It’s behind you! Funny CCTV footage of China shows a woman completely confused by a lift with two doors.

  • A Chinese woman takes a lift and quickly becomes confused about the layout. 
  • A lift can have two doors, the woman from Dongguan in China did not know this.
  • While she waits for her door to open, she does not realize that she must turn around.  

Here’s the funny moment when a woman in China was lost and confused as she rode two doors on a lift.

It shows the woman in the lift stuck, not realizing that doors had opened behind them. 

It took place on December 5, in Dongguan in Guandong Province.  

The woman tries to use a lift in in the city of Dongguan, in Guandong province on December 5

The woman tries to use a lift in in the city of Dongguan, in Guandong province on December 5

The woman waits for the door on the left to open unaware she is supposed to leave from the right

She waits on the left side of the door to close, not realizing that she’s supposed to go to the right. 

Eventually she gives up and uses the stairs to leave the building, pictured

She eventually gives up, and she uses the stairs as a way to get out of the building.

Camera footage shows the woman calling for help from someone by banging on the lift door. 

Finally, she gives up and goes to the stairs. A person watching CCTV released the footage that showed her getting into the lift, and using the stairs. 

Mike Rigby was ITV’s 2018 programme editor and spent an hour stuck in a lift, going up-and-down non-stop. 

Paul Brand (ITV Political Correspondent) shared the footage via his Twitter feed. 

He stated that Mike Rigby, our Programme Editor, has been riding in the lift up and down for over half an hour now with no signs of escape.

“The Bulletin Tonight could not be as sparse without his #upanddown LIFTing.

The ‘Lift Contractor has been called out. We are working to free him, I swear!

Then he said, “Almost an hour now…Hope he doesn’t need a shave.” He added, “Almost an hour now…Hope he doesn’t need to wee.”

“He doesn’t want to talk to media right now and requests that his privacy is respected.” #freeMike.’