Moment Yodel driver drops Christmas packages at the curb of London Street

  • One Yodel courier was captured dumping a parcel on the street in South London.
  • Video footage from a domestic CCTV camera shows the van pulling away. 
  • A driver takes out a parcel from his van and puts it at the curb.  

It is at this moment that a Yodel delivery driver makes an appearance to leave parcels by the roadside, which are meant to be Christmas presents.

Filmed on December 17, a van-man in white pulls up to a Lewisham, South-east London kerb.

After that, he steps out of his car and checks to make sure the coast is clear before dumping the merchandise.

A Yodel delivery driver pulled over to the side of a road in Lewisham, south-east London unaware he was being filmed on a domestic CCTV camera

Unaware that a Yodel driver was being recorded on his domestic CCTV camera, he pulled to the side of Lewisham Road in south-east London. 

The man opened the side sliding door and removed a package before placing it on the road beside the kerb

He opened the side sliding doors and took out a parcel before putting it on the road by the kerb.

The driver's actions looked entirely routine until he closed the van's door and walked off leaving the package behind

The driver was a routine person until he locked the van door and took off, leaving behind the package.

This incident, which occurred just before 8am, was captured on CCTV at a neighboring house.

Owner requested anonymity and said, “I saw a package close to my front door.”

“I checked my CCTV, and saw that the delivery man had pulled up. I tried to fix his van and decided to not deliver this parcel.

“When he realized that nobody was watching, he placed it on the ground and drove off. This is not the best road to transport those boxes. He just dropped them off somewhere.

Also, the resident claimed that the driver removed part of the packing material so that they couldn’t be identified by delivery company.

The package, pictured beside the van, was left on the road as the courier had walked off

As the courier walked away, the package was placed beside the van.

However, the items were made visible from the inside.

“I don’t like delivery companies that fail to deliver.” They should be exposed so that they can improve their service, hopefully.

Yodel spokesperson stated that “Safe delivery of parcels” is Yodel’s top priority. However, this behavior does not conform to our strict guidelines for drivers.

“We are currently in direct communication to the driver involved to determine all details about the incident.”