Thousands of anti-vaccine mandate protesters descend on DC  – ignoring city’s outdoor mask rules and playing Meat Loaf songs days after the anti-mandate singer died from COVID

  •  Crowd of up to 20,000 gathered in DC Saturday
  •  Gathered to protest ongoing vaccine mandates, including in the capital
  • In defiance of the outdoor rules, many went maskless
  • Meat Loaf also sang. It is believed that he died from COVID.  


Washington D.C. saw thousands gather to protest the mandated vaccines. They blasted Meatloaf songs and protesters sang along to Meatloaf. This musician is suspected to have died from COVID-19 complications after vocal hesitations about receiving the jab. 

Robert F. Kennedy was among the big-name speakers at Sunday’s rally. Del Bigtree, founder of Informed Consent Action Network, also addressed the gathering. The demonstration was expected to attract around 20,000 participants.

Anti vaccine mandate protesters are filmed in Washington Dc Sunday

Washington Dc. Sunday, September 2, 2012: Protesters against the vaccine mandate are caught on film

A crowd of up to 20,000 gathered around the National Mall

An estimated 20,000 people gathered at the National Mall 

Meat Loaf was heard playing, days after the anti-mandate singer died of suspected COVID aged 74

Meat Loaf could be heard performing days after anti-mandate singer, 74, died from suspected COVID. 

Many people did not wear masks, even though Muriel Bowser, the DC Mayor, ordered that they be worn outdoors by those who had not received their COVID shots when they gathered outside in large numbers.

Meat Loaf, who was 74 years old and died from suspected COVID side effects, could be heard blasting out during the demonstration.

This much-loved star spoke out against the vaccine mandate and mask. Rumours that the virus killed him would make him one its most prominent victims.

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