Viking, a Norwegian team, sent a player off the field after he feigned injury during scuffle between teammates

  • Viking FK’s match with Krisitansund was a farce on Sunday 
  • Patrik Gunnarsson kept a grudge with David Brekalo, his team-mate. 
  • After pushing his goalkeeper in the face, the centre back aged 22 was sent to red.
  • Gunnarsson was seen performing a dramatic dive and left with his head held high.  

Norway witnessed extraordinary scenes, including a goalkeeper being sent home by his fellow teammate after he dived in Norway’s top flight.

Viking FK made a remarkable comeback against Kristiansund. The Viking FK team rallied from 2-1 down at home and took the lead in the final minute. 

The match was not over, however, as the most notable moment occurred two minutes later when Patrik Gunnarsson and David Brekalo, a Viking couple, got into an altercation.  

David Brekalo (right) was sent off for attacking his own goalkeeper Patrik Gunnarsson (left)

David Brekalo was dismissed for attacking his goalkeeper Patrik Gundersson (left). 

Brekalo seemed to be clamoring for attention as he screamed at his keeper, despite being confined within their box.

The No. 4 moved towards him and raised his arms toward his team-mate in order to push him aside. 

Brekalo returned for more than just the first shove. Gunnarsson decided that this time he would end the fight by pretending to be injured, and clutching his head while he theatrically fell towards the ground. 

Brekalo had to then be restrained and controlled by teammates as he tried to escalate his fight with his colleague. Some players helped him to his feet to avoid any further injury. 

Brekalo was shocked to see the goalkeeper on the ground. The referee decided that he had no choice but to give the red card to the defender.  

The pair were involved in an altercation at the end of Viking FK's victory over Kristiansund

They were in an altercation after Viking FK’s win over Kristiansund.

Gunnarsson theatrically fell to the turf after being shoved in the chest by his team-mate

After being shoved by his teammate, Gunnarsson fell on the ground. 

There were many parallels between the scenes at Kristiansund Stadion and some of the worst team busts.

Since the 16th anniversary of the match between Lee Bowyer and Kieron Dyer at Newcastle’s defeat to Aston Villa at Saint James’ Park, it has been sixteen years. Both players were sent off during the second period. 

Blackburn team duo David Batty & Graeme Le Saux also infamously clashed in a Champions League game against Spartak Moscow, 1995. Both were allowed to remain on the field however.  

Brekalo (No 4) looks up in disbelief as he is shown a red card for his part in the altercation

Brekalo, No. 4, looks disbelieving when he gets a card for his involvement in the altercation 

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