After getting into a fight over Morrisons queue-jumping, this is when a student gets shot in the face.

After being chased by brothers hellbent on revenge after Hassan Hussain, 19 years old, stepped in front one of them to pay for groceries while buying another’s food, Hassan Hussain was shot with a double-barreled shotgun.

Footage shows Neil Barnett (34) pinning Hassan on the ground while his brother Lee (37) shouts, “hold onto him!” While standing over Hassan and opening fire. 

The siblings then flee the scene in Brierfield, Lancashire, leaving the victim for dead at the roadside.

Police said the college student, who was left with pieces of shrapnel in his head that were too big to be removed, is ‘lucky to be alive’. 

Lee Barnett, a Burnley Crown Court defendant, admitted to attempted murder. He was sentenced to 28-years imprisonment. 

He admitted that he intended to cause bodily injury and was sentenced for seven years and two month.


Lee Barnett admitted attempted murder and was jailed for 28 years

Neil was sentenced to seven years and two months in prison

Lee Barnett (pictured right) was convicted of attempted murder. He was imprisoned for 28-years, while Neil Barnett was given seven and two months.

Police said Hassan Hussain, 19, who was left with pieces of shrapnel in his head that were too big to be removed, is 'lucky to be alive' (Hussain's facial injuries pictured above)

Police stated that Hassan Hussain (age 19), was left with fragments of shrapnel inside his head, which were too large to remove.

Following a row between Neil Barnett, Hassan and friends at Morrisons’ Brierfield store Morrisons, the shooting happened at about 7 p.m.

The teenagers were accused of pushing him into a line, and he then race abused one member of the group. He said that ‘I will murder you and your entire family. 

Barnett was pursued into an alleyway and a scuffle ensued. Barnett then placed a nine-second phone call to his brother who ran from Burnley to get to the scene.

Witnesses said they saw the brothers banging on railings near a community center as they tried to find the teens.

They saw the brothers coming and ran, but Neil was holding the axe and caught Hassan up and pulled him down to the ground.

Lee Barnett called his brother, and the pair wrestled on the ground. 

Hassan stated in a statement that he was approached by a man with an axe. He grabbed the axe and I hit him. We both fell to the ground.

“As I looked up I saw the hands of the man and the gun. It was almost like it had been cut from the front. It was not huge. 

The group spotted the brothers approaching and scattered but Neil, who was wielding the axe, caught up with Hassan and pulled him to the ground (pictured above)

After seeing the brothers, the group scattered, but Neil, holding an axe, caught Hassan, and pulled him to his knees (pictured above).

Neil then pinned Mr Hussain to the ground as his older brother Lee shouts 'hold onto him' while standing over him and opening fire

Neil then pinched Mr Hussain on the ground, while his elder brother Lee shouted ‘hold onto’ as he stood over him and opened fire.

Mr Hussain was then blasted with a double barrel shotgun (above) after being pursued through the streets by the two brothers who were 'hellbent on revenge'

Following being followed through the streets of the city by the brothers, who were “hellbent to revenge”, Mr Hussain received a double barrel shotgun (above).

“There was an audible bang followed by a flash. My head hit the ground and I remember thinking “s***”. The ringing began to sound.

Hassan, despite his injuries was able get up and call for an ambulance. 

Paramedics treated him before he was taken to the hospital. He spent several days there undergoing surgery to remove shotgun pellets.

A piece of shrapnel was found in the teenager’s head. He claimed that they can be felt in his lips.

Burnley Recycling Centre arrested the Barnetts that day. 

Neil Barnett pictured holding an axe. Witnesses reported seeing the brothers banging an axe on railings close to a community centre as they sought out the teenagers

Neil Barnett pictured holding an axe. Witnesses claimed that they witnessed the two brothers banging an iron axe against rails as they tried to find the teenaged.

Lee Barnett pictured holding a shotgun. He later claimed he had acted of a 'wholly misplaced and irrational sense of loyalty to his brother'

Lee Barnett holding a shotgun. He later claimed he had acted of a ‘wholly misplaced and irrational sense of loyalty to his brother’

The shooting occurred at around 7pm on March 10 after Neil Barnett got into a dispute with Hassan and his friends at a Morrisons store in Brierfield

After Neil Barnett and Hassan got into a fight at the Morrisons Brierfield store, the shooting took place at 7:15pm on March 10.

Lee said later that he had an “irrational, and completely misplaced” sense of loyalty to the brother. Neil stated that he felt ‘extremely ashamed’ about his actions.

Following the case, Det Ch. Insp Jane Webb of Lancashire Police stated: “The level of violence that Lee and Neil Barnett used was shocking and completely disproportionate. It could easily have resulted in an innocent young boy’s death.”

“Neil Barnett was involved in an altercation earlier with a group males. He recruited his brother to help him in his quest for revenge and launched a cowardly assault on a man just at the wrong moment.

The defendants did not answer any of the questions they were asked during police interviews. 

“Thanks to overwhelming evidence that was compiled by our dedicated investiga team, which was greatly supported by the community who generously gave us the crucial CCTV evidence in this instance, the defendants had little choice but to confess what they did.

“I wish these sentences convey the clear message that violence of all kinds will not be tolerated.”