The 18th anniversary of an influential princess, now the heir to the no longer relevant Italian throne, has been celebrated.

Princess Vittoria (or Savoy) was born 28 December 2003. She is the eldest of the two daughters of Prince Emmanuel-Philibert and Clotilde Courau. 

Prince Emmanuel Philibert celebrated his daughter’s turning-of-age by posting a number of photos to Instagram along with a caption that described her as a rock-and-roll princess.  

The teenager talked earlier this year about how her grandfather Vittorio Emuele di Savia, the son and last king, had promoted her up in the royal food chain.

By a formal decree, the “Duke of Savoy and Prince of Naples, and by the grace of God, direct heir of Head of Royal House of Savoy” abolished male Primogeniture. This is inheritance preference that is granted by law, custom or usage to the oldest son and his children.  

Italy’s Monarchy was ended in 1946 by Umberto II, the House of Savoy. Vittoria and Emmanuel Philibert descend from the House of Savoy. It has existed since 1003. Her grandfather, Prince Vittorio Emanuele of Naples, 84, is the current pretender to the throne.   

Paris-based Princess Vittoria of Savoy, pictured, who was born on 28 December 2003, is the eldest daughter of Prince Emmanuel-Philibert of Savoy and the French actress Clotilde Courau and just turned 18

Pictured is Princess Vittoria from Savoy in Paris, born 28/12/2003. She was the eldest of the two daughters of Prince Emmanuel-Philibertof Savoy (pictured) and Clotilde Courau, a French actress.

The Franco-Italian royal loves to share glimpses of her life on Instagram, from trips to the beach to nights out with friends

Franco-Italian royalty loves to post glimpses of her day on Instagram.

Prince Emmanuel-Philibert praised his eldest daughter on her birthday, sharing a series of poignant images of Vittoria through the years. 

This was the first photo of Princess As a Toddler, her father fitting her formal gown. 

In the second, you can see father and his daughter together in a recent selfie taken at sunset. 

In another snap, Vittoria winced as her dad stuck his tongue out to her, while another showed a proud Emmanuel-Philibert hugging Vittoria in a black and white picture. 

The 18-year-old is the first woman to be in the line of succession for the Italian throne in 1,000 years. But for now, she enjoys sharing her life with her 62.500 followers on Instagram

This 18-year-old was the first female to ascend the Italian throne line in 1000 years. For now she shares her everyday life with her 62.500 Instagram fans.

She also took artistic photos with her dad for her birthday. 

One last photo showed Vittoria looking in the camera from a relaxed position, wearing a red hoodie and dressed casually. 

He wrote: ‘May all your dreams come true and may you always have the courage to follow them… My love, happy 18th birthday.

Clotilde shared her sweet 18th-day post with her mother, who was a prominent star in many French films including La Vie En Rose. 

She posted a photo of them in matching designer clothes and wrote, “18 already. You are so proud.” 

Vittoria's father, Prince Emmanuel Philibert of Savoy, shared a series of cute pictures from her childhood to mark the occasion

Prince Emmanuel Philibert, Vittoria’s father from Savoy, sent a collection of adorable pictures of her childhood to celebrate the occasion 

Emmanuel-Philibert also shared a candid snap of his daughter wearing a red hoodie and white slacks

Emmanuel-Philibert shared a photo of his daughter in a red hoodie with white slacks. 

‘Your bravery, your strong character, your intelligence, your sensitivity.

“You are my everything. My life. My love. Happy birthday.

Speaking to The New York Times in May, Vittoria revealed how she’s set to become the leader of the now defunct Italian throne.

It was her best gift. [my grandfather]Could you please help me? 

Asking her if Italy would accept her to be its queen, Paris-based teenager replied: “Italy doesn’t really feel progressive. But they’ll learn.”

Prince Aimone di Svoia Aosta was a cousin who claimed the title of rival claimant. He called the alteration ‘illegitimate. 

His two sons, Prince Umberto, 12, and Prince Amedeo Michele, 10, would’ve been next in line after himself had the rule not been changed, since Vittoria’s father has only two daughters.   

Vittoria, who just graduated high school with merit in France, loves fashion, but previously said that 'beauty without intelligence is tedious'

Vittoria recently graduated from high school in France and was awarded merit. Vittoria loves fashion. However, she previously stated that beauty without intelligence can be tedious. 

Her family was forced to leave the country after 50 years. They were allowed to return only in 2002 following the deposal of Umberto II (the last reigning king in Italy) in 1946, when Italy became a republic.

Vittoria has 35,400 Instagram followers. She is a fashion guru and jet-setting lifestyle influencer. 

The teenager, who attended the private École Diagonale in Paris, has a passion for art and fashion, as shown on her social media profile, and has also previously campaigned for educational changes.

École Diagonale is a school known for its excellent art and sport programmes, alongside a rigorous curriculum in the heart of the French capital.

Vittoria spends her time between Geneva (Switzerland), where she was born, in 2003 and Monte Carlo, Italy, where her dad Emanuele Filiberto resides. She also visits an Italian farmhouse that her family owns in Umbertide in Umbria.

The teen, whose father dubbed 'rock 'n roll princess,' loves to pose for the camera, but said she wants to work towards a better future

Although the teen is affectionately photographed by her dad, who calls him a rock ‘n-roll princess, she stated that she hopes to have a better future. 

Vittoria was baptized at Basilica of Saint Francis of Assisii, Italy in May 2005.

What does male primogeniture mean? 

Primogeniture refers to preference in inheritance given by law, usage, or custom to the eldest child and his children.

If circumstances are exceptional, primogeniture might allow for preferential inheritance to be given to the eldest child.

This is usually done to preserve the estate or a portion thereof.

The British Royal Family ended the primogeniture system that had governed the succession line since 1701 with its system of inheritance.

According to 2013’s Succession to Crown Act, princes are no longer above their sisters.

She was originally scheduled to make her debut in the House of Savoy last year, but it was delayed by the pandemic.

Her father, Emanuele Filiberto of Savoy, 47, who is known as the ‘Pasta Prince’, due to his career running food trucks in LA, announced his plans to run for political office last year.

The royal runs a catering business called Prince of Venice and has lead a colourful life in the public eye, claiming to have dated Kate Moss and starring on Italy’s version of Strictly Come Dancing. 

AristoCrazy, his production business, and PrinceTees are also available.

Prince Filiberto had a history of drug addiction and revealed in 2009 that he was only able to recover from his problems thanks to the support of his family.

His desire to form a party of royalists to support the restoration of Italy’s monarchy has been discussed before.

Prince Filiberto, who is married to award-winning French actress Clotilde Courau, is the only child of Vittorio Emanuele, Prince of Naples, heir to the now defunct throne of Italy, and has two daughters, Vittoria and 14-year-old Luisa. 

According to him, it is unlikely that he will lead a restoration of the royals. Instead, he said that he looks forward to sailing the globe and abdicating – once his daughter has been prepared.

Vittoria said that her new responsibility was a lot, but her father is trying hard to convince her to travel more. 

Her father, Emanuele Filiberto of Savoy, 47, who is known as the 'Pasta Prince', due to his career running food trucks in LA (pictured), announced his plans to run for political office last year

Emanuele Filiberto, her father (47), is well-known as “Pasta Prince” because he started food truck businesses in Los Angeles. He announced last year that he would run for office.

Emanuele, pictured in 2018

Emanuele and his wife leave church after the christening of their daughter, Vittoria in 2004,

Emanuele (pictured at left in 2018) leaves church with his wife after the christening their daughter Vittoria (2004).

Vittoria, the first woman since 1000 years to have the authority to eventually lead the Savoy families, is now an investiture.

Her parents, and grandparents, in Gstaad (Switzerland), were thrilled about her ascension. However, the rival Savoia branch was left disappointed.

Aimone Di Savoia Aosta (a relative and rival claimant) works for Pirelli in Moscow as an executive.

Aosta’s branch of the family argued that the law shouldn’t be altered until the monarchy has been restored.

Former royal family: Clotilde Courau (centre left) and Emanuele Filiberto (left) arrive with Prince Vittorio Emanuele of Savoy and Princess Marina of Savoy (centre right) for a dinner at Opera terraces after the wedding ceremony of Princess Charlene of Monaco and Prince Albert II of Monaco on July 2, 2011

Clotilde Courau (left), and Emanuele Filiberto(left) arrived with Prince Vittorio Emanuele and Princess Marina de Savoy for dinner on Opera Terraces following the marriage ceremony of Princess Charlene, Princess of Monaco, and Prince Albert II. of Monaco.

Fellow royal: Prince Albert and Emanuele of Savoy at the modern Penthathlon in Monaco City, Monaco on April 29, 2001

Prince Albert, Emanuele de Savoy and Prince Albert were fellow royals at the Penthathlon in Monaco City on April 29, 2001.

But Prince Filiberto said: ‘They were thinking that me, not having any sons, they would finally have what they were waiting for, for 150 years… they got screwed and they got pissed.’

Yet despite Prince Filiberto claims that ‘a lot of people’ are seeing a potential comeback for the Italian monarchy, Italians have largely no interest in a royal return, noted the publication.

Most people in Carignano, the ancestral home of Vittorio Emanuele’s branch of the family, don’t even know who Vittoria is.

Prince Emmanuel-Philibert shared candid family pictures with his two daughters to mark Vittoria's special day

To celebrate Vittoria’s special day, Prince Emmanuel-Philibert took candid photos with his daughters. 

Sunset for two! Doting father Emmanuel-Philibert shared beautiful pictures of him and Vittoria on her birthday

Sunset for two Emmanuel-Philibert was a loving dad and shared wonderful photos with Vittoria to celebrate her birthday