A father of two has spent £20,000 on creating a secret bunker bar in his back garden. 

Jody Wainright (41), a Wakefield resident, West Yorkshire says that his family enjoys the chic underground bar as much as him. However, his wife doesn’t like the time he spends there watching football.

Jody and his family had just completed their home, so he was ready to make an underground bar with the remaining materials.

Jody says he chose an underground bar because it would save him space and was unique.

He stated, “I thought that a bunkerbar was something else than the usual bars people normally build in their garden.”

Jody Wainright, from Wakefield, West Yorkshire, built a subterranean bar for watching football and movies using £20k of construction materials

Jody Wainright, from Wakefield, West Yorkshire, built a subterranean bar for watching football and movies using £20k of construction materials

Jody has proudly displayed a signed Buzz Aldrin lunar badge on one of the walls

Jody proudly displayed his signed Buzz Aldrin moon badge on one wall

The underground bar is adorned with Star Wars, Batman, football and James Bond memorabilia

This underground bar features memorabilia of James Bond, Batman, Star Wars and Batman. 

According to Jody, the benefits of being underground are manifold: it is cool in the summer, retains its heat in the winter and deafens the noise from parties

Jody says that underground living has many benefits. It is cooler in summer and retains heat in winter, which reduces noise pollution from parties. 

The bunker measures ten metres by five metres, which Jody suggests would be 'quite intrusive' in the garden were it above ground

Jody estimates that the bunker is ten meters by five metres in size. If it were to be above ground, Jody would consider it intrusive.

The bar even comes kitted with a bathroom, making it totally unnecessary to leave - even when nature calls

You can even use the bathroom in the bar, which makes it completely unnecessary for you to leave.

“It’s something out of the ordinary and has the wow factor since it’s not something people see everyday.

“After initially laughing with the builder, I wanted an underground Bar. One week later they began digging the hole in ground.

“My favorite thing about this bar is the fact that nobody knows it exists. The shed is located above the bar, so it can be well hidden.

‘The structure was completed in around six weeks and we spent around £20k on the materials for the bunker.

Jody had a large hole dug in his garden in 2017, citing Batman's Batcave as his inspiration

Jody dug large holes in his backyard in 2017 and used Batman’s Batcave to inspire him

Approximately 700 tonnes of soil came out of the hole, according to Jody

Jody estimates that approximately 700 tonnes worth of soil were extracted from the hole.

The build started with the placing of a concrete foundation in the hole

It began with the placement of concrete foundations in the holes. 

Reinforced breezeblocks gave the subterranean structure its walls

Subterranean structures were given their walls by reinforced breezeblocks  

The four walls were then capped off with a block and beam roof

Finally, the four walls were capped with a beam and block roof.

To handle the issue of water ingress, Jody uses a system of drainage channels under the floor

Jody has installed drainage channels beneath the floor to address the problem of water ingress.

Jody described the fitting of the stairs as a 'defining moment', as it meant he could finally start accessing the space to bring down more materials and finish it off

Jody described fitting the stairs as “a pivotal moment” because it allowed him to finally access the space and bring down additional materials. 

After finishing the structure, Jody covered it with soil, hiding it from view

Jody finished the structure and covered it in soil to hide it.

A re-seeded lawn looks well-preened under Jody's feet, covering the top of the bunker

Jody is surrounded by a reseeded lawn that covers the bunker’s top.

The biggest challenge was weatherproofing and keeping water out of the bunker’s top.

Jody enjoys watching movies on his widescreen TV and secret bunker bar is also used as a cinema. 

Jody also uses the screen, which drops from the ceiling to watch sports.

He commented, “The bar was a Godsend during all the lockdowns. The space was beautiful and we were able enjoy it as a whole family.

“My children love the bar. There are always parties for them with their friends, or they watch films.

“My wife also enjoys it, but I don’t know if she likes the amount of time I spend there.

“When people come over, they’re blown away when they see the bunker. You don’t often get the chance to enter an underground bar.

A shed over the entrance to the bunker serves as the reception into the subterranean bar

The reception area for the underground bar is located in a shed above the entry to the bunker.

Football memorabilia, including a framed Diego Maradona football shirt, can be seen at the entrance to the bunker bar

At the bar’s entrance, you can find football memorabilia including a Diego Maradona shirt.

Jody says the best part of having the underground bar is 'seeing people's faces' when they descend the stairs for the first time and are awe-struck by what lies beneath

Jody believes that the most rewarding part about the underground bar is seeing people’s faces when they descend the stairs. They are amazed at the depths below. 

A screen that pulls down from the ceiling is used for movie nights

Movie nights are made possible by a screen that retracts from the ceiling.

Fancy a beer? The underground hideout has been a perfect distraction from coronavirus lockdown misery, which has forced pubs to close their doors for months on end

You fancy a beer? You’re looking for a beer?

The bar was built using 18mm MDF sheets by a workman, and Jody says he 'loves it to bits'

Jody claims that he loves the bar and built it using MDF 18mm sheets.

Jody said the 'dark theme', which he has cultivated with black furniture and surfaces, is to invoke comparisons with the Batcave on which the idea was modelled

Jody stated that the “dark theme”, which he used with dark furniture and black surfaces is meant to draw comparisons to the Batcave, on which this idea was based. 

The complete lack of sunlight makes the bunker perfect for projected movies

You can project movies in the bunker because there’s no light.

Star Wars memorabilia, from movie posters to storm trooper helmets, are proudly displayed

Star Wars Memorabilia from film posters to Storm Trooper Helms are proudly displayed 

The ‘There Bar’ consists of an area with booth seating in one corner and a bar at the other end that serves draft beer and cider. A few sofas are also available and there is a table at the center.

“It’s very glamourously decorated. I also have a couple of bits of memorabilia about sports.

It’s great that we have good friends to share the joy of having music playing louder with them because they can’t hear us underground.

“So that we can not upset our neighbours, which is always positive.”