“We need people that stop killing us and raping our children” Claire Foy from the Crown condemns Sarah Everard murder case by Met Police and states that women will feel more safe if there are more officers around because they do not trust them.

  • Claire Foy is a star actress who has condemned the Met’s handling on the Sarah Everard Murder.
  • She suggested that men should’stop murdering and raping women’ as a solution to the problem of women’s security.
  • As women “don’t trust” police, more officers won’t solve the problem.
  • In the upcoming BBC series A Very British Scandal, Ms Foy will be back on TV.

Actress Claire Foy has slammed Metropolitan Police’s handling of Sarah Everard’s  murder and said deploying more officers on the streets would not tackle the issue of women’s safety as they ‘don’t trust’ them. 

The Crown star 37 year old, stated that it was time for men to stop killing and raping each other.

Sarah, 33, was a marketing officer. She was returning from Clapham to her home in Clapham (south London) on March 3, 2013. Wayne Couzens, serving Met officer, kidnapped and raped Sarah.

Couzens, a diplomatic protection officer, used Covid powers to conduct a fake arrest before committing crimes so horrific they shocked the nation and undermined confidence in the police.

In September, he was given a life sentence at the Old Bailey. 

According to Ms Foy, “Hundreds of women are attacked each day.” I am so mad about it.

Claire Foy (pictured) attends the launch of new BBC Drama A Very British Scandal at The May Fair Hotel last month

Claire Foy (pictured) attended the May Fair Hotel launch for BBC Drama A Very British Scoandal last month

‘How can you look into making women safe and think about getting more policemen — who women don’t trust — to look after them?

‘We don’t need looking after. We don’t. People must stop raping and killing us. That’s all. It’s simple. This is a terrible thing to say but this is men. You need to be able to admit that you have the power to sort it out. “What are you going do?”   

The Met was criticized for telling Sarah that she had been approached by plainclothes police officers and advised her to flag down a bus or call the authorities if she did not feel secure.

Couzens showed Ms. Everard her warrant card, and then he ‘used his police officer position’ to kidnap Everard.

She added, “It’s almost like saying lots of cats are being killed by dogs. So let’s keep cats in cages and let the dogs roam.”

It doesn’t make sense. It’s a simple fact that women are just thrown into the mix with all of the responsibility and emotional burdens.

She will be starring as Margaret Campbell, society beauty and queen Elizabeth II’s last appearance in The Crown four years later.

Actress said she needed a break because of fame, burnout, and the divorce she had from Stephen Campbell. 

Sarah Everard, 33, was kidnapped, raped and murdered by Met Police officer Wayne Couzens in a case that shocked the nation

Sarah Everard (33) was abducted, raped, and then murdered by Wayne Couzens (Met Police), in an incident that stunned the country

She will star alongside Paul Bettany in the BBC miniseries, playing the roles of Duke and Duchess of Argyll in the drama series about the couple’s high-profile divorce in the 1960s. 

Margaret Campbell, Duchess of Argyll, was famed for her charisma, beauty and style  dominated the front pages as a divorce featuring accusations of forgery, theft, violence, drug-taking, secret recording, bribery and an explicit polaroid picture all played out.

The Very British Scandal examines the political and social climate in postwar Britain. It also looks at women’s attitudes to see if institutional misogyny is widespread.