media reported that he didn’t look down, but only when his hands began to numb let go of the rope. 

In earlier incidents, an unidentified girl was taking part in a kite festival on Sunday at Nanliao harbour in Hsinchu City when she was caught up by a giant, long-tailed orange kite. 

Video of her twisting over a group of adults while they try desperately to bring her down to Earth.

Reports from the area suggest that a few people caught her as she fell to the floor. The scene was filled with shouts and yells. 

In Indonesia, a 12-year-old boy was swept up into the air by a kite – before plummeting head-first more than 30ft to the ground in front of horrified onlookers in Indonesia.  

Video footage shows the boy being lifted off the ground, apparently tangled in the strings of the dragon kite, before it snaps, sending him plunging downwards in a field full of people in Pringsewu regency, Lampung.

The child unidentified, identified by only his initials IR was able to survive the fall that reportedly resulted in multiple broken bones. He is recovering in hospital following two surgeries, Coconuts Jakarta reported.