Do you want your garden to be a watering hole? You can make your own wild swimming pool. According to a report, wealthy homeowners now have their own bathing pools while others install sound systems outside.

  • The trend for “wild swimming” is spreading to private gardens, as well as the construction of bathing ponds.
  • As people spend more time in their homes, wealthy homeowners can have them constructed.
  • Next year’s garden trends include outdoor sound systems, TVs, and other entertainment options.

According to a new report, the trend of ‘wild swimming in outdoor water’ is expanding to private gardens. Wealthy homeowners now have their own bathing ponds.

According to the Society of Garden Designers, outdoor sound systems will continue to be a top trend in gardens next year.

Its report also highlights the popularity of rewilding – taking a more natural approach to planting – as well as ‘upcycling’, or repurposing old furniture or structures, and ‘tapestry lawns’, which swap grass for a combination of different low-growing plants that can be mown.

Fi Boyle, a Wiltshire garden designer said that many of her clients have been asking her for natural swimming pools. This is a reflection on the rise in luxurious features outside as more people spend time at home.

Other top garden trends set to grow next year include outdoor sound systems and even TVs as we spend more time entertaining outside, according to the Society of Garden Designers

The Society of Garden Designers predicts that outdoor sound systems, and TVs will be top-selling garden trends in the coming year. This is because we tend to spend more time outdoors entertaining.

Wiltshire-based garden designer Fi Boyle said many of her clients had been asking her to dig natural swimming ponds, reflecting a rise in luxury features outdoors as people have spent more time at home over the past two years

Fi Boyle, a garden designer based in Wiltshire said that her clients often asked her to dig natural swimming lakes. It is an indication of the increase in outdoor luxury as people spend more time outside over the last two years.

The report shows that many people have extended their gardens to take advantage of this.

Oliver Bond from Essex said, “I want to integrate ‘interiors’ elements into the designs of my open gardens. These include built-in outdoor kitchens and fireplaces. However, we also experiment with entertainment options such as sound systems, TVs and sound systems.

Ana Sanchez Martin, London’s landscape artist said that many wanted to have boutique hotel gardens at home.

“We’ve seen an increase in requests for outdoor kitchens, firepits or outdoor heaters.

Although gas-guzzling heaters still seem to be in style, householders also keep the environment in their minds.

Ann-Marie Powell is a broadcaster, designer and author. She said that clients have been asking her how to rewilde their gardens. She said that the next trend is an immersive, natural and wildlife garden. It is the desire of people to see gardens as if they were a part of nature, rather than more designed ones.

London landscape artist Ana Sanchez-Martin said many were trying to make boutique hotel-style gardens at home

Ana Sanchez-Martin, a London landscaper said that many people were looking to create boutique-hotel-style gardens at their homes.

Tapestry grasses allow you to manage environmental issues while still creating an appealing garden.

Miss Sanchez Martin stated that a tapestry grass can have a reduced need for mowing than a regular lawn. This means more plant and insect species will be able to live on the lawn.

She added others make their gardens look trendy by upcycling – bringing waste materials, old furniture or old structures such as greenhouses back to life.

Andrew Duff of the Society of Garden Designers stated that in 2022, gardens will have strong foundations which allow for more wild planting.

“The arrangement of the plant will reflect the many contrasting textures and colours we’ve seen recently at garden shows.

“We will seek inspiration from nature more, learn to celebrate the seasons and embrace them more.

Tapestry lawns are one way to balance environmental concerns with creating an attractive garden

Tapestry lawns can be used to create an appealing garden and balance the environment.