Walkers withdraws its mince pie-flavoured crispys from the shelves because of allergy fears.

  • PepsiCo removed Walkers Mince Pie packets of Walkers Mince Pie crisps from shelves
  • The manufacturer had not added milk to the product’s list of ingredients.
  • Food Safety Agency stated that the crisps could be harmful to lactose-intolerant individuals

Walkers had to take its seasonal mince pie-flavoured crispys off the shelves because they didn’t warn their customers about the milk content. 

Following a warning from the Food Safety Agency about its brand, Gary Lineker, former England captain, had to make the decision. 

It was warned that the product could pose a risk to those with an allergy to milk, or other milk components. 

Crisp lovers had previously expressed mixed opinions about this festive product.  

On Twitter, a fan wrote that he was impressed by the Mince Pie flavor. They shouldn’t be able to do that and it should make them look ridiculous, but they are!

One more: “Have you to say mince pie flavor are strangely wonderful”

PepsiCo has been forced to pull festive packets of Walkers Mince Pie flavour crisps from the shelves after the company failed to include milk on the list of ingredients

PepsiCo had to take Walkers Mince Pie-flavored crisps off the shelves, after they failed to add milk to the ingredient list.

Milk was not included in the list of ingredients, although it there was a warning in the 'allergy advice' section

Though there was an allergy advice section, the ingredient list did not include milk.

Walkers said the product was safe for anyone without an allergy to milk or an intolerance to lactose

Walkers stated that the product is safe for everyone, regardless of whether they have an allergy or intolerance to milk.

Another wrote, “Tastes exactly like mince pie!” I am going crazy over this.

Some were more pessimistic, however.

One said, “They’re quite certain the most disgusting thing that I’ve ever eaten in my mouth,”

“These are vile, just plain wrong,” added one more.  

PepsiCo’s spokesperson stated that Walkers has precautionary labelling for milk. However, the product is not listed in the ingredient list. This could pose a danger to those with milk allergies.

“This product can be used by people without an allergy or intolerance for milk.

The company warned customers last month about shortages following an IT upgrade that had affected production. 

Kantar, a market research firm for the Office for National Statistics visited four shops and found that they only had ‘limited supplies. 

Approximately 4 percent of the shops that were visited between November 12th and November 15 did not have multipacks. 

Kantar reported that Britons consume on average two packets of crisps every week. Walkers are the most consumed.